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Sunday Weigh in March 17, 2024

Good morning and Happy St Patrick's Day to one and all...   I hope everyone's day is off to a good start and if you celebrate St Patrick's Day, I hope your celebration is in full swing and your favorite meal is well underway.  

My day is off to a very busy start, though it's not centering around St Patrick's Day.  We're in the final stages of our remodeling project and I'm trying to get things put away into the new cabinets, as well as clean up other parts of the house, in which we had things stored while we worked on the kitchen.  That was mainly the living room and one bedroom.  Yesterday, I removed everything from the living room that doesn't belong there and began the cleaning process.  This morning, I finished that cleaning and moved on to the bedroom.   That's going to take longer because it's still storing the items that will be going for donation, so until I can get that pile of "stuff" out, there's a limit to what I can do.  It won't hurt to try though.  Of course, some of the mess spilled over into the attached bathroom, so I'll get that sorted and cleaned (again), as well.  

So - I think I mentioned last week that I'd had to go for a CT and x-rays on my kidneys and bladder, to check on kidney cysts that have been there for some years.  I saw the doctor on Friday for that report... it didn't mention the cysts, but I do have a 0.5 cm non-blocking stone, which is causing blood in my urine, as well as a low grade back ache.  They're recommending lithrotripsy using laser.  That's an out-patient surgery, done under anethesia.  I'm waiting for the surgery center to reach out with an appointment for that.  

On Thursday, I went to my hand specialist.  I get injection for arthritis pain, but I'd noticed that there's (what I thought to be) a tendon across my knuckle that kept "rolling" off whenever I straighten my middle finger.  Yep, that's what it is and when I bend my finger, it tries to go back into place, but can't always make it.  They can do surgery for this, but don't like to.  They've recommended a splint to prevent my finger from bending far enough to allow the tendon to roll out of place.   I was going to wait until my next set of injections in 4 months, but I think I'm going to call in and just get it done.    I saw the PA and she was pretty upset that I'd let the injections go as long as I did so the pain got so bad... she pretty much insisted we just do them again in 4 months instead of leaving it to my discretion, as she'd done before.  Ooops!!

So, there's all that.  I haven't weighed this morning, but yesterday when I got on the scale, I was down 0.8 pounds from last week.  Not quite as good as I'd have liked, but better than being up that much, so I'll take it.   I've been having a lot of trouble with my stomach lately, so I'd guess that's the problem.  I'm hoping that starts resolving.  

So - that's  my story.  How was your week?  I hope it was good and that you've been successful with whatever plan you've tried.  

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~
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That's too bad about stomach trouble, Barb. But good about the weight loss -- better than weight gain, right?

I'm down about .7 of a pound. It's not a lot, but being down is an improvement over the past three weeks, where my weight crept up a tiny amount every week.

First on the agenda this week is assembling our taxes for the accountant. Since he then has to actually do them, it's really late to send him our stuff -- I think he might insist we file for an extension. I've been avoiding it because all my papers have gotten moved around several times in the house, and I'm not sure where they even are. Fear of not finding them has kept me putting off even starting to look. (And then of course when I finally do, it will turn out that everything was findable and I shouldn't have let worry about not finding them stop me.) One of the benefits of the cleaning I'm doing is that I will know where things are and can function more normally around things like this.

My son has gotten interested in buying a car. He was always a determined public-transit-only kid for environmental reasons, very down on going somewhere in a car and totally not wanting our family to own more cars. He didn't even want to learn to drive. But he had a change in attitude after going to the school's winter dance with a girl: they were driven there by her mother. It has to put a damper on one's dating life! First he thought it would be nice to get an old Crown Vic, preferably that used to be a police car, because they're comfortable and safe and a kid owning one is kind of ironic and hip. But now he's looking at used Lexuses. There's one about 15 miles from here priced at about $6500. I don't mind his learning to drive, my only caveat is that he has to have some lessons from a policeman. I was taught to drive by a police sergeant and think his instruction saved my life more than once.

It's been great weather here, sunny and in the 70s but in the 40s at night. We've been cleaning out the faded bulb beds and pruning the lavender. Some of our plants didn't make it through the freezes we had this winter, but most look like they're starting up.

Have a great week!

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Congratulations on the 0.7 pounds down.  Like me, it's not a lot, but it's going the right direction, so more than acceptable.

Oh, the dreaded income taxes!!  Fortunately, ours are very straightforward and we're able to get them done early in February, right after we get all the information from banks and other entities.    It's unfortunate that you've had a hard time keeping up with all your paperwork - it's tough when it gets moved around the house a few times - but maybe it won't be so hard to find, after all.  

Every time I clean, I insist that it's going to make it easier to stay on top of things - it should, because I keep getting rid of things; pretty soon we won't have much stuff left.   I hope your cleaning process does make it easier to find what your need next year when it's income tax time.  And I hope the accountant doesn't insist that you file for an extension but if they do, that just gives you more time to finish your cleaning... lol

Well, I guess it's not a surprise that your son is ready to learn to drive, since it's really not "cool" to have your date's mom drive you to the dance.  Don't they give Driver's Training in schools there?  Here, they do it during the summer.  I'm not sure of the instructors, but I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if they have some law officers teaching in off hours.  We also have driver training schools here - I'm sure you do there, as well.    They might also be staffed by off duty police officers.   In this day and age, I doubt you'd find a police officer willing to teach a kid to drive "just because" but since off duty or retired officers might work at driver training schools, that might be something to look into.  

My dad loved his Crown Vic.  He bought it new (mid 90's) and my brother ended up buying it from my dad's estate when he passed in 2000).  He (brother) drove it for a "long" time before he finally traded it off for something newer.   I guess a Lexus is a little more classy than a Crown Vic... lol    Is your son looking for a sedan or an SUV?  

I'm happy to hear you've been having some great weather, too.  Ours has been up/down... We've been in the upper 80's for the past couple of weeks with lows in the upper 50's/60's (67 when I went out to walk this morning), but now, they say that Tuesday night, we'll get back to the low 40's...  not sure what's up with this up/down stuff.  By this time, we should definitely be into spring but as it is, I'll have to leave the blankets on my staghorn ferns for a couple/few more days.  The poor things have been covered since Nov - I know they like "filtered" sunshine, but I'm sure they don't like it filtered through a blanket (well, it's actually a sheet, so maybe not "as" bad).

I'm sorry some of your plants didn't make it through the winter.  That always makes me sad, but I'm sure you'll find something to replace them with.  It's always fun to get out and start working in the yard in spring... new year/ new growth...

Enjoy your week...
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