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Sunday Weigh In December 5, 2021

Good morning.  Wow - can anyone believe we're almost through another year?  At times, it seems as though the days are dragging, but suddenly, I look back and realize that a whole month has gone by.  It seems like not too long ago, we were getting ready for Christmas and here we are again!!

Anyway, I hope everyone has gotten through the Thanksgiving travel, feasts, etc with no ill effects.  I haven't really started doing much for Christmas, other than making a few cards and we put up our outside lights this past week.  I plan to get the Christmas tree up this coming week, so it will start looking like another holiday.   We aren't going to be buying very much, since we give the kids money and now the grandkids are old enough to want money as well.  That's okay with me, as it eliminates the need to worry about what to get everyone or whether I'm getting what they want, etc.

I've been super busy this past week, but it seems like I'm spinning my wheels and not really getting anything accomplished.  That's not like me!  I had a doctor's appointment on Monday.  Even though my thyroid hormone levels have gone down quite a bit, he wouldn't change my dosage because my levels were still "in range".   My glucose levels were high again, so that's becoming a concern.  The doctor has ordered more tests to see what HBa1c, and other parameters are doing but I won't get those until I'm due for blood work in 3 months.  Maybe by then, I can get levels back under control.  

This coming week, will be another busy one... we have a funeral tomorrow, I have a calligraphy study group on Tuesday and an echocardiogram on Wednesday.

You'd think that with all the activity I've had going on, I'd be losing weight hand over fist, but unfortunately, most of my activity is done, either sitting down or standing in one place - so not really "active".  Even with that, I was up a couple of pounds earlier in the week, but yesterday, I was back to the same as last week.  I'd like to have been down a pound, but staying the same is better than gaining and since my weight is bouncing around, I know it's fluid and not fat I'm gaining/losing.   Maybe this week, I can get in a few walks, etc and get down a little bit vs staying the same!!

So how about y'all?  I hope you've been able to reach your goal(s) this week.  

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~

**Stay safe and wash your hands**
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I'm down another half pound. We had a bunch of my favorite sweets around the house last week. which makes that half pound loss more worth being proud of than it otherwise would be!

Our son has been having a lot of school stress, so we've been dealing with that this past week, mostly in the middle of the night. (When he goes to school, I'm ready for a nap when I should be doing new-house prep. :-)  ) But with the old owners out of the new house for only four days, I've at least already been able to walk through with the builder talking about some of the things we want to do, and have had the carpet cleaner in. (My sister came to see the house two days after the carpet guy cleaned the rugs, and the first thing she said was,"Did they have cats?" I might have to have the rugs ripped out of a certain area, evidently at least one of the cats peed there a lot. Need to go over after dark with a black light and see if there are any spray marks on the walls or if it's all in the carpet. I don't want our cats coming in and smelling the evidence, and deciding they have to spray in the same place to assert their territory. This kind of cat-peeing nuclear arms race sometimes never ends, even when the other cats are gone.)

Haven't done a thing about Christmas except buy four boxes of cards. Guess I need to think about that next week! We turned down an invitation to my sister-in-law's house. She worded it (despite herself, her grandson and her husband all being high-risk for different reasons) "Please come to Christmas dinner on the 12th and bring a dessert," as though the pandemic was over. It would be nice to get together, but seriously, we don't know what we're exposed to when we go out in public in our daily lives, and our son is in high school -- what if we get symptomless Covid? In that group, a lot of people could get sick. It's a difficult conversation to have even so because until it happens to you, it seems so hypothetical.

My son's school computer broke, so he and husband are running an emergency trip across the metroplex to the Apple store to see about getting the old one fixed, or if not, getting him the new one he wants for Christmas. It might be that neither thing can happen and he has to go to school with an old laptop of mine, won't that surprise him! lol But at least he does know we're serious that he can have the new one when it's in stock. (He doesn't grasp that we see these as school tools, and would never give him pushback about wanting a new computer unless it cost a bazillion dollars.)

Off to get dinner prep going -- two travelers are going to be hungry when they get back from the Big Computer Hunt. Have a great week!
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It sounds like the sooner you get moved the better it will be for everyone as it will take the stress off your son being in a different school (hopefully), which in turn will take some stress off you.  

Congratulations on your loss of 0.5 lbs, but I hope it's not stress causing you to lose.
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