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Sunday Weigh In March 15, 2020

Good morning.  How is everything in your world?  It's bright and sunny here in my world.  So far we're still healthy and hoping we stay that way.

As you can imagine, there isn't a lot going on with the need for a certain amount of self-isolation.  For the most part, we're going out only for doctor's appointments and to get groceries and other necessities.  We aren't overly worried, but because of our ages and my health issues, caution is definitely called for.

I'm trying to maintain healthy eating and I'm keeping up my daily walks.  My neighbor is exercising the same (or more stringent) precautions we are because her husband had a cancer surgery not too long ago so his immune system is definitely compromised.  We're taking particular care to make sure we do nothing to harm him.  For that reason, our daily walks don't take us very far, but we're still doing a good 2 miles/day.

I haven't weighed yet this morning, but as of yesterday, I was the same as last week and I have no reason to think that would have changed overnight, although I could certainly be wrong since my weight has been known to fluctuate as much as 2-3 lbs/day.  I'll weigh and post the number later.  

I hope you had a great week and I look forward to hearing about it.  

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful and safe week~~
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We're also not that worried -- still going to the grocery store for random things, still getting a cuppa at the Starbucks drive-thru, but doing less than usual that involves being close with crowds. (No movies, and the idea of a spring vacation that involves travel is out.) I assume there are a lot more changes to come, as the state figures out what it wants to do to flatten the curve.

My husband got macho three days ago when they closed the schools (which was a little sobering). He raced to Safeway to save the family from destitution by buying the last roll of paper towels. I told him to wait, but no-o-o, he (and apparently every other person in our neighborhood) was just sure everything would be gone, and it was his manly duty to stand in line with 50 other people at the checkstand.

As a result of a guy doing the shopping, we have an over-abundance of perishables that need to be eaten. We ate a huge meal last night. I think it was also the comfort-food thing -- a favorite meal made us feel like everything was just fine. As a result, I'm up a pound, though so much of it was roughage and veggies that I might be back to where I was by tomorrow.

Will weigh in later to confirm.
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Thankfully, we don't have that spring vacation time to worry about filling, but husband had talked about going on another cruise.  I absolutely refused to even consider that and although he wasn't real happy at first, he finally realized it wouldn't be wise.  Of course, now all cruises are off anyway, having claustrophobia, I simply couldn't imagine being quarantined on ship!!!

Fortunately, we buy paper products in bulk so didn't have to go out and stand in line for any of those.  I did see people grabbing for them today when I stopped in at Walgreen's though - the woman couldn't even get the shelf stocked - they were taking the stuff so fast.

Perhaps you could freeze some of the perishables your husband bought instead of having to eat it all right away?  I, typically, buy more frozen food because husband doesn't eat veggies so if I buy fresh, I often end up throwing a lot away.   At any rate, eating that much fresh veggies shouldn't add a lot of permanent weight, unless they were smothered in butter or sauces.

I have to admit there is a certain amount of comfort in eating a favorite, familiar meal when the world seems all helter skelter - food makes everything seem okay again.

That reminds me, I forgot to weigh as well, so will have to do that also.
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Good Morning, well I am proud to say after one week of staying away from the yeast and other unhealthy food I had lost 3 pounds. Not much but a start.

Here in Tx, our county saw its first 6 people test positive from Friday to Sunday. This and the state of emergency led to the store shelves being emptied. Our local HEBs had to limit people two items per purchase and had to change their hours to have time to restock the shelves. It was sad we decided we didnt need to go into hoarder mode we just went for our regular shopping . I couldnt find any soups, or bone broth at my store. I ended up getting veggie broth and two chicken noodle soups.

In addition we got lucky on dog food for my two babies and got the last small bag of dog food on the shelve there was plenty of large bags though LOL. My husband always gets 7 of the little nestle quick strawberry milks. We didnt realize the limit sign that was posted, until someone came up and told us we will only be allowed 2. SAD. I get everyone wanting to be cautious, but this buying everything on the shelves doesnt make sense.

