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Sunday Weigh in February 26, 2023

Good morning.  I hope everyone is having a great weekend.  It's somewhat overcast here, but it looks like it's going to be a nice day, which is good.  I need it.  

Last week was pretty busy and so will this week be.  Yesterday, I spent the day in a calligraphy class, which was fun, but shortly after that, the day turned sour!!  It ended with a bank fraud event and spent most of the evening getting debit cards cancelled, online banking shut off, and whatever else could be done to protect our accounts.  The worst part of the thing is that I walked right into it and provided every bit of information the scammers needed.  Looking back on it now, it's all so obvious and I should have known better!!   That said, what's done is done and we have to move forward.  

I'm still spending a lot of time not doing a lot of moving around (aka exercise), because I'm still having to wear my foot brace as much as possible.  My foot seems to be a lot better and I'm not seeing a lot of the swelling I had prior to wearing the boot, and now the brace.   As tough as wearing them has been, I'm grateful to have able to get it healed without surgery.   It's spring and I have a lot of outside work to get done, so that will be quite a bit of "exercise" and the neighbor I walk with, will be back here in a week, so I'll start walking again.  Hopefully, that will help shed a couple of pounds.  

I have started eating more salads and protein, which means less carbs, so I'm hoping that will help.  It's hard to change my eating pattern too much because husband is definitely a "meat and potatoes" person, not inclined to change his habits.  He doesn't care much for chicken (unless it's KFC) and he can't stand the smell of fish cooking so I don't eat much of them, either, except when he's not home!!   He, also, doesn't eat vegetables (other than the occasional salad, tomatoes and corn), so I eat those on my own!!  

So that was the long, round about way of saying that I'm within 0.2 lb as the last 2 weeks.  I'll take it because I'm not gaining but I really need to get cracking and actually "do" something to start losing!!  My sisters are planning a get together in early June and I'd like to have dropped a little bit by then.   Isn't a family gathering the perfect incentive to lose weight??  :-)

That's my week, how's your week been?  I know some of you have been caught in horrible storms that have crossed country.  I hope the weather has started to calm down and life has resumed.  

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~

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Oh, goodness, it's Monday already! I did weigh in this morning, and am down a pound. It's good news, except of course it's that same old pound I've gained and lost over the last three months, I think. But gone is good. I was wondering why I was staying at the very top of my desirable 10-lb. range. Maybe I can keep it up. We've all been eating more lightly this week.

Though it's a little late for snow in western Oregon, we did get it last week, and two snow days and a 2-hour delay at school as well. It made things kind of fun -- it wasn't a very serious storm, just enough to back up traffic for hours during the evening commute and for kids to get time off school. We didn't lose power or have ice that cracked tree branches, and it wasn't windy. It *was* very pretty. There's going to be some "wintry mix" tonight and another night this week, but I don't think it will cause any more snow days, maybe a couple of late starts due to ice on the roads in the mornings. Of course, living 6 blocks from the school, we can be pretty meh about the problems of people having to drive in.

I did go to the trouble of slipping and slithering via back roads through deep slushy snow to get some groceries to my stepdad, at the new place. He was out of coffee and filters, and then began to complain he had eaten all of his snacks, too. The place they're living feeds them three meals a day, but he was fussing so much that my sister was afraid he was going to get in his bald-tired car and try to drive to the store himself, so I brought some things over in a lull between showers. Mostly it was safe because my car has studded tires, but I hit some high ground, and on that stretch was glad I had them. Stepdad went out today safe or not, so it's clear I didn't get enough things.

I hope the week shapes up nicely for everyone.
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