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Sunday Weigh In - June 19, 2022

Good morning and Happy Father's Day to all the Dads (or anyone who functions in the role of a Dad).   I hope your day is off to a good start.  I'm kind of slow getting started this morning, but I'll get going in a little bit.  

It's been another pretty quiet week, here.  The calligraphy guild I belong to is on summer hiatus, so we have no meetings or classes to manage until September - though we'll have a couple of Study Groups over the summer.  We also have a "challenge" going on to encourage everyone to practice calligraphy and we'll have an "exchange" starting in July.   It's fun to stay connected with these events, even though we aren't meeting regularly.  

All of that said, I've been spending most of my time practicing various styles of calligraphy.  For the "challenge" we have to pick one style and practice it for 1 hr/week.  Not such a hard thing to do since I, usually practice for a couple hours/day anyway.  

As I noted last week, a lot of my time is spent at my desk, either doing calligraphy or researching/studying via online videos, etc, so that means there's not a lot of physical activity in my days.  I've been trying to make a point of getting outside for at least a short period of time every day (though it's horribly hot right now) and believe it or not, I actually got on the treadmill and went for a walk!!   I know I've talked about that for ages and ages, but never "find time"...  I talked to a friend about it the other day and he said he'd talked for months about swimming and another friend told him to either "do it or stop talking about it!!".  That kind of hit home and I got off my duff and cranked up the treadmill.   I haven't yet put it into my daily routine, but I'll get there.  I've also dug out my weights and am looking for a decent weight program to follow.  I'll find one online!!

All that said, my weight is staying pretty steady.  I had some rhubarb in the freezer, so I dug that out the other day and made a crisp... it was really good, but not something I needed to be eating.  I've also had a taste for chips, lately.  Those are my downfall and as a result, I'm dealing with swollen feet again.  Fortunately, my pcp told me I could take an extra of my fluid pills when I need to... yep, I need to!!  

So - as usual, I haven't weighed this morning, but I will later and report back as to the amount of gain I have to claim for the week.  

I hope you've been able to meet/exceed whatever goals you might have set and look forward to hearing about it.

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~

**Stay safe and wash your hands**
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Hi, totally swamped (you should see my living room and the boxes piled up), but I did weigh; it's the same as last week.

We lost our favorite cat this last weekend, she is simply gone. We're hoping against hope that she comes back soon.

My sister is in town to help move my mom, and they need a hand. I have workmen coming every day this week but should be able to break away to help a little.

Have a great week!
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