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Sunday Weigh in - February 13, 2022

Good morning.  I'm a bit late posting today, but it's been a busy morning already.  It's dark and dreary (rainy) but looks like the sun might come out pretty soon.  Yay!!  

It's been pretty quiet here this week, which is not bad.  I spent most of the week practicing my calligraphy and preparing for a class that was held yesterday.  The class was a "hybrid", meaning some attended in person and some attended via Zoom.  It went okay and we learned a new fun way to write.

Okay, so here we are well into a new year and I'm definitely on a weight loss mission now.  We booked a cruise for our anniversary, which is in August and I "have" to lose, at least 20 lbs in order to be comfortable going on this cruise.  

It was cold and rainy outside, the other day, so I sent to use my treadmill and realized that one of the wheels was broken.  I got my husband to take a look and he discovered that the other wheel was about to break, as well.  He ended up making 2 new wheels for it that will be much stronger than the original ones.  So now, I have to get busy and start using it, along with doing some weights, stretches and other types of exercise.  

My neighbor who summers in Oregon was not able to come back for the winter.  When she's here, we, typically, walk every morning, but without her here, I haven't been doing much of anything.  Anyway, she'll be here for a couple of weeks early in March, so I need to get used to walking so I'm ready when she gets here.  Hopefully, I can push myself to keep walking after she leaves again.  

So - it's definitely going to be a challenge, but I'm giving this my best effort as I want to be comfortable in my body again.  There are 22 weeks until our cruise, so at a pound/week, I should be able to do it.   I hope others will join me and we can work together.

Right now, I've dropped off most of the excess water weight I've been carrying since our recent trip to Las Vegas, so I'm basically starting from scratch.  It's a new day and a new week...

How did your week go?  I hope you were able to meet/exceed whatever goal(s) you set for yourself and look forward to hearing about it.

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~

**Stay safe and wash your hands**
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It sounds like you’ve been spending all your time working on houses/painting, etc.   I’m glad you were able to get rid of the cat etching on the front door.  Of all the things you’ve mentioned, that and the dark colors in your basement room are the two that would bother me most.  I think there are very few odors worse than cat pee and I’m a sunshine person, so darkly painted rooms aren’t my thing unless a LOT of sunlight can get in to brighten it up.

Has your son transferred to his new school yet?  If so, how does he like it?  If not, when will he be making the transfer?  

It’s good that you decided to take a break and do “something fun”.  
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I forgot to post my weight change. Yes, the salt from all that soy sauce and pizza did go away, I'm down to my lowest weight in a while. It fluctuates by about a pound, but is still staying down.

Son has transferred schools, he began last week. He's not very good with transitions, so is pretty stressed and nervous, and didn't watch the timelines on homework so he's up against it after only a week and a half. (It being mid-year, the teachers didn't start light and ease kids in, they just kept piling on standard homework loads. His algebra teacher assigned 35 story problems for one day's homework, for example.) It's been more of a mental shift than he expected. It might take some special weekend work, and some patience from the teachers who are doubtless wondering where the work they assigned is.

We think we'll have to take up subfloor in one particular place where the cats really laid it on, but otherwise we just cut out big squares of the carpet and pad, and will paint "Kilz" on the underlayment. The handyman did that, and stacked the pieces in the garage waiting to get them into the trash can. Now the garage smells like cat pee!

Have a great week.
Wow - you're doing well with your weight.  

I'm sorry your son is having a hard time making the transition from one school to the other.  I'm sure that with a bit of understanding from the teachers, he'll be able to catch up if he puts in a little extra time.  Wow - 35 story problems for one day's homework?   That's a lot.  I'd be behind on that one, too!!  

You could try dousing the subfloor with vinegar and let it dry well to see if that helps with the cat pee - I've seen vinegar work quite well on it, but then I've seen other times it didn't work so well.  Impossible to know until it's tried, so might be a lot quicker to just remove that one section and replace it.   Eeewww, I'd want to get the squares of carpet/underlayment out of the garage before cat pee becomes the scent of the day!!

I actually thought of bringing in a guest cat (not mine lest he get ideas) to sniff around and show me by his reaction whether specific places in the house smell really bad. I can get a whiff, but I don't have a cat's nose. But then if the guest cat decided to pee too, that would be it for us. lol
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Hi, I forgot it was Sunday and had a big breakfast, after sushi last night (lots of soy sauce) and both things will skew my results, so I'll weigh tomorrow and post back. :-)

Weather here has been great, but we expect rain this next week. I took advantage of the weather window to touch up the stain on our back fence in preparation for selling the house. February is usually either too cold or too wet for outdoor painting, and I've so far been able to get out and clean up the cat etching on the front door and now made the weathered fence look much better. For a while it seemed like we'd have to list the house for sale with a few eyesores in the most obvious places, but now the outdoor painting is done. :-)

We've also been painting at the new house. After many coats of white and ivory paint, the dark and gloomy big daylight basement room is looking bright. Still to go -- the floor: I'm going to paint ceramic tile with specialty paint. Not sure how it will come out, but it's the best bet right now after the Pergo bid came in at ten thousand dollars.

I believe my husband and son have plans to "go somewhere fun" today, so am preparing to go out with them. I'll report in tomorrow on my weight.

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