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Sunday Weigh In September 12, 2021

Good morning... How is everything going this morning?   I guess most schools are open again, now that Labor Day is past, so I hope that's going better in most places than it is here.  Our schools have been open for a month and COVID is raging - it's really bad with the kids now and doesn't look to get much better any time soon.  We'll have to see how everything transpires over the next few weeks.  

It's been pretty quiet for us since we don't go out a lot, these days.  Fortunately, both husband and I have plenty of projects to keep us busy at home but it is nice to get out once in a while.  I've mostly been working on calligraphy projects, though I did go to the shop and work on a couple of pens this past week.  

Anyway, I'm still working on watching my food portions and trying to work up the motivation to get out and start walking.  I thought my "winter neighbor" would be coming soon, but she's had some family issues and it doesn't look like that's going to happen, for a while, if at all this year.  I guess I'm on my own for exercise, so better muster that motivation soon!!  :-)  I'm still struggling with my bad tooth - couldn't get in to see the dentist until the 23rd, so I do have to be a bit more careful of what I'm eating.

All of that said, I haven't weighed this morning, but yesterday, my weight was hanging in, the same as last week.  Not as good as a loss, but better than a gain, so I guess I'll take it - not much choice, is there?   I have some outside projects I'm planning to work on this morning before it gets too hot, so that will be a bit of exercise and might help drop a couple of ounces.  

So what about you?  How was your week and did you manage to meet/exceed whatever goal(s) you set for yourself?  I look forward to hearing about it.

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~

**Stay safe and wash your hands**

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I volunteer at my son's old grade school, which means that for the last week and a half, I've been on my feet and doing things for hours at a stretch, and not eating lunch most days. I'm down 1.4 lbs. from last week, sure more than the usual .2 or .4 of a pound I've been seeing lately! I hope they keep finding me more things to do, so I can maintain this trajectory.

School is started. After a year of quiet and somewhat autonomous learning on the computer, my son finds the crowds and noise of high school emotionally exhausting. It's been hard on all of us because he can't sleep for stress, and we're dealing with him being up (often crying or moaning) half the night. He's been asking if he can transfer to a different school, but there aren't a lot of good choices and one doesn't transfer at the drop of a hat. (Besides, we keep hoping he'll get past this reaction.) Another issue is that nobody thinks we'll avoid another spell of online school, which means he'll get peace and quiet again whether he has transferred or not. Tough to know what to do for sure.

Weather here has been better (no heat domes) but smoky. My car looks like it has rained dust, it's so covered with smoke particles. Portland hasn't been threatened by fire (a mercy -- we've had maybe a fourth of an inch of rain in three months, plus those wildly hot temperatures, so it's almost only an accident that no big fires have started close by) but we get smoke from fires elsewhere in the state. I sure wish it would rain.

Well, Barb, I'm always pleased when I don't gain even if I haven't lost, I'm with you on that sentiment! I think I'll try another week of long volunteer hours to drop another pound. lol

Have a great week!

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How awesome is that - being down 1.4 lbs??  It’s great that you’re able to volunteer at your son’s old school and that they have had plenty of things for you to do.   It definitely helps to be on your feet more.  I find that the days I have outside or housework to do, I tend to weigh less than the days I sit at my desk doing calligraphy, even if I do get up and move around often.  

I can certainly understand how your son feels after having a year of “at home” learning.  He seems to be pretty sensitive so making the switch from quiet learning to having to deal with a crush of students could be a difficult transition.  I’m sure everyone has a hard time when he can’t sleep or is crying from anxiety/stress.   You’re right that it’s not so easy to change schools.  I think it’s good for kids to be around others,   have you considered home schooling or does your state offer a virtual school?

I know, from communication with my winter neighbor, that it’s terribly dry in Portland and that rain is desperately needed.  I hope you get some soon.  I’m sure the smoke is hard to deal with, even if you’re not directly in the fires.  We, actually, had a few days during which there was a smell of smoke in the air.  According to our local news, it was coming from your direction.  

Yes, I am pleased that I stayed the same vs gaining… but now, I seem to have lose a pound.  We’ll see if that was just sweating out the lawn work I did for 2+ hrs this morning or if I’ve really lost a pound… That’s what’s frustrating… weight lost is usually fluid, so depending on what I do/eat, it’s likely to be back next week… Let’s hope neither of us end up weighing more next week…   :-)

Enjoy your week.  

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