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Sunday Weigh In September 27, 2020

Good morning.  How's everything going this morning?  It's pretty quiet here and looks like it's going to be a warm, sunny day.

There's not a lot going on here, which is okay with me.  Even though the temps are still high, you can see that fall is definitely here - leaves are starting to change colors and fall off the trees, the grass isn't growing very fast, and it really "has" cooled off... of course, nothing like some other parts of the country.

My broken foot hasn't changed much - still hurts and I'm still having to use the knee scooter, which I'm supposed to be doing anyway, per doctor's orders.   My thyroid status continues to decline - I have to go for blood work tomorrow in preparation for an upcoming appointment with my endo but the blood work really seems like a waste of time/money because if past experience is any indication, the endo will refuse to acknowledge that any of my symptoms are thyroid related anyway so it's unlikely that I'll get an increase in medication.  

I've still been trying to cut back on food intake and of course, with the broken foot, there's not a lot I can do in the exercise department.  I'm able to get a little bit of housework done each day by "reaching" from my scooter but there's little exercise involved - other than stretching...  :-)

Our governor has lifted restrictions and restaurants, bars and other businesses that have been operating at reduced capacity can now operate at full capacity.  We've been going out to get groceries and do other essential things and although we've exercised caution, we'll be even more careful now because there will be larger crowds in stores, less people wearing masks and/or trying to social distance, etc.  

Anyway, I did manage to (precariously) get on the scale one day, but I can't say it would have been real accurate since I can't put weight on the broken foot so not able to stand evenly on the scale.  As close as I can figure, I "might" have lost one pound, which is okay since it goes the right direction, even though I don't "feel" any lighter and my clothes aren't fitting any differently..  The problem is that I'm still really swollen because of the broken foot and also from generally retaining fluid.  Right now I'll take the 1 lb loss and try to get on the scale again later to see if it's still holding.  

Anyway, that's my saga - nothing awesome, but at least nothing else "unpleasant" has happened this week either.

So how about you?  I know there are still parts of the country dealing with protests, fires, hurricanes and other bad weather and that it's getting colder in many areas.  It doesn't even seem like we've had much summer, even though we've had months of 90° and 100° weather.  I guess that's because I haven't been able to get out and do anything to speak of.

I hope everyone's week turned out as well as expected and look forward to hearing about it.

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~

*Stay safe, wash your hands and get your flu shot*
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Barb, glad you lost a pound, it's hard to do when you're not moving around much! I'm right at the same weight where I was last week. We went out last night and were walking around our nearest small town, and realized our favorite new-age Mexican restaurant was open with seating on the sidewalk, widely spaced (not in a crowded patio area). So we happily had our first sit-down restaurant meal in a long while, and ate so much we couldn't fold in the middle. My fajita seemed large enough to feed our whole family, and I ate it all plus a margarita and three handmade chocolates. My weight this morning after the debauch being no more than my weight last week seems like (guardedly) good news -- maybe tomorrow I might see a tiny bit of a loss if I can keep from pigging out similarly today. lol

The weather is pretty here. We had the high winds followed by two weeks of fires and terrible orange-brown air, then three days of rain. But that small amount of rain and a wind shift was enough to help the firefighters get some of the fires under control, the wind is pushing the fires back into burnt areas instead of forward to new fuel. As a result of the fires burning less furiously and the wind shift, in the Portland area we have puffy white clouds in a very blue sky, and expect temps in the 80s all next week. (Not that it's escaped anyone's notice that fires are the wave of the future. We're making plans for our farm that include the likelihood of fire threatening it again in the next few years.)

Will post tomorrow to report whether I shook off the fajitas and chocolates.
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I did come down about .8 of a pound; apparently a huge fajita, chocolates and a margarita are not something I should eat every day. lol
Alcohol always makes my weight go up a bit the next day (not from calories - just bloated).  

All those things sound good - definitely not an every day food for me either, but sounds great, especially if it's been a long time since you've been to a restaurant.  (I have a weakness for margaritas - it is outweighed by how much I hate how my body feels running the day after a (half pitcher of) margarita, but happens a few times a year anyway.
I think they put mango in it. Never had it so good. lol
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