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Sunday Weigh In October 18, 2020

Good morning... How's everyone doing this morning?  It looks like it's going to be a really nice day here.  Our weather is starting to cool off a little bit so it's more comfortable to be outside a little bit.  

There's not a lot going on here... I went back to the orthopedic doctor on Monday and he says my broken foot has healed enough to get out of the air cast/boot and that I can walk on my foot some.  I must not go barefoot and need wear "sturdy" shoes at all times.  That's kind of a pain because I don't have anything easy to slip on/off that can be considered sturdy.  That leaves typing/untying sneakers all the time.  

There's still a lot of swelling in my ankle, along with some pain if I get to energetic or put on the wrong shoes.  It is nice, though to simply get out of a chair and walk without having to use the knee scooter, etc.   I've tried to talk to the doctor about the swelling which doesn't seem "normal" to me, but he doesn't seem to want to pay attention so I plan to write him a note and drop it off at his office to be put in my file prior to my next visit as it seems visits are always rushed.  

Anyway, on the 10th, my neighbors from Oregon arrived for the winter.  My neighbor loves to walk, as do I and typically, we go walking every morning.  We, generally, walk somewhere between 1 and 3 miles/day.  Per doctor's orders, I'm not allowed to walk "for exercise" yet but we have been taking a very slow, labored stroll down the street most mornings.  I recognize that I have to build strength in my foot/leg, so I use a cane and we go for a short walk.  Right now, I can only go a block or so, but it's "something".  I go back to the doctor in 3 weeks and they'll do another set of x-rays to see how the healing process is going.  At that point, I'll know whether I can do "normal" things or if I have to continue as I am.  Considering the amount of swelling/pain still present, I suspect I might have to continue as I am but we'll see.

Anyway, I'm still trying to watch what I eat and I've "adjusted" my thyroid medication on my own.  I've managed to lose a pound... not much and often, I might say that was related to fluid but I managed to get on the scale 2 days in a row and the weight was consistent, so I'm going to take it as loss of a pound.  I'll report back if the weight is back when I get on the scale later today.

So what about you?  Were you able to meet your goal(s) this week?

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~

**Stay safe and wash your hands**

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I'm up .4 of a pound from last week. Given that I've been dealing with tenths of a pound up or down for a long time now, I'd say I'm plateaued. Kind of frustrating.

My kitten bit my charging cord and now it won't charge up my laptop, which is at only 25% power, and the delivery of the new cord from Amazon is delayed, so I'm eking out my 25% a bit at a time in hopes it will last until the new charger comes, so not much chat right now!

Delighted you got out of the boot, Barb. Hope all is well at your next checkup.

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I'm sorry to hear you're up by 0.4 but you have been sitting within a pound or so each week, so that's maybe not a lot to worry about??  Could be fluid retention?  A plateau can be pretty frustrating.  I usually jump-start with more exercise/less food, alternating - all of which is harder for me to do right now... :-)  

I'm sorry to hear about the kitten biting your charging cord - I hope s/he wasn't hurt when it happened.

I'm thrilled to be out of the boot, but hate that I can't go barefoot because I've hated wearing shoes since I was a child.  :-)  

I hope you get your charging port soon...
I hope that when it arrives (I'm down to 13% on my battery) we don't find out that what the kitten shorted out was the connector in my laptop and not the cord. When she bit the cord, the whole screen went black. Cord is about 20 miles away at this point, an Amazon update just arrived. It took them 5 days!
I'm happy to hear the cord is so close - I guess that means you'll get it tomorrow - or will it take another couple of days to go that 20 miles?  Our mail delivery has been atrocious lately - I sent something from my local post office to a location less than 20 miles away and it took 5 days to get there - I guess it took the scenic route - on foot, with frequent rest stops... lol

IDK if the kitten could have shorted the connector - not sure how that would happen, but I suppose it could it wires inside the housing were broken and touched things they shouldn't have.  Whatever happened, we know you needed a new power cord since it was bitten (sounds ominous, doesn't it?), so let's be optimistic and suppose the new power cord is going to fix it.  :-)

I do hope the kitten is doing okay - aka not too traumatized if it got a shock or anything.
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