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Sunday Weigh In - June 2, 2013

Hi everybody........

Sorry I didn't post a weigh in thread for a couple of weeks; I was traveling and had very little computer time.  I'm back home and trying to get back to "normal", whatever that  might be.......

So - how has everyone been doing with their weight issues?  I did much better than I'd thought I would do traveling, since we, virtually, ate in restaurants for 2 whole weeks. I was real happy that I could still wear the same clothes when I got home, that I was wearing when I left........

As we all know, eating in restaurants poses some very difficult problems, because most everything contains either too much fat, sugar or salt.  Fortunately, I was able to "modify" most things to suit my needs.  For instance, my husband is a great lover of burger joints....... I've learned that if I get a burger with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, etc, I can remove the bun, and basically, eat the burger like a salad.  The hardest part is often finding tableware with which to eat.  I opted for buffets as often as I could, because they always have a salad bar and I could load up with the raw veggies, since most put too  much salt or added fat in their cooked veggies.  I also opted for grilled meats whenever possible, and chose fish as often as I could.  It was definitely a challenge, and while I didn't lose any weight, I was thrilled that I was wearing the same clothes when I got home, as I was when I left (didn't have to go buy larger ones).

When I left, my weight was at 156.8; this morning, I'm at 156.8........ I still have a problem with fluid retention, that comes and goes (mostly stays), so my weight does fluctuate a lot.

So, that's my story....... how is everyone else doing?  Have you been able to reach your weight loss goals?  If so, congratulations; if not, please let us know how we might be able to help.

Remember:  We all win by losing ---- weight, that is.

Wishing everyone a great, successful week.
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Sorry, some of you didn't have any luck meeting goals; I didn't either, but considering that I'd been on vacation for 2 weeks, I thought I did good maintaining.  

I agree that restaurants are not the most desirable places to eat, but you can see from my own experience that it's possible to eat out and still not gain a lot of weight.  I feel very fortunate that I was able to eat in restaurants for an entire 2 weeks and stay the same weight.  I sure did learn some tricks......
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I just started this diary and eating healthy and half 2 days I already dropped 2 pounds!!!!
Stay away from those restaurants it is nothing but awhole bunch of calories...yuck!
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My vacation did me in! I gained 5lbs. Back to eating right and feeling good.
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Well I seem to have stalled outfit the last couple weeks, working on upping my exercise soon since its finally warming up I have treated myself and my family and splurged on a pool, I love to swim and I am really hoping this is the push I need to keep going!
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I was 146.1 last week and I'm still at the same weight. I didn't do well as far as eating but I didn't gain so that's good.
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So I weighed in at 230, I gained .5 from last week, uggghh. Its my fault though, I didn't watch myself.    Hoping everyone is doing well :)
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