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Sunday Weigh in January 14, 2024

Good morning everyone.  How are we doing this morning?  It's kind of a dreary day here and I think we're supposed to get some rain later today... ugh!!  We've had several rather cloudy days and I need my sunshine!!  

The week has been quiet, which I'll take.   Tuesday, we had our woodworking club meeting so now I have to get the newsletter done for the month.  Thursday evening, I went to a play my granddaughter is in.  The play was called "Murder in the HOA" - a comedy murder mystery.  It was quite cute, even though I totally dislike murder mysteries.  Granddaughter is 13 and is a wonderful drama queen, so she did great in the play!!   The play ran this Friday/Saturday and will run again next weekend - it's completely sold out, so the producer is thinking of running it for a weekend in March for the people who are being turned away now.  Yesterday, I had a calligraphy class - the class was 4 hours long, but it took an hour to drive there and another hour to drive home, plus everyone left the clean up to just a couple of us so that took longer than if everyone helped!!   Anyway, it turned into an all day event when it shouldn't have been but I got through it.

Neighbor and I have walked most days this past week, which is good, but of course, people brought lots of goodies to snack on yesterday, so that wasn't such a good thing, as I did eat a piece of chocolate cake.   I had taken some sandwiches, though, so that helped counter the sweets (except the bread isn't so great!!).  

I did go get my blood work done this week in preparation for my upcoming doctor's appointment.  Most everything is looking good, including thyroid hormone levels.  The increase in thyroid medication did what it was supposed to.  I'm pretty sure the recent weight loss is due to changing my neuropathy medications - getting off the Duloxetine (generic for Cymbalta, which is an anti-depressant, often used for pain but doesn't work) and switching to Topiramate.  Duloxetine is known to cause weight gain; topiramate is known to cause weight loss - add in the higher thyroid hormones and the weight loss is accounted for!!  

I did weigh this morning but I'd already had a couple of cups of coffee - and of course, yesterday's goodies!!  With all that, I'm up by 1.6 lbs, so I'll have to see if I drop back down in the next couple of days!!   I certainly hope as I'm due to see my doctor in a week and I want my weight to be down!!  

Anyway, that's my story.  How's your week been?  I hope you're all doing well and not getting hit by the storms that are passing around the country!!  

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~
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My weight has stayed the same as last week to the tenth of a pound. I can't complain about that, because last week I was still lower due to having had Covid, and thought that weight lost all might pop back on by now.

I'm exercising exactly the same way all the time due to Pilates four times a week, and think that might explain the leveled-out and unchanging weight. I'd like to drop 5-7 more pounds, and have it to drop without looking too skinny, but the last time I was able to get that low (and lower) was quite a while back, two summers ago when we were prepping my mom's house to sell. The weight melted off then due to high stress, constant activity, and being too busy to eat more than one meal a day. I don't recommend the Stress Diet, and the results didn't last, which was probably a good thing. My sister saw me during that time and called all my other sisters, worried that I was looking extremely thin. Expecting I should be the weight I was in my 20s might be the wrong path at this stage in my life! The loss showed in my face, and my arms got scrawny looking. Too bad I couldn't have kept the flat stomach from then, though! lol

We've had a nice snowstorm here, well, nice except windy, and big trees keep falling across roads, and onto houses. The Douglas firs here are often 100 feet tall, with huge thick trunks, like three of them cut and milled would have enough lumber to build a small house. So they are heavy suckers. One family was in their living room, and for some reason all went to another room, and just then a tree crashed into the living room. Another house, the wife was OK but the husband was pinned in the bathroom by a tree that took out what looked on the news like 25' x 25' of their house. The neighbor across the road from us (and uphill) has probably 100 trees on his lot, all tall, and I keep waiting for one of them to crash across the road, taking out our cars and/or kitchen. But ice is the bigger threat by far than just snow and wind. Where we live had a massive ice storm three years ago and it took months to clean up all the downed trees, and many days even to restore power where trees had fallen onto the lines. And freezing rain is expected this Tuesday.

I'll cross fingers that we don't see downed power for days. Hope everyone has a great week!
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Congratulations on maintaining, even though weight lost was due to Covid.   Are you back to eating normally now?  

One thought on the plateau is that doing Pilates every day, you're apparently doing the same routine, using the same muscles, so it's no your body has gotten used to it.  You might try going for a walk or something, in addition to the Pilates to sort of "shake the tree"!!   There's always that problem of not being able to spot reduce, so while you're wanting to lose in the stomach, it seems that weight might come off your face and arms first.  It's too bad we can't control where it comes off.  All we can do is try to tone muscles where the fat is, in an effort to make it look like there's not as much as there is.   Yoga is one of the best types of exercise to tone and stretch muscles to make one "look" more slender without actually "being" more slender.  

I'd love to have the body I had in my 20's.  But of course, we know that won't ever happen... even if I got close to the same weight, the skin would be saggy and ugly, so I'd not want to lose that much weight at my age.

I didn't realize y'all were having a snow storm/blizzard.  I remember the ice storm from 3 yrs ago.  My neighbor's daughter and SIL have been removing trees/stumps from their farm - I think they just finished it all this past summer.   I hope you don't see anything like that.  

Take care and be safe.
Regarding eating normally -- at least, I'm back to having an appetite.  :-)  

Pilates is 4 classes a week but they do vary. There is a different instructor for each class, and not only does each instructor have her own spin on things (not matching the others) but the instructors do different stuff from week to week. We're working the same muscles (after all, it's all we've got and it *is* Pilates, that does want us to hit certain muscle groups). But we work them in different ways class to class and week to week. My husband does yoga 5 times a week, maybe someday I'll add it to my regimen, though not his class.

Glad your appetite is back.  

I used to do yoga every day... I loved how it made my muscles feel "longer and stronger".  I keep saying I'm going to start it again, but I haven't.  
I can see wanting to restart, my husband loves his yoga class and goes 5 or 6 days a week. I know you've talked about doing yoga at home, for me it has to be a class that I go to, am expected by other people to be there, and pay for, to force myself to stay disciplined with exercise. I could do Pilates at home watching the screen, but I know I wouldn't.  (Even making the commitment and paying for it sometimes it hasn't worked (going to a gym and working with a trainer was a bust.) There's a yoga studio relatively nearby that one of my Pilates friends recommends, not the one my husband goes to. Some day I might add it to the mix.

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