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Sunday Weigh In - October 9, 2022

Good morning.  How is everyone doing this morning?  I hope you're day is starting out well.  It's bright and sunny here... maybe a bit warmer than I'd like it, but it's definitely beginning to feel like fall.

It's been pretty busy here, with calligraphy, shop work, etc.  My neighbor has returned from OR and I've been walking every day for the past week.  Most days, getting the recommended 10,000 steps, some days more.  I have a lot of shop work to get done as I have people who want to buy pens for Christmas gifts.  I have one person who wants 12 of them and one who wants 2 sets of pen/pencils.   I have some of the pens made, but need to get more so there's  plenty to choose from.  

I'm still trying to watch the amount I eat, which is pretty difficult.  I'm pretty much maintaining my weight, though I bounce up and down.  I haven't weighed this morning, but should be down a little because some of the swelling has gone down in my feet/legs.  I'll weigh later and report.

I have  a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning so will be able to talk to him about some of my body pain, which makes it hard to keep moving.  We'll have to see how it goes.  I'm guessing he'll simply tell me it's arthritis and that I need to lose weight and exercise more to keep my muscles strong.

I've been out walking, already, this morning and am ready to go work in my shop until it's time to fix lunch.  

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~
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Oh, dear, I didn't weigh this morning, and by now I've had a whole day's food. Will weigh tomorrow.

It's been a busy week, culminating in the final hand-off of my mother's house to the new buyer. It was a bumpy task, and included the buyers' inspector finding a broken sewer pipe that needed to be addressed at the last minute to the tune of nine thousand dollars, but the sewer repair company did their job fast, and the closing was on time. It was a lovely day and I even had a nice talk with the new buyer. She's young and energetic, and enthusiastic about a cottage built during WWII that is still a lot of what it was then. I think she'll like it. (And if not, I guess I don't want to know! It took three months of my life to get it ready to go.)

Now it's time to get unpacking our own boxes, from our house sale in May. I feel for my husband and son, who have been living a "mostly furnished but halfway-camping" life. Our bedrooms and closets have been organized and unpacked for a while, but not the living room, pantry, kitchen and garage. What a job it will be. Luckily, we live on a corner where if you put something out marked "free," it's gone in a half an hour. I'm counting on that!

I'll write in when I get my weight tomorrow. Not holding out lots of hope I've lost weight, but maybe if lucky I haven't gained.

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OK, I did weigh in, and have gained about a half pound. This is going the wrong direction, I think because of the stresses of finishing all the tasks at my mom's house before the change of ownership. (Did I mention that we had to have a broken sewer pipe fixed at the last minute?) I was reacting to the stress by eating stuff that's bad for me, and not counteracting any fatty eating with fewer meals, as I had been earlier in the summer. Then, we were so busy that we ate about one meal a day. Now I've got time to eat again, but (at least in the last couple of weeks), also was still stressed enough that I ate whatever I felt like, such as chips and sweets. Maybe with Mom's stuff finally off my back I'll be able to calm down and cut the impulse eating, and I definitely will do something to get the meals back in order.

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