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Sunday Weigh In February 28, 2021

Good morning.  How are we doing this week?  It's a beautiful day here but it's going to be hot later.  I think we jumped over spring and went straight from winter to summer.  

It's been pretty quiet here this past week.  For once I didn't have any doctor's appointments - just had my 3 days of Physical Therapy for my neck.  I do think that's beginning to pay off.  The pain isn't nearly as bad and it's not cramping as often as it had been.   Likewise, my fingers don't seem to be cramping as often as they were, so apparently, the PT is increasing the openings in my cervical spine to give the nerve endings more room.

Now that we've had both of our COVID shots, we feel more comfortable going out (though we still wear masks and maintain social distancing), so we actually went out to eat again this week. We've been running out of ideas for cooking so it's nice to be able to let someone else cook for a change.

I've been trying to watch the amounts I eat and I've been walking every day - I've already been out this morning and have done almost 2 miles.  I'm trying to get as close to 10,000 steps/day as I can - yesterday, I got to 12,000 so did pretty good.  

Thanks to the walking, exercises in PT, plus the change in thyroid medication, I've actually managed to lose another pound this week.  Yay me!!  That's 6 pounds down from my high, but I still have quite a way to go to get back to where I was in 2019.  

So that's my story - what about you?  I hope you were able to reach/exceed any goal(s) you set for yourself this past week.  

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~

**Stay safe and wash your hands**
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Barb, glad to hear you're able to walk so much! (Who would have thought one slip on some shiny paint in the rain would have given you so many months of grief?) Also, it's nice to hear the physical therapy is doing you good.

I'm up about .6 of a pound, no surprise because we had pizza last night. It always does it to me, probably the salt content in the toppings. I'll check in again tomorrow morning after we have a healthy dinner tonight. :)

We lost our phone, cable and internet for a long day (6 am to 8 pm) yesterday. From their absence, I found out how much I use them in these days of pandemic. I wrote checks to pay bills, cleaned the house, vacuumed, ran a couple of errands, but must also have checked at least ten times to see if the Internet was back. In non-Covid years we might leave the house in the morning and not come back until evening, so whatever happened with our Internet connection at home wouldn't matter. But it was clear yesterday that nowadays we rely on it a lot, both for necessities and for entertainment. I hope the vaccines become more available soon, we could stand a normal life of going places and doing things.

It looks like they will put middle-school kids here back into in-person school in late April. Nobody can accuse Oregon of racing to do this, and because my husband and I are high-risk, I haven't been sorry. But my son will be delighted to be back. Distance learning takes its toll.

Have a great week!

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You're right about a quick slip on wet paint being such a pain my butt --- ummm, foot, for so long.  :-) It's great to be able to get out and walk every day again though there are some days I really don't want to get out of bed - I think that's the med I was prescribed for my peripheral neuropathy, along with another for blood pressure.   I almost forget sometimes that I can walk outside any time I want to and do just about anything (except what my old age is limiting).   I've been out doing some yard work and things that need to be taken care of.    Last year was weird for me, not only because of the pandemic but because I spent so many months in that silly boot.  I love, actually, wearing 2 shoes again.  :-)

Oh - pizza definitely has enough salty stuff to cause a bit of gain.  You're lucky it put you up by 0.6 lbs.  Pizza usually takes me up by a couple of pounds.

Wow - you really lost phone, cable and internet all at once??  That must have been pretty hard to deal with.  I think sometimes, we don't realize how much we rely on our electronic devices to get us through a day.   At least,  not being tied to electronics you got some other stuff done.  Maybe that's what I need.  LOL

They've approved a third COVID vaccine now so hopefully, more people can get them.  The new one only requires one shot, so once it's done, it's done - how great is that?  I even read that a competing pharmaceutical is going help produce it in order to get it out more quickly.  We've had both of our vaccines so I think that's one thing that's helping us feel more comfortable in going out around people, even though we do still mask up and practice social distancing.  

I'm sure your son will be thrilled to be back in school.  I think kids really need to have the company of other kids.  I wonder, though, why they'd wait until late April to send them back to school, when that's almost time for school to be out for the year...
Oh, gee, I forgot all about weighing again to see if the pizza effect faded away. Will try in the morning, though my husband and I both had a halvah bar tonight. Some things are hard to turn down. lol
Nope, the .6 is still there. Probably it's: pizza water weight, down, halvah fat weight, up. lol But at least it's not more than the .6 from a couple of days back. I'll knock off the sweets (the halvah is all gone now) and see what's what on Sunday. :)
If you ate before you weighed, that could account for whatever amount you're still up, as well.  Whenever I start getting nervous about being up, I remind myself that it takes 3500 calories to gain a pound of fat and if I haven't eaten that much or if I've used a lot of it with exercise, the amount I'm up by, probably isn't a 100% fat gain.  That's my reasoning, anyway!!  :-)

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