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Sunday Weigh In - September 18, 2022

Good morning.  How is everyone today?  I hope you're all ready for a new week.  

This week has been "different"... not overly busy, but busy enough.   A couple of weeks ago, we found an ill Great Horned owl in the neighbor's yard and after a bit of difficulty, we found someone who could come rescue it.  She took it to her home and put it in rehabilitation.  She's been keeping me updated on how it was doing.  Yesterday, she texted and said it was ready for release.  I asked if she could bring it back here to release it and she said she could.  Seeing that owl fly out of the tote as soon as she lifted the lid was amazing.  I knew it was a large bird, but had no idea it would have the wingspan it had.   That was a pretty exciting experience.  

Everything else has been pretty "normal" - yardwork, housework, etc, along with calligraphy and some work in my shop.  I'm trying to balance the "movement" tasks with the "sitting" tasks a little better, so I'm not spending entire days sitting at my desk doing calligraphy, etc.    Sometimes, it works quite well, other times not so much!!  

Anyway, my weight bounces, as usual, depending on the amount of fluid I'm retaining, but it seems to come back and land in about the same spot, most of the time.   For some reason, I've had a craving for carbohydrates - potatoes, rice, macaroni, etc.  That's not helping the cause, of course.  

I'm looking forward to my neighbor getting here on October 3.  It will be good to have her back and we'll start walking again.  Hopefully, that will give my weight loss a jump start.   I'm also looking forward to cooler weather so I can get outside and do some yard work - weeding, trimming, etc as I've put most of that off over the summer due to the heat.  

Anyway, that's my life for now.  I hope you've had a great week and were able to accomplish whatever you set out to do.  

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~

Seeing that ow
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Oh, phooey, my husband just brought me a big cup of coffee (16 ounce size) and I drank it. There go my tenths of a pound! I'll check now and see how my weight is and mentally subtract the weight of a cup of joe. lol

Alas, even subtracting the coffee, it looks like I'm up a half pound or pound, bouncing me out of my desired-weight zone because I was right at the top of it last week. I have been eating halvah a lot, which is pretty much all ground sesame seeds mixed with honey or corn syrup (depending on the manufacturer). I love it but it increases my weight almost instantly. I got rid of my old addiction to Dr. Pepper, but haven't gotten rid of my taste for something sweet, obviously! (Even though I've been reading that a high-carb diet is terrible for your chances of avoiding Altzheimer's.) I guess it's time to get real, or I'll nibble myself right back to where I was at the beginning of the weight challenge.

My mom's house went "live" in the listings on Friday, and the realtor held an open house yesterday, and got two interested possible buyers. That was a relief after so much work. Unfortunately, at the last minute we kept discovering things that were wrong (like really wrong), such as the chimney needing three thousand dollars worth of work. or the basement wall looking like it's been seeping (though perhaps not lately). If we had known these problems in the beginning, I would have budgeted the money differently that we used to prep the house. But what's done is done, and I don't think there would have been any interest in the house at all if we hadn't spent the biggest bucks on repairing and refinishing the damaged floors. Problem is, my mom and her husband (especially him) don't think anything was wrong with the house. For example, my stepdad has assured me that the roof is a "good roof" because he treated it with powder and spray three times a year. But it's 25 years old. It's going to be an interesting negotiation once we get to the inspection stage, because he's just been an ostrich with his head in the sand about what needs to be fixed. I'm concerned that the house needs chimney repair, roof replacement, external paint (with a lot of scraping), air conditioning, new storm windows, better venting of one room for heat, and basement water-seep remediation. That's a lot, and though we priced the house lower, someone could be forgiven for looking for a house with all of those things done so it could be built into the mortgage and cover the cost that way, rather than having to pay to repair this and repair that after buying the house.  

My husband signed up for a yoga class and goes 6 days a week. He says it's a real workout, they hold poses for like 15 minutes until they're sweating with exertion. I will probably start doing it also, when my mom's project finally ends and I get own house fully unpacked. (We still have boxes in the kitchen and living room.) In fact, I'm tired. Need to see the doctor, too, but have been too busy.

Have a great week!

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