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Sunday Weigh in March 12, 2023

Good morning.  How are we doing with the time change this morning?  I have my walking back for a couple of months, so I managed to get up and go walking at 7:30, as I usually do, but sure felt like I wanted to have that extra hour of sleep.  It didn't help that it got pretty chilly last night and my bed was the warmest spot in the house!!  :-)

Anyway, it's been a busy week, but most of it has been spent working on calligraphy guild projects, which means not a lot of exercise/moving around.  I did do a bit of yard work one day, so that was a help.  Too bad I have so much left to do.   Now that spring is closer, it's time to think about getting winter cleaned up.  

My upcoming week isn't going to be so busy, and hopefully, the weather will be decent so I can get outside to do some yard clean up.  I have a couple of sago palms to get trimmed and some other bushes that need dead branches trimmed off.  

In spite of not getting a lot of exercise, I've dropped a couple of pounds again, so I'm back to where I was a couple of weeks ago.  I'm not sure what happened last week with the 2 pounds gained, but I'm glad it's gone now.  

We're headed off to do some errands now.  I hope everyone had a good week.  

~~Wishing you a wonderful, successful week~~

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That's great about the two pounds, Barb! I'm still bouncing around in the same one pound that I've been in for a while, up a few tenths, down a few tenths.

We have some yard debris to be rid of, too. The people who owned our house up until a year ago seem to have put in any plant they could, some of which look like the nondescript kind that developers throw into new yards so it will look like there's landscaping. Last summer we let a few of those in awkward spots brown out, they were impossible to water (one, the water just rolled off the top of the soil and straight down the gutter). They didn't revive once the rains came, so it's time to take them out. (Nothing like having a shrub that's orange because it's dead, not because it's supposed to be orange.) We went the not-watering route because we could see that as difficult as they were now, it will only get harder over the next years to keep them going, given climate change. They are just in the wrong zone. I'm going to gradually adjust all the plants in our yard with the expectation of a drier weather pattern. For that one spot, I've googled "plants that can live in a bank of pure clay in the full sun," but there aren't a lot of choices! It might be that we'll do an attractive gravel and stepping stones thing with a little retaining wall and a few yucca. lol

My laptop battery is giving out. I finally went to the Apple store (after a lot tries -- the Apple stores in our metro area are few and all far from where I live), and they explained a new battery would cost $159 and I'd have to give them my laptop and wait two weeks. Hmph. I don't mind the $159, but I think they do that two-weeks thing to get you interested in buying a new laptop. They will give me $149 for my old laptop and sell me a new one for $900. Obviously they are in the business of selling new ones. But the old one still works fine if it's plugged in, I don't carry it from place to place while using it. So I'll punt for a while and just use it tethered. Some day I'll go through the hassle of replacing it, just not today.

I think this week I'll make a more focused effort to cut carbs, and see how that goes. Have a great week!

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Yeah, it's good about the 2 pounds, but since I've gained/lost the same 3-7 pounds umpteen times over the past few years, I'm sure I haven't really "lost" it - it's just hiding somewhere!  :-)

Yeah, you haven't been in your house very long, so I'm sure there are landscaping things you'll want to change - especially, when it comes to things that are hard to water or take care of.  We have an area in our back yard that was really hard to take care of, so I killed off all the vegetation and covered the area in river rock.  I do have a couple of planters in the area, but mostly it's just the rock and some stepping stones.  I spray all the weeds to keep it looking nice, but this winter, I've noticed that there are some ant beds that have popped up, so I'll have to deal with those soon.  

Oh, isn't it ridiculous what they get for a laptop battery and even worse is that you have to wait 2 weeks to get the laptop back??  I'd pay for the battery, tell them to order it and when it comes in, I'll bring in the laptop and they can do the replacement - that should not take more than an hour or 2.   You might also try going to someplace like Batteries and Bulbs and see if you can get the battery and replace it yourself.  The old battery should pop out and the new one pops in...  That said, I'd probably remain tethered, as well if it's going to take that long just to replace the battery.

I'm not sure what I'm going to be focused on this week.  I've been reading too many articles that talk about not cutting food groups because they're all important... maybe I'll just focus on eating less of everything I eat.   Enjoy your week.
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