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Sunday Weigh In March 8, 2020

Good morning.  How is everyone handling the time change this morning?  Of course, I'm not doing too well, with it, but I never do so it's nothing unusual.  We've gotten up to another cold, windy morning and it seems the best thing to do is stay inside, but that's not going to happen.  We let the cold keep us in yesterday, so we have to steel ourselves and go for it this morning.

Other than the cold, there isn't a lot going on here.  I think I've mentioned that I joined a calligraphy guild back in the fall and although I haven't talked about it, I've been having a lot of trouble with forming the letters properly.  I've always had really good handwriting and excellent eye-hand control, but suddenly, I've had trouble getting my letters to fall on the lines correctly, sometimes I'm seeing more than one line, other times lines that are supposed to be there, disappear, etc. The problems with my writing really bothered me so I decided I needed to do something about it.  Along with that, I've been noticing for a while that it always seems dark unless I'm in bright sun... I've known for some time that I have cataracts and we've only been waiting for them to "ripen" so they can be removed, so of course, my first thought was that it might be time for that to happen.  I made an appointment with my eye doctor to have them checked and he agreed that it's time to check further and he referred me out for the major cataract work-up.  That appointment is coming up on Friday.  

If the problem isn't coming from visual problems, it could be neurological - a progression of the issue that caused my peripheral neuropathy and neurogenic bladder and other issues.  Fortunately, so far the problem hasn't affected my memory, thinking, comprehension, driving, etc.   I do have my annual appointment with my neurologist coming up so if the eye appointment isn't productive, I can talk bring it up to the neuro.

All my other medical issues are the same, as I still haven't tackled those yet.  I'm haven't figured out what I'm waiting for - just haven't decided to go back and start arguing the doctors again... I guess all that will come again in April when I see the new endo and have my next appointment with my pcp.

As with most everyone, I guess, we're trying to stay abreast of the news and hoping we don't come in contact with the coronavirus, which is in our state, as it is in many others.  Stay safe and wash your hands often...

Anyway, I haven't weighed this morning, but on Friday, I was down 1 full pound from last Sunday, so I'll take that and hope it keeps going in the right direction.

So what about you?  I hope you've accomplished everything you set out to do.

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful successful week~~
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My weight is exactly even with last week, not bad because last week I had lost a pound and a half, and was bracing myself that when I got on the scale I might find that it had just bounced back on. (Especially since last night we had a huge dinner and halvah for dessert. If the weight stayed off with that provocation, cross fingers maybe it really means to stay away.) I think maintenance of the loss comes from San Pellegrino chinotto making Dr. Pepper no longer very interesting (something I never thought would happen, I thought I was hooked for good). And since I'm running out of chinotto and our local store won't restock until April (!), I'm hoarding my last two tiny bottles and drink mostly just sparkling water and tea at home now. The other change has been the substitution of halvah for any other sweets. I just read up on all the good things sesame provides in the diet ... if halvah had no sugar (in other words, if it was tahini) I'd be doing really well for myself in eating just it. Sesame even lowers cholesterol.

Like I said last week when expounding on what works for me with weight loss, being balanced in the diet and eating with conscious attention got me so far, and now what is getting me just a bit farther is substituting (slightly) less harmful substances for those that were entirely harmful. Maybe some day I won't crave anything sweet, but at least now halvah is fending off a lot of empty calories.

It's been rainy and cool here. This week we're expecting sunnier days but very cold nights (with no precipitation), a disappointment for certain parties who would like a snow day declared at school. We might make it through the school year with no snow days at all, when three years ago we had so many they had to extend the school year into the summer by a week to make up for all the time lost in December and January. Frankly, all of us would kind of like to see at least one snow day! lol

Must run, son needs to go to the men's department and buy a belt. My 13-year-old is as tall as me and is buying Men's extra small dress shirts! Where did my baby go?

Have a great week!

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