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Sunday Weigh in November 20, 2022

Good morning.  How is everyone this morning?  I hope you're not caught in the bad snow storm in the northeast this weekend.   It's been cold here, but I think it's supposed to warm up for Thanksgiving.

It's been a bit hectic here.  I've been busy making pens to fill Christmas orders.  I have one more that I'm going to finish today, then I think I'll lay off pens for a while and work on something else, while I still can...

I had a doctor's appointment this week and got results of x-rays I had done a few weeks ago on my hands and right foot.  As it turns out, what the doctor thought was arthritis is my hands is actually carpal tunnel syndrome and a lump on the top of my foot is, most likely a lipoma.  He (doctor) believes I'm going to end up having surgery on both hands, as well as my foot.  He's referred me to a hand specialist and I'm guessing I'll have to go through PT, etc  before they'll approve any surgery on my hands.  

I have an order for an MRI on my foot to find out, for sure, what's on my foot.  I'll probably be referred to podiatry to get that taken care of.   I've already had one major surgery on that foot, so the thought of another isn't horribly appealing!!  

Anyway, at least I'm getting answers about what's happening.  The doctor said I have muscle atrophy (wasting) in my thumbs, which is making my calligraphy and other projects much more difficult than they should be.  He also said a lipoma in the foot can put pressure on nerves and make walking difficult/painful.  It doesn't sound like a very fun time coming up, but as we know, nothing happens overnight, so it will all take time!!  

I'm still trying to walk most days, in spite of the pain in my foot.  9,000-10,000 steps is not unusual, by the time I walk a couple of miles, work in the shop or do yard work, etc.   I was dropping some weight, but with all the swelling in my hands/feet, I've picked up some this week.  I've had to stop wearing all my rings because they get too tight.  I'm hoping I'll be able to wear them again once I get my issues resolved.  

For this week, I'm up by about 4 pounds, but I'm not worried about it, because I know it's caused by swelling and inflammation.  Hopefully, it will go down in a couple of days.  

How are you doing?  I hope you're having better luck than I am!!  I hope you were able to meet/exceed your goal(s) this week.  

~~Have a wonderful, successful week~~
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Getting a lipoma removed is usually not complicated, too bad it's so time-consuming to wait for the system to get you through. And carpal tunnel, hmm? I've known people who had surgery for that -- nowadays does it inevitably require surgery, or are there anti-inflammatories that can help?

I'm down a little over a half pound from last week, and know the reason which is helpful. There is one kind of treat I really like, and when stressed, I buy and eat more of it than usual. (It's not like I never get good food otherwise, I just like that particular snack.) When it's not available in the house, I lose weight. I've had it out of the house a few days and my weight has gone down, even with eating a couple of restaurant meals during the week. The snack has to stay off the shopping list for now, we're still dealing with our ransacked house.

Weather here has been clear and cold. Since it hasn't been raining a lot, the afternoons in particular have been lovely, even though it takes my warmest long coat to get me to go outside.

Hope everyone has a great week!
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No, I don't expect complications to get the lipoma (if that's what it is) removed as I had one on my abdomen removed 3 yrs ago.  It's just getting Medicare to approve it.  They said there's no "prior authorization" required, so what's the difference between prior authorization and approval??

As far as the carpal tunnel - I, too, have known quite a few people who have had surgery for it.  IDK if it "always" requires surgery, but my doctor seemed to think mine would - possibly because of the muscle atrophy since there's a point at which it's too late to correct that.  I'm guessing I might have to go through a few weeks of PT before any surgery takes place on my hands and, of course, they won't do them both at once

I'm glad to hear you're down a little over 1/2 pound.  That's always a good thing.  I'm trying to think of the snack to which you're referring. as I think you've mentioned it before, but I can't think what it is.   I guess we all have our favorite "downfalls", don't we?   There are several things I need to keep off the grocery list, but they're things husband likes, so if I don't buy them, he will!!  

