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Sunday Weigh In - May 8, 2022

Good morning.  Happy Mother's Day all the mothers, including those that serve as mothers, out there.  I hope you have a good day going with family and friends.   It's going to be quiet here.  Our son doesn't live close enough to visit for Mother's Day but he and his wife have already sent a lovely gift.  Our daughter is busy with her own family, but she did call last night and we talked for an hour+.  Husband brought me a dozen roses.

It's been pretty quiet here, again this past week, which is nice because the coming week won't be so quiet.  

I'm still watching what/how much I eat, along with taking an additional thyroid pill once/week (along with my daily dose) and my weight is hanging where it's been the past couple of weeks.  I'm pretty sure if I'd add some exercise to my daily regimen, I'd drop a few more pounds.  Right now, I'm enjoying being able to get rid of some of the more annoying of my hypothyroid symptoms - continuously gaining weight, constipation, fatigue, cold intolerance, swollen bags under my eyes, etc.   A lot of the things I do involves spending time at my desk/computer. so exercise is pretty scarce.  I'm planning to try to carve out 30 minutes/day to either walk on the treadmill, or do some other sort of exercise, but that's not going to happen this week.  

So - there's not a lot to write about since it's been so quiet lately.  I did have a calligraphy class yesterday on Zoom that I moderated, which was fun.  We learned new ways to add color to greeting cards and/or other projects.  After the class was over, I actually started making a Father's Day card for husband so I'd be sure to have it ready for next month.  Am I trying to be organized or what??  :-)

I hope you've had a great week and were able to meet your goal(s) again.  I look forward to hearing about your week.  

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~

**Stay safe and wash your hands**

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The Father's Day card sounds nice. If I made one that early I'd want to hide it from my husband, with odds that I'd do such a good job that when Father's Day rolled around I wouldn't be sure where I had hidden it. :-)

We moved on the 6th. I ran out of time to sort, so prioritized and worked first on packing stuff that only the movers could carry, like books, dishes, canned goods. I've still got draggles left to pack that are light and small enough for me to take in my car, they still need sorting. The cleaning crew comes in 3 days; probably I'll be able to get everything that remains in the house into organized boxes by then and at least into the garage to be out of their way, and there's a week before the photographer comes. I'll be working solidly the next 2 1/2 days on nothing else, except I do need to go see my mom. (It would be nice if Mother's Day were next week!)

One of our cats freaked out with the move and hid for 24 hours. We looked and looked for her, but the only two places she could have gone were into the wall where a gas-line-access panel had been left open (if she did, she could have fallen way down inside the wall) or under a hideabed that my husband and I are sleeping on because we left our own bed at the other house for staging purposes. She wasn't under the hideabed proper (the unfoldy part), but there's the area below our heads that you can't see under, due to the bottom front of the sofa coming down to the floor. It seemed unlikely she was there because there is hardly two inches of opening under which she would have had to scootch to get in, and when the bed is folded up there isn't even enough clearance under the couch for a ping-pong ball to roll under. But I tilted a lamp and laid my head on the floor and looked into the slot under the front of the sofa, and there was a dark object that could have been a cat. I took apart the mattress above, and sure enough, it was she, the brat. By contrast, the other two cats have had a ball with the move. At 4 am, one was crackling and pouncing in the packing paper in the kitchen and woke us all up.

I've lost a pound with all the moving fun, we'll see if it's gone to stay. So glad for you, Barb, that you ad hoc work with your thyroid med dose is paying off.

Have a great week!

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If I don’t start making my cards early, they never get done on time.  I don’t really have to hide them from my husband - I work in a spare bedroom that he doesn’t go into real often and when he does, it’s just to get something from the freezer, a tool, etc.  He doesn’t bother looking at my calligraphy things.  I do have a cabinet I’ll put it in when it’s finished, just in case he decides to take a glance at things sitting on my desk.  

It sounds like you’re getting the move done pretty quickly, now.   With 3 more days to sort and move things, you should be able to accomplish a lot.  Now that you’re moved, your son won’t have to change schools at this point, will he?  Or has he already changed?  I do hope he likes the new school.  

Your cat story made me laugh as it reminded me of my daughter’s cat when we helped her move out of a house years ago.  She’d left a dresser drawer partway open and the cat got in the drawer, then climbed back behind the drawer.  We were loading vehicles and no one really paid attention to where the cat was, so when she couldn’t find it, daughter automatically, thought we’d let it outside.  We spent hours scouring the neighborhood, looking for that cat.  We looked in trees, culverts, every nook and cranny we could find to look.  We finally just convinced her that the cat was gone and she was bawling like crazy…  We had to finish getting them moved that day, so I went into the bedroom to take drawers out of the dresser to make it easier to move.   Of course, I pulled out the drawer and the cat jumped out - scared the daylights out of me, but daughter was thrilled that she had her cat!!  

Congratulations on losing another pound.  You’ve been dropping steadily lately.  You didn’t have a lot to lose, so maybe you’re close to your goal weight?  

I’ve been trying to tell my doctors that if my thyroid levels were “normal” for me, I’d be able to lose weight.  Yes, I might have to work at it, but it could happen.  They kept telling me that because my TSH was so low, I was already getting more medication than I needed.   No - it doesn’t work that way.   I won’t see my doctor until November, so we’ll see how much weight comes off over the summer (especially, if I start exercising).   I have no idea what the doctor will choose to do when I do see him, but it could be interesting.  

Have a great week.   :-)
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