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Sunday Weigh In October 4, 2020

Good morning... how is everything going this morning?  It's been raining here this morning, so it looks like it will be one of those dark, dreary days, unless the rain passes on through quickly. It's been cooling off the past few days, leaves are turning colors and falling off the trees - fall is definitely in the air.  

I'm still sporting my broken foot, though it has begun to feel some better over the past few days.  I've been pretty faithful with using my knee scooter so I'm not on my foot per doctor's orders.  I've even learned how to get my scooter up/down steps and to load it into the van so I can go places on my own, though I only do that when husband is busy.  

I'm sure you've read/heard by now that the governor of my state has opened the state 100% and forbidden cities/counties to implement mandates on their own.  I did meet a friend yesterday that I haven't seen since Christmas.  I was somewhat appalled at the number of people not wearing masks or bothering to social distance.  Perhaps that could account (at least partially) for the fact that the number COVID cases is rising in my county, and even in my zip code.  Other than the meeting with my friend, we still aren't going out much except for doctor's appointments, etc.

This coming week will be busy with appointments - tomorrow I see my chiropractor in the morning and eye doctor in the afternoon.  Tuesday is my appointment with the endo.  He's been very unsympathetic regarding my hypothyroid symptoms (claiming they aren't thyroid related in spite of very low hormone levels) and I'm doubting that he will do anything in regards to my moderately suspicious thyroid nodule so I'm running out of reasons to continue seeing him, since I expect the appointment to be somewhat contentious which ends up being worse on me than anything else.  

Because of my foot, I'm still not able to do much in the line of exercise, but am still trying to curtail eating.  I'd been lucky enough to halt my weight gain and even lost a pound, but it appears that I've gained that back plus another pound...  Pretty discouraging.  

My neighbor/walking partner will be returning for the winter on Saturday... unfortunately, I won't be able to walk with her, at least right away.  I see the orthopedic doctor a week from tomorrow and hopefully, will get out of my walking cast but that remains to be seen.

So that's me - I'm pretty much stuck where I've been the past few weeks.  What about you?  I hope you've had a successful week and are doing great.

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~
**Stay safe and wash your hands**
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Hi, Claire, my husband and I went through a whole time period with fritzy or broken scales, and I finally bit the bullet and ordered one on Amazon. I like it a lot except that from the first day it weighed us both about a pound and a half more than the old scale did, and I don't think we both gained a pound and a half between scales. lol  But it is a good scale and only cost about $35, and it weighs to the tenth of a pound.

Barb, I'm glad the foot is feeling better and you're getting adept with the scooter. Did the store ever get back to you about paying any extra medical expenses caused by your fall? Also, with your thyriod doc being so irritating, I'd almost suggest that when you go in for your blood tests you take no medication whatsoever, but that's just me. I know nothing about what that would do to you or what the doctor would make of it.

My weight is about .2 down from the final weight I took last week (after I waited out the big Saturday night meal. It's more like down 1.5 from the effects of *that* fajita fest). Point 2 of a pound isn't much, but we had pumpkin cheesecake last night, so I'm feeling good that I had room for that splurge and didn't come in higher than the previous weigh-in. Last night's dinner was salad, which is how I made room for a piece of pumpkin cheesecake.

Weather here is getting acceptable for walks around the neighborhood -- not too hot any more, no longer smoky, and not yet cold, dark and pouring down rain like it will be from November through February. Meaning, I'm out of excuses and need to get walking. I'm glad to be down anything (even .2 of a pound) but need to be down at least ten pounds., and would like to do it before getting socked in for winter.
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Well, *I* think my foot is getting better.  I guess the proof will be in the x-rays on the 12th when I go back to the orthopedic doctor.  :-)  Yes, I've talked to the store about medical bills and they'll be taken care of, which is a relief, but I really haven't incurred that many bills - yet - though I don't know if there will end up being physical therapy or anything else added on.