Clear and cold is bad enough.  I'm glad you're not getting rain to make it even more miserable.   It stayed cloudy and rainy, here, all day and I don't own a long coat - maybe I should get one.  :-)  

Have a great week and enjoy Thanksgiving.  
As you probably remember me talking about because it was such a struggle to quit, in the old days, what gave me a "sugar tummy" was drinking sugared Dr. Pepper. With both caffeine and sugar, it was pretty addictive, and since it has no food value, it just served to make me fat. But I did finally manage to break with the bad Doctor and stick to it. My go-to snack now (especially when stressed) is halvah, a hundreds-of-years-old confection made of ground sesame seeds held together by a sweetener. In the U.S. it's sold like a candy bar, though in the Middle East it's sold in the deli case in many great-looking flavors. The high sesame-seed content actually gives it some pretty good food value, certainly lots more than Dr. Pepper (I'm saying "lots more than zero," I know). But its sweetener makes it as high in calories as a Snickers bar. (The traditional sweetener is honey, but most American commercial halvah uses high-fructose corn syrup, alas.) Our local Whole Foods type market represents the confusion about what it is by having one box of halvah in the candy aisle and one box in the Jewish foods section. Anyway, the problem isn't that I eat it, the problem is that I eat too much of it. So I have to cut back on buying it, (luckily my husband doesn't like it) or I am not able to resist, especially on a bad day.  
I totally remember your affair with the good Dr Pepper  I celebrated when you kicked him to the curb.  :-)

Halvah - that's what I was trying to think of.   You’ve mentioned before3 that you’d eaten it  

I’m not familiar with it, but you’re right that the sesame seed content gives it nutritional value.    I can see tht the sweeteners would add a lot more calories - even though honey is healthy as well.   The trick is to not eat too much.   Can y9u be satisfied with a small piece/day or a couple of mall pieces/day?  
I don't get that way in general about food -- my bout with Dr. Pepper was the first time I had trouble "taking it or leaving it alone" -- though I have definitely gone through phases in the past where something becomes a favorite and I eat it a lot of it for a while, but then lose interest. (I often wonder if phases like that come from being low in a certain nutrient in the desired food. The three foods I can think of that I've done it with were all high in iron.)

But whether that's what's going on now (halvah does have iron) or if it's more like my relationship with the bad Doctor where there was no redeeming feature at all, if I have halvah in the house, I eat it. If I buy 6 bars, it would be a surprise for them to last 6 days. With our farmhouse in disarray from the burglars and me having to put it into order while dealing with credit bureaus about identity theft and changing all our accounts, it would almost be impossible just to cut a little piece off a bar of halvah and only eat that. And it's no mystery why I would gain weight: one bar (about the size of a standard-sized Snickers bar) is 340 calories, with fat and sugars tied for the main ingredients at around 34% each. (The protein being 8% still isn't enough to let me con myself that it's a "healthy" snack.) The route to restraint is simply to keep it out of the house.

Luckily someone in my local area apparently likes chocolate/vanilla marble halvah as much as I do, and our joint efforts seem to clean out the supply at the store every now and then. It takes quite a while for the store to restock, and I'm not far gone enough to drive a half hour to another store that sells it. Also probably fortunately, the wonderful Jewish deli where I was introduced to halvah (so delicious! and probably more healthily made) is no longer in business. The commercial product shipped from New York in little bars in individual wrappers is a shadow of how good it is fresh from the deli case. Possibly if I really work on remembering that, I'll be able to stop buying the less good commercial version. I don't eat other candy (even our Halloween "fun size" candy bars are just sitting around); it would be good to get past the halvah too.
Yes, I've read numerous articles about cravings and nutrient deficiencies.   Sugar cravings can indicate a deficiency in several nutrients, including magnesium, calcium, zinc, chromium, iron, etc.  

I've no doubt it's been stressful changing all your accounts, etc since the farm house was burgled.   I'd hope there was nothing missing, but of course, we can't be too careful about our bank and credit accounts.  We can see that, although, the halvah has nutrient value, it needs to be eaten in moderation.  I totally agree that if you can't do that (small piece/day), you'd need to not have it around.

Yes, maybe you can convince yourself that the Snicker sized bars, don't taste nearly as good as the ones in the deli case in NY and not buy them anymore.   Since you're not eating the Halloween candy that's sitting , perhaps there's something with the sesame seed/honey issue of the halvah that's attracting you?  
It could be. I've been thinking of making my own, it doesn't sound that hard. That way I could at least choose the sweetener, and maybe wouldn't have to use as much.

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