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Sunday Weigh In - September 4, 2022

Good morning.  How is everyone doing today?  I hope you're having a great Labor Day weekend.   It's been a quiet weekend for us, but that's okay since we've only been back from our cruise for a week.  We're ready to slow down for a while - at least, I am.  

There hasn't been much going on during the past week.  We've mostly been settling back into being home.  I did have excitement with a Great Horned Owl, that got sick/injured in my neighbor's yard.  It took 2 days to find someone who could come help it, but we finally did.   We happen to have a neighbor lady who rescues and rehabs birds of prey.  When she came to pick up the owl, she explained some facts about the Great Horned owl that were very interesting.

One really interesting thing about the owl situation was that the day after the lady picked up the injured owl, I noticed another owl sitting in the yard, not far from where that one had been "hiding" for several days.   I e-mailed the "bird lady" and told her about the second owl.  She said, most likely, that's a mate to the one she picked up.  She said they mate for life and though they go separate ways when not mating,  that fall/winter is their mating season so they would be getting ready to start nesting.  

Great Horned owls are magnificent creatures and it's been a very fascinating (once in a lifetime) experience.  

We're getting geared up to start a new season with the calligraphy guild I belong to.  I'm the Vice President for this year and we're starting a new youth program, plus attending some expo's, etc to make people more aware of the guild, types of calligraphy, etc.  It's pretty exciting.

Anyway, through all that, I seem to have picked up a few pounds... something like 5 over the week.  That said, my feet have been swelling a lot and the swelling isn't going down at night, so I'm sure that's contributing to the weight gain.   It helps to double up on my fluid pills, but, even though my doctor said I could do it "once in a while", I'm afraid to do it every day.   I'm trying to drink more water, which seems to help with fluid retention.  We'll see how that ends up working.   I'm also having some "tummy" issues so that's not helping either.  Nor is the fact that most of what I do is done, sitting at my desk, which means I don't get enough exercise.  

I learned this past week that my neighbor who lives in OR during the summer and here during the winter, will probably be here sometime in mid-October.  That will help as far as my exercise, because when she's here, we have a standing "date" to walk every morning, except when it's really cold.  That means I need to start walking now, so I'll be back in shape by the time she gets here, or I'll never be able to keep up with her.  

That's my story - how has your week been?  I hope it was a good one and look forward to hearing about it.  

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~
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This past week was busy with getting my mom's house ready to sell. The floors have been refinished, but one thing after another has popped up. Behind a ratty old shelf in the basement that we just pulled out was mold in the wall where it meets the floor. We list the house in a week -- there's no time for mold. or for re-grading the ground above where the water seems to have seeped in. We're going to try bleaching the wall today and doing something about the grade after the listing goes live. It never seems to end!

My weight is the same as last week. I've mentioned I have a 5-pound bracket that feels good to me weight-wise, I would look too scrawny if I got below it and I don't want to be above it. (It's like a goal weight, except it's a 5-pound goal weight.) Anyway, after at least three weeks of being solidly in the middle of that range, last week I was 1 lb. above the top of it, and this week I'm at exactly the same spot. I know why -- it's been quite hot here, and my mom's house has no a/c, so after a day of sweating and trying to fix things there I've been stopping and getting an iced soft drink on the way home. Bad habit, I can see it in my weight. I was staying within my 5 lb. bracket pretty well until I started doing that.

Off to spray bleach on a wall, ugh. Have a great week!
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