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Sunday Weigh-In March 24, 2019

Good morning... wow - another week has flown by and there's only another week left in the month.  I hope everyone is adjusting to the time change better than I am... It seems like the days are too long now - I'm tired long before it's dark and time to go to bed.

The good news is that my legs are finally healing - site of the first procedure is still the worst, but the horrible bruising is almost gone and the pain seems to be a bit less each day.  It's been 18 days since that procedure was done so it's about time.  The upside is that I've had no leg cramps or restless legs since the procedures were done and my ankle swelling is almost gone.  What little bit I have left is in the left ankle and I still have one procedure to be done on the left leg - I'm hoping that will take care of the remaining swelling.  I do have to take care not to sit in one place for extended periods and I still have to watch my sodium intake, but I find that I can eat more salt now than I've been able to eat for years with less swelling; same goes for sitting...

I've been working back into my walking routine with my neighbor.  I've mentioned before the difficulty I have keeping up with her because of our height differences, but of course, now with the pain I've had I've really slowed down.  Even though I can tell she's been itching to take off and "go fast", she's been holding back considerably, which I appreciate.  We've only been doing a short version of our usual walk because I haven't wanted to get too far from home in case I run into trouble.  

I've been eating relatively well but nothing extraordinary and although my weight has bounced around quite a bit this week,  I'm down 1.2 lbs from last week, which is something of a surprise, considering that I've done quite a bit of baking, especially yesterday.  Of course, I guess I didn't eat as much of what I baked as I thought I did...    

I did find, back in the fall before my neighbor arrived for the winter, that when I walked alone at my own pace, which isn't terribly fast, that I tended to lose more weight than if I tried to keep up with the faster pace of my neighbor - maybe there is something to the idea that we don't really need to do all that intense exercise - we just need to move, which I'd been doing a lot of since I'd been spending a lot of time in my shop as well as a couple of daily walks, puttering in the yard, etc and not much sitting...

Anyway, we're going to try our regular, longer route this morning, but we'll do it at my pace since I have some shortness of breath if I try to speed up too much.  Our daughter and her significant other will be coming later today so my husband can work on the motorcycle, so I'm off to get my day started...

~~I hope you have a wonderful, successful week~~
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I'm down a pound. The discussions last week brought out the realization that in my case, when I have unintentionally lost weight, it has mostly been from simply eating a lot less (usually due to being alone). Not from avoiding any food in particular, just fewer meals and fewer treats. Now, I cook for my husband and son, and pay attention to my kiddo having breakfast, and when we're home all day together I see that he gets three meals. But this last week, if I wasn't hungry, I didn't sit down and eat with them. And I ate less when I did have a meal. And now I'm down a solid pound. If I can eat less without being hungry, I don't see why I should eat to the point of being stuffed, just due to family togetherness at the dinner table. (It's not like I wasn't there, I just didn't fill my plate.)

We'll see how this theory goes in the next week or two!

Must run, son is champing at the bit for me to get off the computer, and husband is away so I'm it for entertainment.
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Congratulations on your loss of a pound.  I'm glad to see that our discussions help out in some way... it's good to see they serve the intended purpose.

I find, too, that I, typically don't eat as much when I'm alone and I also eat better when I'm alone because I cook more healthy choices.  I notice too, that I tend to "eat with the crowd" when I go out - meaning, if everyone else is eating salads, I'll probably eat a salad, but if everyone else is eating burgers and fries, I'm likely to do the same, although I've been known to be the odd one and order something totally different from everyone else...

I find that what I eat has as much to do with my weight as how much because of how satisfied I am.

Yes, it will be interesting to see how your theory goes.
I liked the underlying message in the articles to listen to your sense of what kind of food satisfies your body, and then just eat it and don't judge all the time. I had crackers (this thin, artisanal kind that are probably basically flour and water) and goat-milk brie for lunch today, and it tasted great, and I sure didn't need many of those to feel full.
Sorry, I don't seem to be getting notifications for comments/answers all the time...

I definitely agree about listening to the body in regards to the kind of food that satisfies us the most.  We've determined that we're all different and the same things don't work for all of us - actually, the same things don't even work for an individual all the time.  Personally, I do best with food that has more fat in it, as long as I don't get carried away.  Things like avocado, something with coconut oil or coconut milk, olive oil, etc because they fill me and I don't get hungry right away again, like I do just eating a pile of veggies.  

Your crackers and goat-milk brie would serve that purpose - there would be carbs in the crackers and protein and fat in the brie - I can see where you wouldn't need a lot and it would probably keep you full for a while.

I've kind of let myself to off in a different direction, but I need to rein in and get back on the track that allowed me to lose weight last fall.  I wasn't dieting - just eating healthy foods that I liked...
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