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Sunday Weigh in March 28, 2021

Well, this has really been a crazy day and I apologize for not posting earlier.  It was a beautiful day and I spent a good share of it outside, starting with my morning walk and ending with relaxing in the porch, watching the birds.  In between, I watched a video of a calligraphy class that took place while I was on vacation and included a class in painting flowers.  

Anyway, everything was pretty quiet again this week - no doctor's appointments, etc.  I'm still working on getting the strength back in my foot and neck.  That said, it seems that the less I have going on, the busier I tend to be.  :-)

I'm still walking every morning and watching what I eat, etc, but unfortunately, I've gained back the weight I'd been losing, for some reason.  I did have to cut back on my thyroid medication in order to get my levels back to what they'd be with my prescribed dosage.  It takes a while for the med to build in the system, as well as time to leave the system.  I was doing well, but when the extra med left my system, I sort of crashed and the weight came back quickly.  Once I had my blood work done, I restarted an increased dosage, but it hasn't had time to drop the weight yet.

Anyway, I'm not doing so well, weight-wise and am hoping to get back to some kind of regulation soon.  I do have an appointment with my primary care physician on Tuesday and I hope we can come to some sort of understanding regarding my thyroid med.

I'm supposed to be getting an electrical stimulation unit (TENS) for my neck, so that should help considerably with my neck pain and cramps.

Anyway, all of that was a long-winded way of saying that I've gained about 5 lbs over the past week... Not good and I really need to start doing more weight training, along with my walking.  I've decided that they exercises I was doing for  my neck contributed to my weight loss - it was mostly working with weights or body weight/resistance.  So, I'm back to square one and starting over!!  

That's my story...  How have you done over the week?  I hope you were able to reach whatever goal(s) you set and look forward to hearing about it.  

~~Wishing you a wonderful, successful week~~

**Stay safe and wash your hands**
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I entirely lost track of what day it was until I had a big meal, so will weigh in the morning. Get back to you then!
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OK, ugh, up a pound. They joke about getting the "Covid 19" like the "Freshman 15," and I haven't gained like that at all, but I'm sure I'm up because of the virus, the lack of things we go out and do, and staying at home and eating for comfort. I need a new dietary regime, like, macrobiotic or Weight Watchers, I think. We eat some pretty stick-to-the-ribs meals these days. :P

All else is well, if uneventful. School opens again April 26 for my son, and it's almost like then, life will reopen for us.
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