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Sunday Weigh in February 19, 2023

Good afternoon... yeah, I'm late again.  Got side tracked with a few things this morning so didn't get a chance to post.  

It's been a busy day and a busy week, but I don't feel like I got much of anything done - either during the week or over the course of the day.   I spent a lot of time working in my shop this week.  I got a new saw that I've been playing with/practicing to use!!   Although the Holiday/Christmas season is past, I'm finding this the best time of year to work on making ornaments and other items for gifts, etc because there's no rush to get them done, so if something doesn't turn out, it's no big deal - except for the waste of wood!!   I'm trying to do as much with scrap wood as I can in order to avoid ruin good, expensive wood.

In addition to my shop work, I'm staying busy with calligraphy and other art projects.   I took a calligraphy class last weekend that used only pencils to make the letters... quite a difference from using ink and much easier for me.  I tend to do very well with my pencil drawings, but as soon as I try to put ink to it, I mess it up!!  Must be a mind thing!!

I'm still in my ankle brace and trying to increase activity levels little by little.  It's been pretty warm, so the brace gets quite uncomfortable after a few hours and really puts my neuropathy in overdrive.   That means I end up going barefoot, which is, basically, a no-no.  The problem is that once my neuropathy goes into overdrive, I'm simply done with anything on my feet.  

Of course, all this means I'm not getting the exercise I should be getting, but I'm doing the best I can with my ankle exercises.  My neighbor will be back from OR early in March and we'll start walking again.  I'm not sure I'll be able to do every day, at least  in the beginning, but we'll see how it goes.

I had some dental work done and am having trouble some of that.  I tried several times to call the dentist and no one answered the phone or returned my calls.  After about a week, I finally got through and the soonest they can get me in is the 24th, in spite of the fact that I have a couple of large infected "pockets".  Anyway, I guess I'll just wait.  I've been doing a lot of rinsing with salt water and Ora-gel and Tylenol have become my best friends.  

You'd think that with mouth pain I'd be losing weight, as it's hard to eat... well, you'd think wrong!!  In fact, I've picked up about 1.5 pounds.  I'm sure some of it is fluid retention since my fingers feel stiff and swollen, but some of it is from the spaghetti, baked potatoes, etc I've been eating because it's soft and easy to eat.  :-)   We did go to the produce market today and I picked up some fresh veggies for this coming week - hopefully, that will help, if I can chew them.  

So what about you?  I hope you had a good week and were able to meet whatever goals you set for yourself.  

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~

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Busy days here, too. And still in the same pound on my weight, a little up and a little down but no more than tenths of a pound at a time. Like last week, I could lose and be happy about it but am not gaining... there's some (scant) consolation there.

At my mother's new assisted-living apartment, the level of care is much improved, making it easier for everyone, her especially. She's very frail, and sleeping a lot. She can't talk very loudly and she talks slowly, but is still mentally there. She even corrected my sister's French vocabulary today. I can reach the place more easily than her last place, too, so have seen her three times this past week. She might not have a lot of time left, but at least she's comfortable.

Son had tests in four subjects last week, and his grades are coming in pretty well. I don't know why they did finals at the end of January and beginning of February, and he's had two math tests since then as well as three others, but that's what they did.  His tests stress all of us out -- usually he gets no sleep the night before due to last-minute studying and anxiety, and then none of us get any sleep (he comes in our room at 3 am to moan about it). If he has a week of with no tests or quizzes, I'm happier than he is.

This week I'm paying bills and taking a preview peek at our taxes, ugh. Hope your foot and brace are better every day, Barb.

Have a good week!

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Frustrating to keep losing/gaining the same few pounds or tenths of a pound, isn't it?  I'm like you - I've learned to be happy just not gaining a lot.   Unfortunately, my weight seems to "bounce" more than yours does... I can gain/lose 5+ pounds over 24 hrs.  When it's that much, though I know it's fluid, because there's no way I can eat that much!!  :-)

I'm happy to hear that your mother's new ALF has better care and that it's easier on her - is that because she's in her own apartment?  It's good that even though she may talk softly and slowly, she's still got her mental faculties.  She corrected French vocabulary?  Yeah, it sounds like she's still there.   It's good that the place is more convenient for you, since you can spend more time with her and she's content.

Oh, tests - I guess that would be the end of a quarter or semester?  I remember those in high school and was just as nervous as your son seems to be.  I didn't sleep much before big tests, either, but it was something to deal with, so I learned to "stifle" it and didn't upset the rest of the family.  :-)

I hope he's done with the testing soon and you'll be able to sleep a full night.  

Ah we're on the same track - I worked on balancing bank accounts and paying bills today, as well.   Fortunately, our taxes are super simple and are already done and filed.  Nothing owed, nothing back.  

My foot seems to be more stable than it's been in a long time.  I do get swelling if I spend a lot of time sitting, especially, without my brace.  I do wear the brace most of the time, but sometimes it just really puts my peripheral neuropathy into overdrive and I can't tolerate it.   I've learned that wearing support stockings help considerably, but unfortunately, when it's hot, like it is here now, they're very uncomfortable.  

My friend/neighbor who lives in Portland (actually Tigard) told me today that it's really cold there and possible bad weather.  I hope that's not the case!!

Enjoy your week of paying bills and "peeking" (lol) at taxes - you still have a couple of months to get the taxes done... lol  
Yes, very snowy today. The snow really began in the daytime, so the commute home caught a lot of people unprepared. I had gone to see my mom, and trekked on back roads because that's the way I prefer it, and lucky I did because upon coming home I saw on the news that the freeways were at a standstill all over the metro area. It's going to be less precip but much colder for a few days, and then more snow. If we don't lose our power, I think I'll kind of like it. My son will have a snow day tomorrow for sure.
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