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Sunday Weigh In February 14, 2021

Happy Valentine's Day.  I'm running super late today, but I hope everyone is having a great day and a great weekend.  It's kind of cloudy and rained earlier this morning, but it's a gorgeous day.

Husband and I get our second COVID shots on Thursday, so we're looking forward to that.  They say the vaccines are effective against the variants and with Florida having one of the highest counts of variants, we'll be happy to have that protection, though we know we won't be able to let down our guard yet.  We're so grateful we've been lucky, so far.

I saw my ortho doctor and he says my foot is healed so I'm out of the boot (again) and hoping to stay out this time.  So far everything seems to be going okay.  The doctor says I can walk for exercise now - have had to start off at just 1/4 mile and am allowed to increase distance by 1/4 mile every few days, as my foot will allow.  It's so nice being able to walk without the boot - what a difference.  

I saw my neuro on Thursday and they did nerve conduction tests and an EMG on my hands/arms.  I was slightly confused by what he said, because he acknowledged that I have neuropathy in my hands/arms, but also said my nerves/muscles aren't damaged (per the EMG).  The nerve conduction test did show reduced conductivity in both arms/hands.  It sounds like, basically, the problem is neuroforaminal stenosis - which is caused from the vertebrae in my neck overlapping causing the openings in my spine to narrow and put pressure on my nerves.  No damage (yet?) but certainly pain.  :-)

I still  have 3 weeks of PT left and hope that will be beneficial.  

So - that's all that.  I did manage to lose another pound earlier in the week and my weight has sort of bounced around a bit, which indicates I may be getting back to "normal".  Last time I weighed, I was down a pound from last week and will weigh again later and see if that's still the case.  Being able to get out and walk without the boot has helped immensely and of course, the extra thyroid medication I've been taking has made me feel a lot better.  I'm having to cut that back now because I'll have blood work in a few weeks and I need to get back to what would be in my blood if I only take the med prescribed to me.  That could cause my downward weight shift to go back up again.  Hopefully, being able to exercise will help counteract that.

The best thing is that it's almost spring and the days are getting longer, which always makes me feel better, even though we are supposed to be getting rain for the next few days.

So - that's me... how are things with you?  I hope you've been able to reach whatever goals you set for yourself and look forward to hearing about them.

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~

**Stay safe and wash your hands**
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I wish it was almost spring here! lol We had a snowstorm last weekend that has turned into an ice storm. Power transformers are blowing in the neighborhood -- I expect we'll be power-off for a while before the temperature comes up and the ice and snow melt off. Right now, outside there's about 8 inches of snow layered with ice layered with snow. No driving, barely any walking -- not the most fun kind of snowstorm! (Where's the white, fluffy kind where you can sled and build snowmen? lol)

I'm  going to have to weigh in tomorrow. I not only forgot it was Sunday and ate a big breakfast without weighing, I even forgot it was Valentine's Day. Have to get painting a nice valentine for my husband.

Will post back either tomorrow morning or the next, depending on whether I shook off the huge breakfast. :-) My guess is, no loss but no gain.
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I've heard about your storm.  Sounds like it was a doozy.  I know several people in your area that are without power (or were yesterday).  I well remember those ice storms from when we lived in Iowa and I don't envy you at all.  I remember one just a couple of years before we left there in which the ice snapped power lines like toothpicks and tree limbs were lying completely on the ground.  We were without power for about 8 days that time.  At any rate, I hope you haven't lost power and that it will soon warm up so you won't have to worry about it.  

I started a Valentine for my husband the other day,  but it didn't go well, so it's in the trash and he's none the wiser - he didn't get me one either.  :-)

I get to go ahead and claim my pound down and hopefully will be able to claim another one by next weigh in.   It's really helping that I'm out of the boot and able to start walking "normally" again.  

Have a great week.
OK, I did weigh in, and am up .4 of a pound from last week. That's probably still from Sunday's fine eating, but just to check I'll weigh again tomorrow. In the past few weeks, I seem to come back pretty readily to my currently normal weight if I stay away from the sweets. (Too bad that "set point" is about ten pounds more than my ideal weight!)

The official total for Portland this storm was 9 1/2" of snow, interspersed with ice. They expected more to come down as snow (early forecasts were for 20 inches) but the interspersed doses of freezing rain don't measure in as fluffy! Thanks to the weight of the ice, trees are down, wires are down, power is off all over (most of my family in the area is out of power) and nobody can drive up side streets if they have any kind of hill. A neighbor skidded to a stop across our driveway last night and his tires could grip no further. When he knocked apologetically at our door, I told him not to worry, it's not like we have any intention of going anywhere until everything thaws.

The dogs have been sleeping in their kennels in the house, with me getting up at 5 am to let them out to pee. They are indifferent to the snow, but my husband didn't want them sleeping in their outdoor houses when it's only 21 degrees out. It will warm into the 40s today, though. We should see all the snow and ice wash away in a day or two if we get any rain.

Will report in if by tomorrow I've shed that last .4 of a pound. :-)
Well, down .2 of a pound anyway. This is so ridiculous -- I should never have gotten a scale that measures in tenths of a pound. lol

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