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Sunday Weigh in January 1, 2023

Good morning and Happy New Year to everyone.  I hope everyone had a good New Year's Eve without "too much" celebrating!!  As usual, we stayed in last night and it's foggy this morning, so we'll stay in this morning for a while, as well.  

So, I hope we're all ready to move on to a new year and new experiences.  I know I sure am.  I did not make any New Year's resolutions because they, typically get broken within a couple of weeks.  I'm interested in whether anyone else did.

As I noted last week, I've been diagnosed with some issues in my hands and right foot.  I have carpal and cubital tunnel syndromes in both hands, which causes considerable pain.  I did see a doctor, but couldn't get testing scheduled until mid-March, so I'll be dealing with that for another couple of months.  The foot has 2 split tendons and I'm in a boot trying to heal them.   I did well with the boot for the first few days, but I'm starting to feel pressure points that get pretty uncomfortable at times.  I'm supposed to be in the boot for 6 weeks, but the doctor wants to check my foot at the 3 week point, so have an appointment for Jan 11.  We'll see how that goes.  He said he didn't think I'd be ready to get the boot off but I guess there's a chance.  

Anyway, dragging the boot around must use quite a bit of energy.  I haven't weighed this morning but yesterday morning, I was down another 3 lbs from last week.  I think a good share of the loss is fluid because the boot is preventing my foot from swelling.   I'm happy with that, so will try to keep doing what I'm doing - which is mostly eating less and keeping fluid in check.  When I get the boot off, I'll be taught some stretching exercises to do every day - twice/day to start, so that will add more "exercise" to my routine.  

So that's me... How was your week?  I hope you met your goal(s).

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week and a great new year~~
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I had family coming over today, so forgot to weigh in, in the rush of prep and cooking. We ate soup and salad, cookies and tea, and everyone had a nice chatty time. It was a pleasant way to greet the new year and also helped me stay motivated on having the house looking good. The prep wasn't without its interesting moments, though ... after we vacuumed , dusted and wiped down everything and the soup was bubbling on the stove, (with people due in less than a half hour), my son carried in the box of white dishes we reserve for party use (bowl/saucer/dessert dish/salad plate/dinner plate x 8). They haven't been opened since before the pandemic, and had been stored in the garage in our old house. When we opened them we found that a mouse had been in the paper between the plates some time in the past and now all the dishes (not to mention the handsome and sturdy box they came in) smelled slightly of mouse pee. No nest, no droppings, no chewed or yellow-stained packing material, but ugh. My son got the emergency chore of hand-washing 40 dishes in 1o minutes. It's been over a year since we moved, and he did wash them with detergent and hot water, so I don't think we poisoned anyone. But to be safe, I'm going find a better box (preferably plastic, with a gasket) and run them all through the dishwasher before storing them.

Barb, if the doc would give you a boot for each foot, you could lose 6 pounds a week! lol Seriously, I'm sorry the boot gives you a pressure point, that's no fun. I wish for your sake that they would just hurry up with what they intend to do, though of course if some of this is just waiting for you to heal, you can't hurry that.

Will weigh in the morning and write back.

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Well, good, I'm .2 of a pound less than last week, (or realistically, the same weight). That's nice given all the cookies. Probably they were counterbalanced by the vacuuming and carrying boxes of Christmas wrap, etc. to the basement to get the dining room clear for the party. :-)
Congratulations.  Climbing stairs can be wonderful exercise.  

It sounds like you had a houseful for New Year's Day.  Lots of work, but nice to be able to spend it with family.  Sorry to hear about the fiasco with the dishes and congratulations to your son for getting them all clean and ready to go in 10 minutes.  Since I assume the dishes are some type of glass/china, I'm sure washing them in hot soapy water was fine and wouldn't  leave any residue to make anyone ill.   There are huge variety of plastic totes you can get these days that seal up well and protect from bugs, mice, etc.

Actually, I do have a boot that I could use for both feet, since I still have the one I used a couple of years ago when I had my broken foot.  I couldn't use it again, because the liner fell apart.  It doesn't match the new one I have (got them from 2 different facilities), so I'd look kind of silly with one "Army green" boot that the other a gray one!!  :-)   I can't be losing weight too quickly, or my doctor will start thinking my thyroid hormone dosage is too high and will want to lower it, which will be a big "NO" on my part.  :-)

Have a good week and happy new year.  
You'd definitely have quite the look, in an olive drab boot and a grey one! Hope your new year is great, too.

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