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Sunday Weigh In Augst 15, 2021

Good morning.  I hope you're having a great weekend.  It's been raining here - seems like it's been days and days - actually, it has been.  We've had something around 11" of rain this month.  Some has come in small showers and some has come in downpours of 2" or more in a short period.  I hate to complain of dealing with rain, when there are parts of the country/world who desperately need it.  I would guess the rain we're getting right now would be the outer edges of TS Fred and we have TS Grace coming right behind.  TS Fred went by quite a bit offshore and TS Grace is expected to do the same, for which I'm thankful.

It's been kind of quiet this past week.  I haven't had any calligraphy or painting classes.  I did finish off a birthday present and made a card for a good friend whose birthday was in July... better late than not at all!  Anyway, we always get together for brunch and a day of shopping for each of our birthdays as well as other times of the year.  She works during the week, so Saturday is the only day available and yesterday was that day.  She liked the gift I made and the card, so I was good with that.  We did go shopping but neither of us found anything we couldn't live without.  That's a switch!!  Anyway, it was a great day, even though we did have to cut it short because of the rain. Husband was happy because I got home earlier than usual.  :-)

Anyway, I'm still trying to get moving with the exercise but am not doing too well with it - simply because I'm not motivated.  I have been more careful about what/how much I'm eating which has helped, somewhat.  Although I was down quite a bit earlier in the week, I've acquired some of that back, so I'm assuming fluid retention is involved.  Even at that, I'm down 1.9 lbs from last week, so I'll take it.  Eating less is helpful.  

So, how about you?  Did you have a good week and were you able to meet the goal(s) you set for yourself?  I know schools are getting started so if you have kids in school, I'm sure you're quite busy.  I hope you're staying safe from the COVID... our state is a real epicenter, which is another reason we don't go out a lot.

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~

**Stay safe and wash your hands**
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1.9 lbs is great, Barb! I wouldn't assume it's all water weight. I lost .5 of a pound this week, and since I also lost last week and a miniscule amount the week before, I'm going to tell myself it's real. :-) And you're right, just eating less seems to be the reason, for me. My only normal-sized meal of the day any more is lunch.

By contrast to Florida, here it's about day 70 of no rain, and none in the forecast either. It's normal for Oregon to have two months of summer drought, but not normal for it to be so hot. We had that heat dome that hit 116 in June, an unheard-of temperature for here, and this past week another hit 103 and 104. It's distressing, since they're harbingers of global warming and worse to come, and countries seem to not have the political will or just the ability to do anything about it.

The only thing we've done to get ready for school is have our son review Algebra 1 and Geometry. He's going into Algebra 2 as a freshman, and I don't want him to have forgotten all the math he's learned. The only other thing this next week is a grand opening ceremony for some new parts of the school building. In Portland I think they begin school on September 1, but out here in the burbs the kids don't start until September 7.

We seem to have temporarily won the mouse wars at the farmhouse: the Orkin guy came and checked his traps, and there were no mice. (This was well after we went through with traps ourselves and caught seven mice. And, of course, the cats are here now and are definitely mousing, but even they haven't caught anything in the house.) The Orkin guy is not that useful, actually, since he's unwilling to crawl under the house to figure out where they got in. I'll have to hire a carpenter who is good at this kind of stuff if I want to do more, or we'll just have to set lots of traps when we leave and keep them monitored. Between the mice worries and the excessive heat, I've been pretty bummed!

Hope everyone has a great week!

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Congratulations on your 0.5 lbs.  I’d have to agree that since you’re doing it consistently, it’s real.  I, on the other hand seem to have gained back what I lost, so I have to conclude that fluid a big issue here  because I know I don’t eat enough in a day to gain 3-5 lbs.  

I always feel bad complaining about our rain because I know y’all need it so badly.  We seem to have slowed down now and since the Tropical Storms have gone by us, we don’t have rain in the forecast for a couple of week.  Sure, I’ll be complaining about how dry it is, in a week or so.  :-)

I trust your son hasn’t forgotten all his math….that’s something i would do, not an intelligent young man!!  Need I say that Algebra wasn’t my strong suit??  LOL   Wow, he doesn’t start school until September 7.  Kids in my county (and others nearby) have been going since August 10.

I’m glad you’ve won the battle with the mice.  Hopefully, the cats will keep them down.  I agree that if the Orkin man wouldn’t go under the house to find out how they got in, he’s not very helpful.   I’d go for the peppermint oil when I left, then it wouldn’t be a big deal if I didn’t get back for a few days to check traps.  That’s just me.  I don’t mind the smell of peppermint oil and it’s  preferable to “dead mouse”.  :-)  That said, winter’s coming and mice will be looking for warm spaces so I agree with finding someone to go under the house to find/fill holes the mice might be able to get through.  

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