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Sunday Weigh-In June 13, 2021

Well, I'm not sure how this happened, but I ended up posting the weigh-in in the Thyroid Disorders community instead of here.  I guess I need to make sure I'm fully awake before I start posting - even if I've been out and about early... lol

At any rate, I've copied that post an will put it here, since I can't simply move it.  

Good morning - yep, late, but still morning (well, it was when I originally posted)!!  We've already been out and made a quick run to Harbor Freight to pick up a couple of items we needed.

The week was kind of busy as I had to complete a woodworking project for a contest that was held Tuesday evening.  Wednesday we left to take a quick "mini vacation" for my birthday.  We'd planned to be gone for 3 days, but ended up coming home earlier since we didn't find anything we specifically wanted to do.  

Yesterday, I worked on my spare room for a few hours.  I've pretty much taken it over to do my calligraphy and other projects in.  My tread mill is also in there and it's been folded up in the corner.  I needed to rearrange things so I could open the treadmill and use it.  I actually, got that done, plus had time to practice a bit of painting.  

I have some yard work I need to do, but it's SO hot, it's next to impossible to work outside in the middle of the day or even in the afternoon - until it gets to be about 7:00 when it starts cooling off.  Then it's too late to get started with any projects as it's almost time for dark.   I'm going to have to get up early one morning soon and get out before it gets hot.

I'm still working on losing weight, but not doing much of anything for exercise makes it pretty hard.  I've done better than I anticipated, though - even going away for a couple of days and eating restaurant food, I didn't gain any weight.  I do feel better so I'm guessing my thyroid dosage has kicked in and will slowly start alleviating symptoms.  Since the body tends to take care of the most important things first, the weight loss should start following - of course, I'm going to have to put some effort into the issue, as well.  :-)

So - I'm still where I was last week, so I'm good with not having gained anymore.  Now that the treadmill is in a "usable" place, that should help as well.

We're just getting a pretty good rain shower that wasn't expected, but we'll take it, as we're desperate for rain.  It might, also, help cool things down a little bit - or it could end up making it feel like a steam bath when we go outside.  :-)

So - how was your week?  I hope you reached your goal(s) and look forward to hearing about them.

~~Have a wonderful, successful week~~

**Stay safe and wash your hands**
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I'd been doing pretty satisfactorily with tiny losses every week (having a scale that measures in tenths of a pound may give a rather false sense of rocketing down the scale instead of just mostly sitting, but I'm cheered up by the smallest losses). But today I'm up a pound from last week. It could be the meal we had last night -- some pretty big pieces of salmon, and they were rather salty -- but I've got to take it seriously. I think I had had at least 4 weeks of small losses before that.

This upcoming week is our son's last week of school. He's upstairs dawdling on late assignments ... I don't know whether to get involved or just let him lump it. It's not like middle-school grades are transcripted, (except his high-school math class that will go into his high school GPA). I'm tempted to let him blow it if he's going to, in hopes he'll feel so awful when he sees his report card that he'll never want to slack off in high school. Not that this will necessarily work! lol  In any case, at least going-to-school-online hell will soon be over. In the fall they'll be back in class full time, and I know it will help my his motivation.

We've got a nice, refreshingly mild but rainy day today. It's darkening the barkdust in the garden to the color of coffee grounds, and the bright greens of the flower foliage really stand out against it. A lot is in bloom right now, almost overnight. My son and I spent a few pleasant hours a couple of days ago pulling bindweed out of the lavender bed and trimming back the vinca, which makes everything look really crisp. The cats are annoyed with the rain -- they keep wanting to go out, and then shooting me angry looks from the patio that the rain hasn't stopped. Like I could do anything about it!  I must have let our youngest cat in and out ten times today.

Happy birthday to you, Barb! Even if you didn't have a special goal to accomplish on your trip, it's nice that you got away for a short time.

Hope everyone has a great week!
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