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Sunday Weigh in December 4, 2022

Good morning.  How is everyone doing this week.  I hope you're doing well.  I suppose most people are getting into Holiday mode, if you haven't already been.  It takes me a while to get into the spirit, but I'm planning to put up the Christmas tree today - maybe that will help!!  

It's been a strange week for me, including car issues, etc.  What I thought was a need for a key fob battery, turned out to be a need for an engine battery, which certainly wasn't cheap.  Unfortunately, husband wasn't home at the time - if he had been, he'd have simply driven down to Discount Auto, gotten a battery and replaced it.  I can't do that, so it was necessary to have it installed.   Anyway, it's fixed.  

My neighbor, with whom I walk most days, left on Friday to go back to Oregon, so I probably won't be doing to a lot of walking.  Aside from that, I have an appointment for an MRI to check out a growth (lump) on the top of my right foot.  My doctor seems to think it's something that's going to have to be removed.  The MRI is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon, so I should know which direction I'll have to go later this week.  

I also have an appointment with a hand specialist for carpal tunnel on the 23rd.  My pcp also seems to think I'm going to need surgery on both hands so we'll see how that works out.  

Anyway, with husband gone last week, I thought I'd do pretty good with my eating as I usually eat more healthfully, when he isn't home.  Not this time.   I don't eat fish when he's here (he can't stand the smell), so the first couple of days I at tuna salad sandwiches, etc.  I love tuna salad and couldn't seem to get enough - of course, it's not the tuna that's bad; it's all the bread for the sandwiches.  I also had spaghetti with meat sauce and other things I shouldn't be eating.

That was my lead-up to saying I'm up a couple of pounds this week from where I've been the past few weeks.  I'm baking chicken today, so that will be a little better.  

I'm going to have to be careful - with my neighbor gone and no walking partner, it will be easier than ever to gain more weight.  

So how was your week?  I hope it went well and that you were able to meet your goal(s).  

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~
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Glad they got you in for the MRI, Barb. Write back with the prognosis and timeline. I hope they take care of it soon.

Last week I was up in weight and thought it might be the salty dinner I had had the night before. This week, I'm down a pound and a half from then, but can't really say it was the salty dinner, I just think I had too much Thanksgiving food. We've been really austere since, with some meals consisting of tofu, veggies and salad, and others of soup, and it's slowly bringing me back down. I've definitely been out of my desired weight range for two or maybe three weeks now. Glad it did come down with the austerity diet, or I would think I had one of those diseases noticeable for unexpected weight gain on not much food.

We've been spending some time cleaning up our tossed-around possessions at the farm (I think I mentioned we had a break-in). Also quite a lot of time online and on the phone, fending off attacks on our checking account, an attempted re-assignment of my Social Security online account to a new email address unknown to us, and having to fill out forms to protect the titles to our cars. Annoying, but the consequences could be serious if we don't act now. The thieves took a lot of our personal records with them, but given how dumb they were about other things they took, I think they must have sold our identity information. The attacks online have been way more sophisticated than the trashing of the house.

Among all of this, I'm supposed to be thinking about Christmas. (Right.) One thing the thieves did was pull out and scatter some unused Christmas cards. They were box ends and second choices and leftovers in years past, 8 of one design and 5 of another and 2 of another, but this might be the opportunity to use them up. We usually try to give the same design to all groups that might see our card at someone else's house (like, my sisters and mom), so nobody will feel like their card wasn't as nice as the one we sent to a different family member. But I think the largest group we have like that is 8 families (my sisters, their grown kids, my mom) and after that it's 5's and 6's. So I might be able to use the odd lots without anyone feeling like they got put on the "B" list, and that would be one shopping trip avoided.

Here's hoping you have a great week!

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I'm happy to say that even though I was up a few pounds on the weekend, I'm now back down to where I've been for a while now.   That's even with my neighbor gone and not walking every day.

I did get my MRI done on Monday.  I'm a little frustrated with my doctor's office right now, though.  He told me to call him the day after I had the MRI and he would tell me the plan of action (whether I needed to come back and see him or if he's referring me to a foot specialist).   I called on Tues as he instructed and the person I talked to said they didn't results yet, but she would call imaging, get them and they'd call me back.  So here we are at Thursday and I didn't hear from them so I called again this afternoon.   I was able to go online and get the report from the imaging facility's patient portal, so I'm sitting here looking at it and still haven't heard from my doctor!!  

Of course, there's a ton of terminology I don't understand (like different parts of the foot, names of tendons/ligaments, and conditions, etc).  So I set about doing some research to try to find out what some of it meant.  Still can't say I understand it all, but as near as I can tell, I have a ganglion cyst that has multiple "stalks" holding it in place, deep in my ankle.  In addition to that, I also have at least one tear in a tendon and possibly tears in 2 tendons.    I'm assuming that since the ganglion cyst is causing pain and there are tears in my tendons, I'll be referred to a specialist and quite possibly end up having surgery, but of course, I won't know until I hear from my doctor.   I'm thinking about leaving a note on the patient portal, but if they don't return phone calls, I wonder if that would do any good.  

You did mention the break in  at the farmhouse.  I'm so sorry it's causing so much trouble for you.   I hope you can get all your accounts and different things changed so no one can steal your identity.   It's very possible that the thieves might have sold your identity information - that's probably what they were looking for to begin with, but then they found other "fascinating" items and grabbed those as well.  

It's possible your weight increase is stress related, due to the break-in, trying to sort everything out, get ready for Christmas, etc all at once.  Cortisol is a huge reason for weight increases.  

Our house was broken into years and years ago - all they took was a gun and food, scattering clothing throughout the house.  Even left the ice cream sit in the kitchen sink!!   It didn't take long to find out who did that.  

Anyway, I hope you get everything squared away and are able to protect yourselves.   Under the circumstances, I'm not sure I'd be so worried about Christmas - saving your identities is a lot more important.  That said - this might be a good time to use the Christmas cards from years past and get them cleared out.  I have some left from a few years ago that I keep using from every year and I'm undecided now whether I should simply toss them or use them one more year.  Luckily, my family mostly lives in different states so it's unlikely they'll see the cards I sent to someone else.  The problem with using them again, though, is that I can't remember which one I might have sent to which person in previous years.  Yep - just talked myself into it - it's time to toss them.  LOL    Since I've learned some calligraphy and a bit of artwork, I do try to make some of the more "special" cards, like my sisters/brother, etc.

Have a good rest of the week.  
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