They said to stay away from crowds and yet most people rushed to over crowd our stores and get supplies that isnt needed.

Oh well, life goes on for my family. We are being cautious but living. I wont go visit my grandparents because I have a slight cough (more then likely allergies) and pray everyday that my step daughter who is going through Chemo is being cautious and staying away from large crowds. My husband and me went and got a few more movies to add to our overly large collection and stayed home to watch them all weekend. My husband due to his seizure condition I am praying over daily. I know that it is not one of the high risk factors but fever can cause them and I would hate to go through that. Otherwise life is normal and I am continuing to fight to lose the weight.
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"I had lost 3 pounds. Not much but a start"   That's awesome... I'd be thrilled if I lost 3 lbs.  It sounds like your grocery stores are about the one I went to yesterday.  I use almond milk for smoothies or protein shakes, but can't usually use an entire half gallon carton before it goes bad, so I've been buying the smaller quart sized ones that aren't refrigerated... When I looked yesterday, there were none on the shelf.  I did manage to get a coconut milk and a rice milk in that smaller size.   We have several of those stores in the area, so another one might have some.  
Yeah. I say it is a start because how my weight fluctuates i more then likely will show a pound loss later this week. It is not till i have loss 10lbs i feel and know my eating habits it is paying off.

Yeah all the stores are running out of stuff. Not worried myself but worried about my loved ones with health issues.
LOL - my weight fluctuates a lot, too, but it's usually the wrong direction, no matter what my eating habits are...  :-)

Our stores are all closing early now so they have a chance to restock the shelves.  If you get there first thing in the morning, there are plenty of things to buy.  
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I never did weigh yesterday, but I did it this morning.  I'm the same as I was last week, so I guess I'm good with that - probably have to be, won't I?  :-)   At least, I didn't gain any, even if I didn't lose.   Anyway, we're into a new week and I'll keep trying...

Like most people, we're trying to go on as close to normal as we can.  I did have a neurology appointment this morning and had to stop at the pharmacy for a couple prescriptions afterwards.  It wasn't very busy, but then people don't start moving much around here until after lunch (we live just outside a large retirement community...lol).  

I'm off with husband to find tractor parts.  I'll go along for the ride and stay in the van.
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We went for a ride yesterday, just for a change of scene! At least when trying to avoid people and crowds, it's still possible to drive around. :)
Lol yeah driving gets you out of the house.
I love going out for a nice ride.  When we first moved here, we used to spend either Saturday or Sunday out riding around, getting to know the area - somewhere along the way, we usually stopped for an ice cream, too.  That was back in the days when I didn't have to worry about my weight.   We haven't just gone out for "a ride" for a long time.  We'll have to do that one of these days.
You may get to the point where you need to. lol My mom said she and my stepdad got 13 videos at the library and plan to watch one a day to keep from feeling housebound. That sounds kind of inadequate to me, but I'm not in my 80s like she is..

The governor just announced about two hours ago that schools will now be closed until April 28th. Oh my, it's definitely eye-opening. And how are the kids going to catch up?
You're right - we may be going for rides, except they're advising no outside travel unless it's necessary.  We'll see how that pans out.  I do have tons of projects to work on that keep getting interrupted because husband always wants to "go do something" when he's out of things to do, so this might give me a chance to finish some of those.  I've also been doing some much needed cleaning every day, so that's a plus as well...  :-)

Our school closing has been extended to April 15th and all state testing that would normally be done in the spring has been suspended.  The kids are supposed to be doing "online" school - I read that the schools are supposed to be providing computers and internet to those that don't have access but I don't know how that's working out.   I do hope the kids have access to things other than sitting in front of the TV all day.    :-)  The big problem is arranging for distribution of food for those that depend on free breakfast and lunch at school.  We're in one of the largest (area-wise) counties in the state, so the logistics might be a challenge.  

Anyway, as long as I can get out and do my daily walks with my neighbor, I don't feel so isolated.  I'm off to do just that.
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