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Sunday Weigh In - June 26, 2022

Good morning.  I hope everyone is getting a good start to the day.  It's bright and sunny here, so I guess we're in for another scorching day.  Maybe with luck, we'll get a rain shower later, as we've been doing the past couple of days.   That sure helps to cool it off.  

It's been another quiet week here and I've been able to spend time practicing my calligraphy and planning how/when to start purging my closets to get rid of the tons of "stuff" we no longer use or need to keep.  I've talked to husband about doing a kitchen remodel, but he's never keen on household projects, so he'll have to work into it - or maybe it will never get done!!  

Anyway, I made a couple of "trips" on my treadmill this week - it's a start.  We mowed the yard yesterday, so that gave me plenty of exercise, as I do a good share of it with a push mower... no treadmill after that!!  

My weight is hanging right where it's been for the past few weeks.  I'm hoping to get it to start moving downward over the next couple of weeks.  It would be nice to see it move, but at least it hasn't gone up.  I'll take staying where I am for right now.

So how's everything in your world?  I'm sure kids are out of school by now and summer is into full swing.  I've been hearing how hot it's been around the country, so we aren't the only ones dealing with record heat.  I hope you've had a good week and were able to reach whatever goal(s) you might have set for yourself.

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~

**Stay safe and wash your hands**
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I weighed in on Sunday but didn't have time to write. Am down 1.4 lbs. from last week, not entirely surprising because I've been helping my sisters move my mother to assisted living. You should have seen us carrying a queen mattress up a broad staircase, all of us over 60 and most with bad backs. And boxes and boxes of stuff. I chided my big sister for not hiring a mover, but I think she thought not much actual furniture was going. She forgot about the heavy boxes, though!

Son is in summer school, puzzling over a very concentrated dose of trigonometry, and suddenly his cat is gone. He couldn't focus on schoolwork at all last weekend, what for searching for her and crying. I've encouraged him as best I can, but it really seems like she might have been taken down by a coyote. She's been gone now for 9 days. He could drop the trig class and take it in the fall, but so far has not been inclined to.

My "goal weight" is a five-pound range, and I'm definitely in it now. Not sure if this present lowest weight will maintain, and if it does, I need to get some pants, I think. I was wearing some yesterday that usually fit smoothly, and they were hanging more like jodhpurs.

Must run! We're off to lunch, to undo some of this good weight loss. Have a great week!
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