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Sunday Weigh In - August 11, 2013

Good afternoon.  I'm kind of late today; had some things I needed to do outside and had to get on them, before it got too hot out. Now, I'll spend the afternoon in the air conditioning.

So how is everyone doing this week?  I managed to drop 1.2 pounds this week, but I'm not sure how I did it, because hubby wanted to eat out at Burger King one day, Five Guys another day and he made pizza for lunch yesterday.... as we all know, none of that is good for anyone trying to lose weight.  I did add lettuce, tomato, onion to my Five Guys   burger and removed the bun, so that saved me about 110 calories.  I ate 2 slices of pizza yesterday, then I was still kind of hungry, so I ate topping and cheese from another slice, without the crust.

I also got busy with some exercise.  I did Biggest Loser, Yoga for Weight Loss, one day, and spent 30 minutes on the treadmill yesterday.  My legs are sore, today, so I won't push, but will do the treadmill again, tomorrow.  

So, how about you?  Did you meet your goal for the week?  If so, congratulations.  If not, is there some way we can help you?

Remember:  We win by losing -- weight!!

Wishing everyone a wonderful successful week.

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I've slacked lately, but got back on track last week. Started at 172.4 on sunday of last week, have been eating healthier and going for a mile walk a day with my kids and as of today am 168 even! getting there slowly but surely!!
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Keep up the good work, I just found this app, so Im looking for support as well as giving support.,. Im trying to lose 75 by christmas, any advice
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