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Sunday Weigh In, March 14, 2021

Good morning... Wow - I'm actually getting this posted fairly early today.  It's going to be a beautiful day here, I think.  The sun's really got some power, these days.  

It's been a pretty quiet week.  I had no doctor's appointments last week and was able to test out well enough to be finished with the physical therapy on my neck.   My foot seems to be doing okay though I get a little pain if I step just right.  It's not slowing me down and I go walking with my neighbor almost every day.  

Right now, we're doing about 1.5 miles/day and I'm thinking we can probably extend that a little bit over the next week or so.  Of course, my neighbor will be leaving in a month, so that will leave me on my own for the summer.

Anyway, with the walking I've been doing and trying to watch what/how much I eat, I was down another pound yesterday, but ate some cheese and crackers last night so might be back up again.  I'll have to weight later and post.  

Husband and I are fully vaccinated so we feel a bit safer going out now.  We do still wear our masks and maintain social distancing even though it's not mandated in our state.   I was actually able to meet a friend for lunch one day -- woohoo - that sure felt nice.  My state has a lot of people coming in for spring breaks, bike week, etc but we don't have to interact with them.  

Anyway, it's pretty quiet here, which is fine with me.  

I hope you've had a great week and reached whatever goals you set for yourself.  My goal is always to lose 1 lb/week, and I'm happy to have done that.

~~Have a wonderful, successful week~~

**Stay safe and wash your hands**

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Barb, that's such good news about the walking and the neck pain being eased. I'm impressed with your continual losses since you've been able to exercise again!

I'm down about a pound from last week, which since I was up then, is a good thing. We had relaxed our vigilance about sweets when we were housebound in snow and ice -- I think on top of being mostly at home due to the pandemic, being housebound by ice was like the last straw, and we ate junky stuff that tasted great to compensate. Now it's been sunny and we've been out (even went to an open house in our neighborhood to admire a newly-built home, something we haven't done since October, 2019). The feeling of being let out of jail reduces the craving for sweets, apparently.

Our son's middle school is going to open in person in mid-April for four days of the week, after a year online. My husband and I have both (finally) gotten one Covid shot, with the second scheduled, so the re-opening isn't the cause for worry it was otherwise. (We're both high risk, so the prospect of our son being at a thousand-person school every day just felt like that many more chances for us to get the virus and die and leave him with no parents. Now, hey, get him to school in person!) I would probably like the timing even better if he weren't 14 ... unlike little kids, teenagers are as susceptible as adults to the virus, and there he goes, off with the crowds. They say they're working on a vaccine for kids younger than 16 and maybe there will be one in late fall.

I've got a boatload of paperwork to do, moving accounts due to the estate planning we did this past fall, getting tax paperwork ready, and even just boring old bill-paying. Time to get at it.

Have a great week!

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