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Sunday Weigh In - March 13, 2022

Good morning.  How's everyone doing this morning.  I'm hoping you haven't all gotten trapped in this winter gust we're having this morning. It's cold (35°) and windy here.  It's bright and sunny but I'll be spending my day inside - well, until it warms up!!

It's been a different kind of week for me, busy and active, yet still somewhat quiet.  Husband has been gone all week and is due back home in a couple of hours.  Anyway, with him gone all week, was able to do things I don't normally do a lot of, which is spending time with my neighbor out rumbling around in antiques and/or thrift stores, etc. I also had the opportunity to eat things I don't eat when he's home, such as fish.

Neighbor and I have been walking every morning - at least a mile or little more.  We even went out yesterday just before it rained.  I figured we had about 1.5 hrs before the rain would be here... nope, we had about 45 minutes and and were very happy to have ridden my golf cart across the field as it was already starting to sprinkle when we returned to it.  I dropped my neighbor off at her house and came home as quickly as I could.  Just as I pulled onto my carport, the sky opened up and we were in a deluge that lasted for several hours.

Anyway, having been able to eat differently and getting more exercise for the past week, I had actually dropped a couple more pounds; however, I feel bloated and sluggish this morning, so I'm guess I've gained it back again.  Last night, I was hungry for cottage cheese, which I ate too much of, then added some cheese curds on top of that - also way more than I should have eaten.  That left me with GERD/acid reflux all night, so I ended up sleeping in my recliner so I could sit upright, comfortably.  I'm still feeling the reflux this morning, so I'll eat lightly today and hopefully, it will calm down.

I think, when it's all said and done, my weight will end up right back where it's been for some time now, but I'll see in day or so.  

I have one more week left with my neighbor here, then she'll be heading back to Oregon and I'll be on my own again until she comes back in October.

This coming week will be busy preparing for my upcoming eyelid surgery next week.  I'll not be able to do any housework, will have to sleep in my recliner as I won't be allowed to lie flat, won't be able to bend at the waist, etc. I'll have to make sure everything is ready for me to be out of commission for a week.  Husband will cook but he doesn't do cleaning!!  :-)

So - that's my story - what's yours?  How was your week and did you accomplish your goal(s)?  I look forward to hearing about it.

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~

**Stay safe and wash your hands**
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Well, I did my weigh-in this morning, and am up .4 of a pound over last week. Too many treats last week, I think! I'm not a stress eater but possibly this last week that was happening. Will take care not to imbibe as many snacks this week. :-)
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We had a big, salty dinner last night (ham and beans), so I plan to weigh tomorrow. I weighed earlier in the week and was maintaining at the low weight I had last Sunday, but wouldn't bet on it today!

We're beginning to see some light at the end of the tunnel at the new house, with the carpets coming in two weeks and the guys coming to do the back yard French drains on the 31st. (Until we could move with the dogs, we couldn't move -- that back yard is muddy at this point, and it's not fenced.) This is all hitting at tax time, basically today I need to assemble all the tax paperwork and make sure nothing is missing. Hate that job.

We last moved two and a half years ago, and the movers did the packing.  We moved with more stuff than we should have bothered with -- one room still has boxes not unpacked from then, suggesting we don't need what's in them. This time I have to sort everything first. My life is not going to be fun for a month. lol

Though my husband and I had talked about daylight savings time coming, it still surprised us today. The day is half over and I feel like it's still morning. I hope our state gives up on it soon, it's pretty disorienting!

Have a great week!

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It sounds like you had a LOT of things to do to get the new house ready.  We have French drains at the back of our house and I love them, as they draw the water out further to eliminate run-off, etc.  

It’s unfortunate everything is hitting you at tax time.  Our taxes are all done for the year, so that’s a good thing.

You’re right about moving with too much stuff, if some of it is still in boxes after 2 yrs.  When we moved here from Iowa, my guide was to get rid of anything I hadn’t used within the past 6 months, unless it had sentimental value.   That really streamlined things!!   That really streamlined things.  Of course, over the past 30 yrs since we moved here, I’ve collected way more stuff than I left there.  When I do go through my closets/storage areas, I use the same philosophy - not used or worn in 6 months, it goes to the Hospice Thrift Store.

How’s your son doing in his new school?  Is he getting used to it.  Hoping it’s a bit easier for him, as time goes on.  High school is a lot different for most kids than Jr high.  

I’ve been waiting/making mental notes not to forget the time change, thinking I’d be prepared for it.  Nope, it’s still throwing me for a loop.  I’ll get used to it about the time we’re scheduled to go back to “regular” time.  Like you, I hope our state gives it up pretty soon.  There’s been discussion for several years, but nothing ever gets done!!

Enjoy your week.  
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