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Sunday Weigh In August 29, 2021

Good morning.  I hope everyone is well and safe this morning.  I know there's a hurricane in progress in/near Louisiana, plus all the other things going on in the world.

It's been a quiet week here, which isn't bad.  The weather here is still very hot and my state is still a COVID hotspot, so I've spent most of my time working on calligraphy and my floral painting.  I have a shop project in process, but it's been too hot to work on it very much.   We did have our 54th anniversary this week.  We went out for a nice quiet lunch, which was nice.

On Friday, we attended a Memorial Service for a gentleman in our woodworking club that passed away from COVID.  It was a very sad experience and I hope I don't have to go through that again.

I'm still working on keeping my food portions in check, though I haven't started getting out to walk yet, due to the heat (don't ask why I don't use my treadmill...lol).  Anyway, at one point in the week, my scale showed that my weight was down 2 lbs from last week, but then it went up by 3 lbs so I'm not really sure where I stand right now.  I haven't weighed yet today, but I'm expecting to be up about a pound.  I did make the mistake of buying a package of my favorite candy bars last week, so having one in the evening isn't helping the situation, in the least.  

The coming week will be a little busier as I have to get hold of the dentist and try to get in to have a tooth taken care of.  There seems to be a hole on the backside of the tooth and my gums are very sore on the front side.  I'm not sure what's gong on or whether they'll be able to save the tooth.   It's been getting progressively worse and I should have called sooner.  Anyway, when I called, after the Memorial Service on Friday, I learned that they close at 1:00 on Friday... sorry about my luck.  Tylenol and Ora-jel have been my best friends this week-end.

So - that's my story.  How has your week been?  I hope you've been able to meet/exceed whatever goal(s) you set for yourself and look forward to hearing about it.   Although our schools started a couple of weeks ago, so people are still busy getting kids ready to get started.  

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~

**Stay safe and wash your hands**
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54 years? That's a good long marriage! Congratulations!

Too bad about the dental work. During Covid, I've been in for cleanings and have taken my son in, and that's been it. They really mask and gown in the dentist's and orthodontist's offices nowadays due to the pandemic -- I hope in Florida they do the same.

My weight hasn't changed. Husband and son went on a trip yesterday, and probably it will go down during the time they're gone, because I eat lightly when they're not here to feed. I might make some beef soup with veggies (something I can't make for dinner when my son is home because he's a vegetarian. It's not like he can't stand me to cook meat, it's just that I only want to cook one dinner, so I stick with things he'll eat.)

We've had milder weather lately, not the horrible heat domes like in June and July. For a while we were hotter every day than Florida! But no measurable rain yet for over two months. It will be nice when the season changes.

Have a great week!
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Thank you.  Well, it’s been long - not necessarily all good…   :-)

I called the dentist’s office this morning.  They can’t get me in until the 23rd, but they have a “walk-in option” in which you just walk in before 10:00 am and they’ll work you into the scheduled, but there’s no telling how long that might take - just depends on how busy the dentist is.  That means one could, conceivably, sit there all day and end up being the last patient of the day.    I went ahead and made the appointment, but the receptionist said if it got too painful, I can always use the walk in option.  

Yay for keeping your weight stable.  I, typically, lose weight when husband is gone, as well because I eat a lot of fish and veggies.  He can’t stand the smell of fish, whether it be canned or cooking on the stove, so I don’t cook it when he’s home.  It never used to bother him and there that been times I’ve wondered if he was just being a stinker… :-)   Anyway, your beef with veggie soup sounds good.  I made some a couple of weeks ago and had enough left to a couple bowls in the freezer for those “lazy days” when I don’t feel like cooking.

I’ve been hearing that your weather isn’t quite so drastic.  It’s true there were a few days it was hotter there than here but we were getting rain.  I hope y’all get some rain soon - it’s got to be pretty miserable.   I agree that it will be nice when the season changes, even though I know I’ll be complaining about the cold when it does!!  

Enjoy your week.  
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