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Sunday Weigh In - July 10, 2022

Good morning.  How is everyone doing this morning?  I hope you're all getting a start on a wonderful day.  It's bright and sunny here, but as has been the case most days, lately, we can probably expect a short T-storm to roll through this afternoon.  Although we're getting them regularly, they only last about 10 minutes or so, so that means we really aren't getting all that much moisture.  That said - every drop helps!!

It's been another quiet week here and I've accomplished quite a few things.  I got the room in which I work on my calligraphy/art projects sorted out and organized.  In the process of doing that, I cleaned as I went, so that's done as well.  I moved some furniture from another bedroom to my calligraphy room (studio??) so I'd be able to organize some things out of sight.  Since I moved furniture from one room to another, that meant both rooms had to be reorganized, so they both got cleaned, as well.   I've gone through the closet in my studio, but still have to do the closet in the other bedroom, along with the closet in the attached bathroom, dresser drawers, etc. In the process of cleaning the closet, I pulled out boxes of old paperwork.  Of course, that meant I needed to go through the filing cabinet and clear it out, as well.  Nothing is easy or simple when we start projects like this, is it (?) since one thing leads to another.  

Anyway, we took some old suitcases I'd filled with clothes I no longer wear to the Hospice Thrift Store and were going to drop old papers I removed from the closet and filing cabinet at the shredding place... Once we found out the cost and knew how much we had to shred, we decided the cost wasn't worth it.  We brought the boxes of old paperwork home and I spent the better part of an afternoon in the back yard tending a bon fire.  Now to keep it from building up again.  

I've come to the conclusion that it's really not necessary to save all the bank statements, credit card/utility bills, and other items that we tend to hang onto because so much of it is available online.  Businesses are encouraging us to "go paperless", so, seriously - why hold onto the paper???

Anyway, I've been busy with all that and even managed to work in my wood shop a couple of days.  I've been working on a birthday gift for a good friend and got that finished yesterday.  Now, the next trick is to find a box to fit the gift into... nope, don't have one, so will have to make it.

So, you'd think with all this activity, I might have lost a few ounces, but nope!!  I've actually gained a couple of pounds.  This is not the direction in which I want to go.  I've had cravings lately for chips, crackers and other salty things, so of course, this is a major problem and I'll have to figure out how to get it under control.   I'll start by doubling up on the medication I take to reduce fluid retention (with my doctor's blessing).  

Anyway, I haven't weighed this morning but will do it later and report back.  Because my weight fluctuates so much over the course, of a day, I'm going to claim a 2 lb gain for this week because that's what the scale showed a couple of days ago.  I'll have to figure out what's causing the salt cravings and work on that.  The cravings hit, mostly in the evening, so that's probably significant.  

So - that's my story... what's yours?  I hope you've been able to reach your goal(s) for the week.  

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~
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I'm down another 1.1 lbs. This does seem to come from not having a functional kitchen -- what a strong connection there is between weight gain and having a fridge and pantry stocked with food and snacks! Even though we eat a lot of restaurant food right now, none of us has gained weight on this diet. It's evidently just all about having plenty of available and desirable food at home. With the weight loss, although the rest of me looks fine, by now my arms have loose-ish skin and look scrawny. It would be nice if you could gain a few pounds and apply it where you would like it to be. In my case, if I gain it all goes to my stomach. So I guess I've got to pump my arms up -- good thing I have so many heavy boxes to lift and shift as I unpack from the move.

We had a birthday party for my mom, who had a stroke the day after Mother's Day. She looks normal and did OK -- she sat comfortably in her chair and participated in conversations in a normal manner, and read all her birthday cards aloud.  She has lost some nuances (can't read fine handwriting, can't always find the right word when she's talking) and it took her five weeks of rehab after the stroke to be sure she still had the ability to walk whenever she wants, but it's all better than usual for a stroke victim.  

My next task is painting the kitchen wall where the fridge will go, because we are finally having a new one delivered tomorrow. (After which my new weight loss will probably disappear like summer snow.) Then after that will be painting the rest of the kitchen including the cabinets, something I totally don't look forward to doing! (Not only is it boring and tedious, but I'm also worried that we will regret covering up natural wood, cheap though those cabinets probably were initially.) And I've been volunteered by my sisters to be in charge of selling my mom's house (like I need a new big task). I'll do it because I couldn't contribute very much so far to helping with Mom, but it is going to put off me unpacking at our new house and getting it in order (though we'll have a refrigerator at least!). Maybe I'll get it done in 5 years at this rate.

Here's hoping everyone has a great week!

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