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Sunday Weigh In September 20, 2020

Good morning... how's everyone this morning?   It looks like it's going to be another "standard" day here - hot with a chance of rain.   It doesn't seem like the forecast changes much on a day to day basis, but we can tell that fall is approaching and the nights are getting a bit cooler, leaves are turning and beginning to fall off the trees, etc.  

There's not a lot going on in my world as I'm still struggling with the broken foot.  I saw the orthopedic doctor on Monday, at which time they did another x-ray and found out that my foot isn't healing as expected.  Well, it had only been 2 weeks since breaking it and I'm not what anyone could consider a "spring chicken" so of course, I'm not going to  heal as easily/quickly as someone younger.  Anyway, he told me that I shouldn't be walking on my "walking cast"...  That was news to me since the nurse specifically explained how to "walk" on it when it given to me.  I'm to be using my scooter so I can stay off the foot.  Okay, it makes sense to stay off from it for a while longer since it doesn't seem to be healing properly, but why give instructions for walking on the cast, if I wasn't supposed to walk on it in the first place?  So I'm back to the scooter.  It's pretty difficult to use the scooter for things around the yard, but I've learned that I can use my golf cart for a lot of things - like getting back and forth to my shop, doing a bit of yard clean up, etc - it's sometimes a bit difficult reaching something from the golf cart, but hey, stretching never hurt anyone, right?  lol

I did have my thyroid ultrasound - also on Monday.  This was the first thyroid ultrasound I've had in 3 yrs (about the only thing my new endo said that I agreed with is that nodules should be checked annually).  Anyway, a nodule I've had for many years has changed.  The last ultrasound (3 yrs ago) showed it to be a solid nodule, but didn't categorize it or anything.  This time it came back "moderately suspicious" for cancer even though it's smaller than it was 3 yrs ago.  Because it's only 0.9 cm (just under the 1.0 cm at which Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA) is recommended when the last ultrasound showed it to be 1.1 cm), I doubt they'll do anything but order another ultrasound in a year.  The endo could always throw me another surprise, but I'm thinking it's unlikely.  I'll see him the first part of October.  

I also had the annual kidney x-ray to check on the cysts I've had growing there, along with the adrenal adenomas I've had for several years, but I haven't seen those results yet.  I don't expect any surprises there but then I didn't expect the thyroid nodule to come back suspicious for cancer, either.  

So that's what's going on here.  Because of the broken foot, I'm not able to get out and walk or do much exercise,  I'm really trying to curb the eating.  It's hard to get on the scale (which probably isn't real accurate anyway, since I can't put weight on one foot), so I'm not real sure exactly what my weight is, but I think I'm holding steady, in spite of swelling from the broken foot and "digestive issues" from hypothyroidism.

I think I also mentioned last week that the manufacturer had recalled the thyroid medication I've been on since April, due to "sub-potency".. We all know that means I wasn't getting the amount of the active ingredients in the medication, so I really "was" hypo even though the endo said not.  Anyway, the recall meant that I had to be put on a different medication and of course, it's not a high enough dosage but that's not a surprise either!!  Anyway, we'll see what happens when I see the endo in a couple of weeks.

With all the other issues, it's a struggle to keep my weight stable, but right now, I think that's the best I can hope for until I get back to where I can exercise again and/or get a doctor that will prescribe a high enough dosage of thyroid medication to get my metabolism up where it should be.  Even at that, it will be harder to lose the weight.  

So - that's my saga.  How's everything in your world?  I know some of you have been battling fires, smoke, hurricanes and other issues, so I hope you're all safe and had a good week.  

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~
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That's quite a saga! I hope the doctor grasped that you had been walking on your foot under instruction from a medical person, not because you don't heed medical advice. How frustrating it all sounds.

We're out of the smoke for the first time this weekend, hooray! And the farm didn't get caught in the fires (the closest reached about two miles away). We had a little rain, but things are still pretty dry and fires could start again. But even if a new fire starts, it shouldn't be so many and so rapid, since what began these was a rare-for-the-time-of-year windstorm. Sunny out today, clear, not too hot and not smoky -- today is a really nice day.

My weight is .1 of a pound less than last week. That isn't what one would call loss -- it could be just inhaling at the wrong moment. I've heard people joking about getting 'the Covid 19' the way we used to joke in college about gaining the 'freshman 15,' and while I haven't put on nineteen pounds, my weight is not going down at all despite cutting the amount I eat. I haven't wanted to do anything because of the virus and concern about the fires burning down our farm. Then came the smoke, and officials instructed us not to go outside, and even to duct-tape off cracks around places like the attic trap door where outside air could get in, because the smoke was so unhealthy to breathe. The lack of being able to go outside almost drove my son crazy, and I wasn't far from it myself.

Anyway, although fasting in response to weight issues is not much of a plan for the long term, maybe I can shock my system into using up some fat stores if I eat only breakfast and a late lunch. It is odd not to eat at dinner -- the others think I'm refusing to participate in "family time," but I've got to try something.
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