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Sunday Weigh in - January 16, 2022

Good morning.  I hope everyone has started out a good day.  It's raining pretty heavy here and I know there's a storm - heavy rain, sleet, ice, snow-  expected along the east coast of the U.S. so if you're in that area, please stay safe.  Fortunately, we're only getting wind and rain, with no chance of it turning to ice/snow and we think the worst is going to be over in a few hours.  

It's been a quiet week here.  I haven't done much, which means I haven't accomplished anything either.  We have our monthly calligraphy meeting tomorrow, which was supposed to be, both, in person and on Zoom (we do "hybrid" meetings as we have members across the country), but we learned yesterday that the husband of the guild's President has tested positive for COVID-19, so we've decided to hold our meeting only via Zoom.  Even though the President, herself, has tested negative, we didn't feel that it was worth taking the chance.  It'll still be fun.

Anyway, there's nothing exciting happening.  I did get an appointment to have a surgeon look at my eyelids, which are pretty droopy and hinder my peripheral vision.  That isn't until the end of the month, though.  

I fell in the bathroom a couple of weeks ago and landed on my left hand - thumb and index finger.  They're both quite painful and not getting better, so I guess I'm going to have to go get it checked.  Always something, isn't there?

I haven't weighed this morning, but I'm pretty sure I've gained since last week.  With not having done much this week, of course, that means I've had very little exercise and I've also eaten too much food - especially, salty food since I cooked a ham one day and and we had it for a couple of days.  In addition, husband made a pizza for lunch yesterday (yep, his turn to cook!! lol).   Too much food and too little exercise - shame on me!!

Anyway, that's my story.  How's your week been?  I hope you've been able to accomplish whatever goal(s) you set for yourself and look forward to hearing about your week.  

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~

**Stay safe and wash your hands**
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I've been painting walls at the new house and dealing with flooring choices. (We ordered new carpeting, the cat pee in the old was too much! And if we can afford it, we're going to order Pergo for the daylight basement. Otherwise we'll be painting ceramic tile, a new one for me. I can't imagine it won't scratch and chip.) It's annoying because the owners had represented the house as being in perfect shape. That's the housing market for you - we grabbed it because there wasn't much else out there and we were wanting to head off a bidding war, but we sure didn't get a problem-free house.

When painting, my broken arm limits me to doing brush work and my husband does roller work. It's not a match made in heaven -- he isn't used to painting, so a lot of drips and globs land in unexpected places. But after the first difficult day, we have persevered and things look better. At least we got the ugly brown out of the main bedroom.

My weight is holding steady at a half pound above the lowest I've been in the last months. I can't complain, with so many tasks to do, we've had few home-cooked meals and a pretty random volume of food. Sometimes it's easy to gain weight at times like that, and none of us are, so yay.

Son's school had to take a day off because of Covid -- not enough staff or substitutes or janitors. Hope this isn't a sign of many more times to come.

Off to sort of face the week! Hope yours is good.

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It certainly doesn't sound like you got a "problem-free" house.  There's nothing worse (to me) than cat pee - eewww!!  I hope it didn't soak down into the sub-floor.  

Oh, I'm sure trying to paint with a broken arm presents a whole new set of problems.  My husband and I don't paint well together either.  Last time we painted our house, we hired a painter to do it.  The cost wasn't all that bad and it saved us from dozens of disagreements.  :-)

We have laminate flooring in our house and I'm so glad we put it in - much easier than carpet to deal with.  I've seen online articles about painting ceramic tile - I think once it's painted, you have to put a clear coat over it to keep it from getting scuffed/chipped.   I'm sure it would be a lot of work  

You're doing well in the weight department.  I thought I was on my way down, but I seem to in full gain mode!!   You're staying so busy, you don't have time to snack and I'm sure painting and other projects are using up a lot of what you're taking in.  

I'm sorry to hear that your son's school had to close for a day - ours should but aren't allowed to.  I sure hope this surge in COVID cases lets up soon.

I hope your week goes well and you get done what you need to do.
Thanks, we did pull up the worst of the carpet today, on a big landing on the stairs where the cats had peed in a potted plant a lot. The good news is, at least on the landings the sub-floor is plywood and not composition board, giving a lot better chance of being able to successfully get the smell off with an enzymatic cleaner and then be able to seal it. I wasn't looking forward to having to replace the subflooring! Icky as it was to get whiffs of pee as we lifted the rug, the padding was also "water resistant" and not just a sponge. All in all, better than it could have been.

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