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Sunday Weigh In January 31, 2021

Good morning.  How is everyone doing this morning?  It looks like it's going to be a beautiful day here, though it's supposed to rain this evening.  That's not so bad - we could use a bit of rain, as long as it's not so cold.  

It's been pretty quiet here, but it's about to get really busy.  I started physical therapy for my neck on Friday... I'll have that 3 days/week for the next 6 weeks.  I also have a nerve conduction test and some other tests to be done on my hands and arms, plus another visit back to the orthopedic doctor, coming up.  

I hope the ortho visit gets me out of the boot and back into my shoes.  I'm tired of wearing the boot - it feels like I'm carrying an anchor around on my foot.

I have been walking several days/week but am slow - probably won't be much faster when I get the boot off because I'm going to have to take it kind of easy until my foot gets used to wearing shoes again instead of the boot.  Even though I'm slow, we have been extending our distance, which gets me a bit more exercise.  

In addition to my walking, I have exercises to do for my neck, which, though not strenuous, still provide movement.  Once I get out of the boot, I'm definitely going to get back into my yoga because it's good for strengthening muscles, which is something I definitely need.

I'm also trying to keep my eating in check, which seems to be working out better than I thought.  The biggest thing is limiting night time snacks, which hasn't turned out to be as hard as I thought it would be.  

Anyway, between the walking and eating less, I seem to have managed to lose a pound, though my weight is back to fluctuating due to fluid retention. That makes it kind of hard to tell at times but for now, I'll take a pound loss since it's been a while since I've been able to claim a loss at all.  

So - that's my story.  How are you doing?  I hope you were able to reach whatever goals you set for the week and look forward to hearing about them.  

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~

**Stay safe and wash your hands**
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It's getting close to the end of the school term, and to keep my son at it with his schoolwork, I've been giving him one candy bar per night for sticking to it. He can handle this without gaining, but unfortunately, I've also eaten a candy bar per day since this reward system began, and between that and a huge sushi and tempura dinner last night, I'm up a pound and a half. Will see if it goes down tomorrow -- some weeks I have fluctuated as much as two pounds, am hoping this will be the case again. It does point out (if I needed reminding) that candy is nothing I can take casually any more.

Today we began to pack to leave the farm so we can move back to the burbs where we live during school. We've been here a month and six days, and wow, there is a lot of stuff! I began with the pet food, sorting to take most of it but leave behind some cans and dry food (lest we arrive at spring break with the pets but no food, which has happened). I assigned my husband the big cupboard where we keep crackers and nuts. We each wound up packing an overflowing box full. This suggests we'll need at least three boxes for contents of the refrigerator, another for bread and coffee and other things that aren't refrigerated, and one or two boxes apiece for clothing and toiletries. Then come random things like our electric tea kettle and bathroom scale, and our son's computer (tall, wide and tippy, and has no box).

Adding to the volume in the car will be the pets themselves in their carriers. (One of the cats saw the writing on the wall when we begin packing, and is hanging around outside and won't come in. Delphie just ran out into the back field and rolled in deer poop, to remind us of the country.)

My husband brightly said, "Well, honey, really all I need is my briefcase and I'm fine!" showing the male understanding of what has to happen to move house. I just now sent him to empty the fridge, maybe he'll get a clue.

Anyway, here's hoping that the activity, plus a bit more discipline in the candy department, will help me peel off at least a pound of that increase. Will weigh in on Tuesday to report on whether I've had any success.

Hoping everyone has a great week!

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Ahh, we don't always realize that we can't eat the same things the kids eat without suffering consequences, do we?  :-)

It sounds like you've certainly had your work cut out, changing households again.  It would be my luck, something would get left to rot  in a cabinet or something and the place would have to be fumigated before we could spend time there again.  lol

Isn't it kind of normal for the husband to "pack light" and think he's ready to go, leaving everything else for someone else?  

I think I'd be tempted to buy extra clothes, toiletries, hair dryer, etc and keep some at both places in order to avoid taking them back and forth.   Our neighbors that live in OR and spend winters here, travel with carry-on bags only.  I did that one time at my sister's in SD, too.... I left a bunch of stuff there, so it would be there and I didn't have to drag it back and forth.  I think I've used most of it now, so when I got back I'll have to buy a new supply.    Of course, that would be harder for your son, since he's a growing boy and I would imagine that he outgrows clothes pretty quickly.

Anyway, I hope you got it all packed up and ready to go back to the other house.  

You seem to have no trouble dropping pounds when you don't eat sweets, so you'll probably drop that 1.5 pounds in no time.  If your weight is fluctuating, that would indicate some fluid retention.
I should mention, I weighed this morning and all of that excess was gone. Down enough that I'm suspicious it is all water weight both directions. Ate a candy bar of my son's to celebrate. lol
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