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Sunday Weigh in March 19, 2023

Good morning - yay - I'm getting this done while it "is" still morning!!  :-)  How's everyone doing this morning?  It's a bright sunny day here, but not supposed to get very warm today.  We'll see!!  We finally had some much needed rain last night, but not nearly enough, considering how dry it is, here.  

It's been a busy week and I'm pretty tired...  A member of my calligraphy guild is opening and art center.  The building used to be a restaurant and has a long (about 25') bar in one of the rooms.  The edge of the bar (where people rest elbows, etc) is about 7-8" wide and was stained a VERY dark color and my friend wanted that removed and just a poly coat put on in order to see the actual wood.   That was my project because I've done refinishing in the past and my friend has not.   She did help with some of the scraping and sanding (using electric sander), wiping down, etc, but I did the rest.  Anyway, we worked on it Tues and Wed, then I had to take a couple of days off, but went back yesterday to try to finish.  I got all the finish sanding completed and got 2 coats of poly on.  It's looking very pretty.  I'll go back tomorrow and do a light sanding, then add one more coat of poly.  

The time change has done quite a number on the way I feel - tired, draggy, can't get enough sleep.  I suppose I'll get used to the time, about when it's time to change back!!

I'm still having trouble with my hands.  I did get the testing done and I now know that I do have carpal tunnel, along with poly neuropathy, which causes pain and numbness in my fingers.  I have a lot of muscle wasting, particularly in my thumbs and that's arthritis.  I had an appointment scheduled for Wed of this past week, but they called and said the doctor wouldn't be there that day.  They rescheduled for the 22nd, but then called back and left a message that the doctor wouldn't be there that day, either and we'd have to reschedule again.  I called them back, but no one returned my call (from 3 days ago), so I called them back but they still haven't returned my call (it's now been 6 days).  I'm assuming that I don't have the appointment on the 22nd, but have no idea when I will get another.   I do plan to call again to make sure about the 22nd, but I'm afraid that every time I call, I'm being put at the bottom of the call back list.  Anyway, I've dealt with the hand issue for close to a year now, I guess a few more months won't hurt (sarcasm intended)!!  

Anyway, in between working on the bar and trying to get in to see the hand doctor, I'm working on calligraphy or shop projects.  Now it's getting almost time to start thinking about mowing the yard on a regular basis, but it would sure be nice to get some rain before we have to do that!!  

So my neighbor is here from OR and we're walking most mornings.  So far, we've kept it pretty short, as I'm still in the ankle brace and afraid I'll over do and end up doing more damage.  I think I'm getting ready to try a little bit longer route, so maybe we'll try that this coming week.  Of course, I'll still have to wear the brace, but we'll see what happens.

With the walking and all the work I've been doing on the bar at the (soon to be) art center, I haven't spent so much time sitting, but neither am I losing weight.  I haven't weighed this morning, but yesterday, I was within a couple ounces of last week.  I've even eaten healthier meals, with more salads, veggies than usual.  I guess I'm going to have to work a lot harder than I have been.  

That's my week.  How did yours go?  I hope you were able to meet your goal(s) and look forward to hearing about it.

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~
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I missed weighing in this morning due to another invitation to breakfast with my husband that couldn't be ignored, and I forgot to get a weight before we left. Will check tomorrow. It seems from weighing mid-week that my weight has been stable, but we did have corned beef last night. Good, but salty!

Only this last week did it dawn on me taxes are due soon. We haven't gotten the usual prompting things like 1099s or W-2's due to my husband now being officially "semiretired." I'll see if I can figure out how to express the absence of information properly to the accountant. W-2s and 1099s were the main ways I used to get a clue about what I was supposed to tell him!

The other thing I've been doing this last week is packing things up and sending them to the Goodwill. We had to look for something in boxes that we moved from our old house last May, and although we found what we were looking for, it was just so depressing to still have many unpacked boxes that I decided enough was enough. The only way I can do it is to pretend I've been told I'm going to die soon, and so dump off what I don't want my son to have to deal with. It sounds grim (though that's probably the root of the "Swedish Death Cleaning" house sorting approaches that were popular a while back, and they didn't act like it's grim), but without that severe of a mantra, I wind up saying "Maybe those snowshoes will be useful some day!" and the like. The result of me creatively being able to think of a use for any unlikely thing is me ending up with 20 unpacked boxes in the garage. (If my husband wasn't semiretired, I'd hire a professional to help with it, it's that big of a downer.)

Anyway, that will be my week. I'll post tomorrow when I weigh.

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And p.s., Barb, that sanding task sounds like a nightmare (a labor of love, I guess). I wouldn't do it for anyone but a really good friend.
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