I don't take medication prior to having blood work done because like most medications, even though it takes several weeks for them to kick in and/or get out of the system, they can temporarily raise blood levels of the hormones by approximately 20% for several hours, which, of course, gives a false high.  I, typically, get my blood work done early in the morning (lab opens at 6:00 am) so I take my medication with me, along with a bottle of water and take my med right after the draw.  Doing that allows me to have coffee when I get home.  :-)  Of course it doesn't matter that much because the endo doesn't really look at actual hormone levels anyway - he only looks at the TSH, which is a pituitary hormone, not a thyroid hormone but the TSH is lower when thyroid hormones are higher and for this doctor I want higher TSH.  Yes, it can get complicated.

Congratulations on your 0.2 lbs down - at least it's in the right direction.  That pumpkin cheesecake sounds awesome and it's great that you could eat it and still end up with your weight being down.  All I have to do is look at something like that and I gain at least 5 lbs. :-)

I'm glad you finally got some nice weather and hope it holds our for a while so you can get out and get your walking (or whatever you choose to do) in.  I'll be so glad when I can get out of this cast and get back to my own walking, though I'm afraid it will be pretty slow going.  

Have a great week.
My son was so delighted to see the pumpkin cheesecake when he was helping me unload groceries that he clutched it to his chest like a football and ran off with it outside. I was surprised we got it back to have for dessert. And this is just the usual recipe that Safeway's bakery makes -- but really well spiced, and just delicious. We don't always have a dessert with dinner but pumpkin season is another thing.

Good luck with your appointments!
Ha - it would be my luck, I'd spill the cheesecake all over if I tried to clutch it to my chest - then nobody would get to eat it.  :-)

Pumpkin is always a good fall food... it's actually quite healthy, as are the spices that typically accompany pumpkin - though cheesecake may not be its most healthful form.  lol  

Chiropractor and eye appointments done... my back was in pretty bad shape, from getting around on the scooter and/or walking cast, so she had her work cut out.  The eye exam when wonderfully... my cataract surgeries have healed nicely and I don't have to go back for a year.  All I'm left with is some dry eye, for which I can use drops a couple of times/day.   The doctor was kind enough to write a script for glasses that will suit all purposes so I'll get those ordered as soon as I can and will no longer need to carry reading glasses with me or have them lying all over the house.  I've also been cleared to drive as soon as I get the glasses restriction off my DL.  Yay...

I'll be off to see the endo later this morning.  I don't expect that to be, either pleasant or productive.   :-(  

I hope your week is going well and the cheesecake got eaten before it spoiled.  :-)
It was in one of those lightweight plastic cake tops over a plastic plate, that basically snaps together. You can hold a cheesecake sideways in one of those and not lose it. lol He ate the final slice for lunch dessert today, and while I liked it, I'm glad not to have it around. Too tempting.
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I'm currently wearing an XL dress, I've never done this in my life I am 58, I cant say where I am weight wise as my scales arent working properly, and need replacement, I do  however know that my waist is 36 inches, far too big.
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Good morning and welcome to the weigh in.  

Sometimes, the scale turns out not to be our best friend and we don't always need it anyway because we can tell how our clothes fit, whether we're having to buy larger sizes, etc.   I'm still fitting into the same size clothing, but it's not nearly as comfortable as it was 20 lbs ago.  :-)

Is there a specific reason (medical problem, excess stress, etc) that caused you to gain weight and what steps are you taking to try to lose?   In case you haven't figure out, my weight gain was caused by my thyroid malfunctioning and I haven't been able to get doctors to prescribe adequate dosages of thyroid hormones that will allow my metabolism to return to "normal".  Until my thyroid malfunctioned, I didn't ever have a weight problem...  I'm 5' tall and the most I ever weighed was when I was pregnant then I went right back to my normal weight of around 100 lbs.  Thyroid malfunction changed all that and I've not been able to stay at an acceptable weight since because every time my hormone levels get to where I need them, my doctors lower my med dosage...  

I hope you have a successful week.
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