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Sunday Weigh In - June 12, 2011

Good Morning Everyone!!  We've gotten through the week and it's time for our weigh in, before we get on with another week.  

I  hope everyone has had a successful week.  Mine hasn't been bad, although I didn't lose anything.  The important thing is that I didn't gain either.  I'm holding steady at 146.8; I'm retaining fluid again this morning, so I've no doubt I'll drop down again as the day goes on. It seems that this is the way it usually is, these days - fingers and feet swollen until I get up and start moving around, then the swelling gradually goes down, as the day progresses.  

I've got things in the fridge to fix for healthy lunches for the coming week, so I'll get some lunches fixed ahead.  We start our summer schedule (4 - 10 hr days) tomorrow, so it's going to be tough getting used to that.  I'm so happy that this is the last summer I will have to go through that.   That said, with the longer work days, I'll be out and about for longer each day (as much as the heat allows), so will get in more exercise.  

I know one thing I did wrong this week, and will make sure not to do it again, was letting myself get too hungry.  I've gotten back into a "funk" as far as eating breakfast (haven't been doing it), so by lunch time, I'm absolutely starving, which means I eat way too much, way too fast.  Since I'll now, be getting up earlier (3:15 am vs 3:35 am) maybe I should start taking some breakfast with me, as well as lunch!!  That way, when I start getting hungry around 7:00 am, I'll have something to eat.  

Okay, enough about me -- how about everyone else?  How did you do?  If you reached a goal, please let us know, so we can cheer you on; if you hit a roadblock, let us know that, as well, in case there's something we can do to get you over it.

Wishing everyone a great week.

Let's win, by losing!!

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its very normal around cycle time to have extra weight, they say its water weight .
i am currently 22olb and have noticed since i started to  eat a protein bar or at least half of one between breakfast and lunch it helps with the hunger, i also drink a special k protein shake daily. my Dr told me to consume around 30 grams of protein dail but try to keep the sugar under 5grams. i found a protein bar that is 2 or 3 grams of sugar depending on flavor and has 19 to 20 grams of protein. they dont taste bad at all and it has helped my weight extremly. since nov9th 2009 til current i went from 321lbs and am now at 220 i still would like to lose at least 60 lbs more if not a little more. but my protein bars and shakes have helped alot.
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lol Risa I give myself 5 lbs leeway around that special time

@CC9, lol pina colada season, alcohol bloats me up like a fish, I definitely can gain some weight on that one.
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Hi Everyone,
Been my time of the month, so I started gaining weight as usual.  Takes about a week to get back on track! I will weight in on Sunday and see where I really am.  I did get in some swimming and hiking these past few days.  I hope to start weight training again.
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i dont want to say i've failed the myself, but i truly have. i wanna say i have good cause but.. what cause is good enough to deny your health right? rawr oh well im sorry :( luckily though, well, more suprising then anything, i've only gone up 1.6 pounds i believe from the last time i posted on here which was nearly a month ago.

i wanna thank barb for the reminder though :)
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I managed a .8 lb loss.  I'm happy with that.  Down to 147.0 now.
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If you can, try to come up with a copy of "The Flex Diet"; this is a book written by Dr James Beckerman who is the cardiologist on MedHelp.  It's an awesome book, chock full of small changes you can make to your lifestyle that will make big differences in your weight/health.  

twehner -- congrats on the 1/2 pound loss - I'd gladly take that vs a gain or even staying steady, like I've been doing.

I'm really excited that you might get your TKR.  Will look forward to hearing how that came about........
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I didn't realize I had missed weighing two weeks in a row!

For my loss this week, I'm going to go from last Saturday (219.6lbs) to today (216.9lbs) for a loss of 2.7lbs. Yay! As a side note, from my last Sunday weigh in (May 22nd) I am down 2.9lbs, and that's JUST shy of the 1lb a week I was hoping for.

I've been playing around with my diet and things to see how I can easily fit a healthier lifestyle in. I have very limited time to exercise, but I've been trying to get my boyfriend out on our bikes more since it's getting to be much nicer now... I'm hoping that will pay off.

One week left? I hope I can get my butt in gear and get to that original goal of 213.8lbs!
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I'm back for a Sunday weigh-in after having been out of town the past two.  Well, last Sunday *morning* I was out of town, so I posted a weight I had during the previous week.

Anyway, this week wasn't great, but I did manage to lose half a pound.  I know that I am having trouble exercising to my prior intensity level due to my knee being worse than ever before.  However, I am most likely having my knee replaced this summer while I am out of work and I am DESPERATE to have another 10 pounds or so off PLUS be in good shape before surgery.  Both being lighter and in good shape will aid in managing pain and in my recovery process.

In the past, I have been able to lose weight by exercising.  If you look at my exercise tracker (when I was updating it,..haven't been recently), I was exercising sometimes 135 or more minutes per day and at the time NOT losing weight.  I guess [sigh] I am going to have to tweak my diet more, although I have been quite happy with what I have been eating.  I was keeping a food journal and it was in line with what I was eating when losing in the past.  This is another indication that my exercise intensity is lacking, but again, this cannot be helped at the moment :(

Now that I am not working, I am going to try to be a little crazy in the exercise department.  I am NOT one to cut too many calories.  I go see the orthopedic surgeon 6/23 and I am pretty sure we will be scheduling TKR (total knee replacement).  I have a lot of work to do.  

I have company arriving this Wednesday and then 6/22, my parents arrive.  YIKES !
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Well this is my first week sharing on here -  and I am in the middle of a huge horrible platteau I have been stuck around the 190-191lbs for just over 2 weeks - I am confident it will budge this week though :)

So this week my grand loss is 0.4lbs (thank goodness for digital scales)
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