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Sunday Weigh In October 31, 2021

Good morning.  I hope everyone is doing well today.  It's a beautiful day here, though it was bit chilly this morning.  Husband tends to be really "cold" most of the time, so we actually kicked the furnace on to take the chill out.  It's bright and sunny, so I've no doubt it's going to warm up nicely.  

We've had another relatively quiet week, which is fine with me.  I had a calligraphy study group on Thursday and a class yesterday, so calligraphy is keeping me sort of busy.  Now that it's cooling off outside, I'll have to get started with some of my fall yard work.  I'm not really looking forward to it, but it has to be done.  Besides, once I get started, it will be good, as I actually love doing yard work - just don't like to go out and start.  

We went to have our flu shots and both promptly got very ill.  No, I don't think it was the flu because the shots don't cause the flu, but I do believe we both got hit with pretty severe side effects.  We're both back on the mend again and I'm hoping that this week will see the end of feeling badly.

I'm not doing so well in the weight department this week.  I'm up by another pound, in spite of making every effort to watch what/how much I'm eating.  I've no doubt, it's simply a matter of not moving enough (along with eating too much sodium), since most of my time is spent either doing calligraphy, planning calligraphy, studying calligraphy, etc.  When I'm not doing that, I'm in my shop working on things, but again, that's pretty much done in one spot, not moving around - as in "exercise".  

I have to stop procrastinating and get busy with an exercise routine on my own as it's pretty well confirmed that my neighbor/walking partner will not be coming this winter.  I can't wait until next winter to start getting rid of some of the weight - it's causing too many other issues and I have to start turning those around.  

I do see my primary doctor next month... I'd hoped to be down at least 10 lbs after I convinced him to increase my thyroid med dosage, but that hasn't happened.  I have approximately a month to see how well I can do!!  :-)

That's my week... how has yours been?  Will there be Halloween candy to dig into tonight?  Let us know how you're doing.

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~

**Stay safe and wash your hands**

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We packed up little baggies of Halloween candy last night, and despite doing some "tasting," my weight is down 1.4 lbs. from last week. (Imagine if I hadn't been trying the bite-sized Milky Ways! Maybe another .2 of a pound! lol) I'm pleased because I can tell by looking at my stomach that I've lost (it's the first place it goes and the first place it leaves). But my arms are beginning to look a little scrawny. Time to do some weight work, I know.

Weather here is cool, and though it's been raining I think it won't rain the rest of the day -- nice for the trick-or-treaters. I'm going to hand out candy with tongs that have little hands on them, and wear a mask under a very unattractive Halloween mask we have (looks like "The Scream," except in black & white). To keep from scaring the little kids with it, I'll probably pin a Covid mask on over the mouth of the (Halloween) mask. In any case, I think decked out like that and having had my vaccines, there's no worry about getting exposed to the virus. Last year, it was much more nerve wracking because nobody knew for sure how the virus spread, so we just hung candy out on a clothesline in little sacks. (One bratty little kid ran down the line and grabbed every single sack, yelling "Mommy, look what I got!")

Husband, myself and son all have gotten our flu shots as well, kind of a surprise because we weren't focusing very hard on it. Husband and I did it spontaneously one day at the local pharmacy attached to a grocery store, sticky floor where someone had spilled a soft drink and all. (It was like getting a shot at the bus station. But we got them!) Our son had an appointment with his regular doc for something else, and while there she said "Do you want to get your flu shot today?" startling him very much. But he agreed. None of us had side effects, despite expecting them. After the Covid shots, we seemed to think we weren't going to get out of it without at least a super sore arm for 24 hours, but no, just a little soreness the first night that was gone by morning. I'm awfully sorry you and your husband had such a rough time with it, Barb. Glad you got it, though. In the bright light thrown by Covid, people tend to forget flu in the shadows.

We're off to pick up some meds for our son, and to do one lighthearted errand before the serious work of getting ready for trick-or-treaters. We haven't even hung lights or gotten our pumpkins carved (I cleaned them out last night and baked the seeds). Just haven't been in the mood for the holiday. Today it's hustle time.

Have a great week!

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