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Sunday Weigh-In February 10, 2019

Good morning... how are we all doing?  As is the case most weeks now, it's still dark, so I'm not sure what kind of day we're up for, but the forecast mentioned a chance of rain, so being one who needs my sunshine and warmth, it probably won't be my favorite kind of day.  But then, considering that many are still shrouded in blizzards and varying degrees of snow/ice storms, I guess I'll take it and be happy...

This past week has been quite a whirlwind for me... I mentioned that my son, his wife and her son would be here this weekend as my daughter-in-law had completed courses to attend commencement for her Master's Degree in Accounting.  We picked them up at the airport on Thursday evening and it seems like we've been going non-stop ever since.  Well, I take that back - we did stop for a short time on the way home from the airport when we had trouble with our van...

Just as we were heading into the airport to do that actual pick up, the battery light came on, which indicates the alternator isn't working... for those of you that aren't "car people", that means the vehicle can only run as long as the batter has a charge, then it will stop wherever you might be. It also means that the battery, typically, only has 15-20 minutes charge!! Considering that we had 1.5 hr trip on freeways/turnpike, the last thing we (I) wanted was to be stranded in the dark... My husband chose to try to make it home, against my better judgement, so we headed out, but I began, frantically, searching on my phone for a parts store, knowing that we wouldn't get all the way home.  As luck would have it, we finally got into an area in which a store finally came up and I was able to get him to go to it... They tested the alternator and it was, indeed malfunctioning (umm - rather, not functioning) and the battery barely had any charge left... we'd not have made it much further and would have been stranded on the turnpike, forcing us to call a tow truck.  That would have gotten the van home; I'm not sure about us 5 people and all the luggage my son's family brought with them...

Anyway, my husband and son are both excellent mechanics so the parts store loaned them tools and they replaced the alternator there in the parking lot.  A little less than an hour after we pulled in, we were ready to go again.  I'm so glad my son was able to do most of the work because, at 70 yrs old, my husband would not have been able to do it by himself. We made it home with no further problems and the van has been running faultlessly ever since.  

We've had an otherwise good weekend... my daughter-in-law's graduation has taken center stage, since that's what they came for.  The commencement exercises were held in one of the nicest hotels on Disney property, so Friday night we attended a party held for all the graduates and yesterday was the actual commencement exercise in which she got to do "the walk" to get her diploma...

Since the graduation all took place in Orlando, which is a 1.5 hr drive from us, we're kind of tired of making the trips back and forth.  Today is "supposed" to be more laid back, so we'll see how it goes.  My daughter, her significant other and my granddaughter are supposed to be here - I'm praying for a good day... these are the only 2 children we have and this will be the first time in nearly 20 yrs we'll all be together.  

Anyway... I haven't been able to weigh myself this morning as my son and DIL are using the bedroom/bathroom in which I keep my scale, so I'll post this and weigh later or tomorrow... I haven't been eating a lot the past couple days, but neither have I been doing much in the line of exercise so I'm hoping I've managed to stay pretty close to stable.  The biggest problem with that what I have been eating has been more bread and pasta - they had things like tortellini, meatballs, hard breads, etc for the party the other night, although for lunch yesterday, there was chicken, salmon, etc - problem is that it was smothered in butter... I've been doing very well at snacking on bananas and apples, though, hopefully, that would help offset some of that...

Anyway - that's me.  What about your week?  How are you doing?  If nothing else, I hope your week has been calmer than my past couple of days.  I'm ready to stop and smell the roses (I did cut a couple of white ones from my rose bush last night...).  

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~
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We had some freezing slush begin one night at 9 pm, and then by 3 am, gigantic snowflakes had begun, which gave us a few inches of snow on top, and that snow is still on the ground. The days have warmed up to the low 30s (just enough to coat the streets with water where people have been driving but not enough to dry them) and then it keeps freezing back up at night, meaning, our area has had basically ice at night like ice-rink ice on the streets. My husband has ventured out in the high heat of noon (33 degrees) and he and my son walked to the store last night, but I've been staying in. Made an immense pot of chili yesterday (I love chili made from scratch) and basically have been doing paperwork and working on the computer, so, no exercise. But it's been pretty snug! Portland is a temperate place, but we often see a surprise last snowstorm around Valentine's day, and I had the feeling one was coming. This next week it appears from the weather report that we'll go below freezing every night and just above it every day, with just enough precipitation forecast to snarl the morning commute. We'll see what that means for school schedules! Our son has had one snow day thus far.

My weight has stayed the same. This is not exactly bad, since I'm down five pounds since we began the bikini challenge last spring, but the general idea is to keep going down so it's not much to be proud of either! With the sitting around I should be glad it's not up, which I did halfway expect. My son is looking a little plump, too, which I'm going to use as added motivation to only have healthy food around the house and possibly to also take some walks together. He likes that, I'm the lazy one, especially in winter, but for him I can try. :)

My old Volkswagen Karmann Ghia gave me some memorable alternator problems. Turned out that something in the engine was vibrating (more than it was supposed to) and that everything resting on that part was disrupted by that unnatural vibration. It's been a long time so I can't remember, but either it was that the alternator was doing the vibrating and that was causing the points to shut, or the alternator was the thing that was getting damaged by another part vibrating unnaturally. Anyway, I got stuck on the freeway more than once before getting that all sorted out. I loved that car, but sheez, I'm not fond of old cars, they can be so unreliable!

Anyway, get some walks, and I'll try doing the same. Can't laze the whole winter away.

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(Much as I'd like to.)  :)
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Well, here I am - late to my own party... lol

Annie, I hope your weather is beginning to get better, even if it's cold. When we lived up north, I could handle cold; it was all the other stuff (rain, snow, ice) that made it difficult.

You're not doing badly with your weight.  It seems that most of tend to gain or stay the same in winter - maybe there's something to the old idea that we need extra weight to hold us over until spring.  Actually, it's probably because we aren't doing as much as we do during other times of the year, although I often do more in winter because it's not so hot.

Our van is pretty old, but my husband takes good care of it - rather he has until recently.  It's always been very dependable and I've never worried about anything with it but my husband hasn't been dealing with things like he used to so I have to start reminding him that things need to be repaired sooner than he might want to do them now.  That includes household things as well because he tends to put those aside even more so than vehicle repairs. The alternator issue has gotten him on a repair kick now, so he's working on some other things that need to be done also.  

We got my son and his family back to the airport yesterday morning in plenty of time to catch their flight home, only to find out the flight would be delayed an hour, but we were back home by that time so they had to enjoy their time in the airport without us.  :-)  They did make it home okay, although they weren't happy to be going from 80°+ weather to freezing rain and icy roads - can't say I blame them.

After 4 days of traveling back and forth to Orlando, all but one day, along with the stress of having extra people in the house to take care of, I'm pretty much worn out.  I feel like I could sleep for a week, but since I don't have that luxury, I'll never know if it would help me feel better or not... :-)

I did manage to get on the scale yesterday and found that I was actually down by 2.2 lbs from last Sunday... however, this morning, I was back up by 3 lbs.  Figure that one out.  I'll see what tomorrow's weight is, then average them all... lol

It's always interesting to see what my weight ends up from one day to the next.
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