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Sunday Weigh in November 27, 2022

Wow - sorry I'm so late posting.  It's been a day!!  

How was your Thanksgiving?  I hope everyone had a good one.  We had a nice day.  Our daughter, granddaughter and a friend of our daughter came for lunch.  They weren't here very long because daughter had to take granddaughter to her dad, but it was still nice.   We don't see them nearly often enough, especially, because of some high drama that took place last Christmas.  Unfortunately, husband carries a grudge, so when he thinks he's been "wronged", he doesn't get over it quickly (sometimes, never).   As it turned out, one of the people involved in the drama last year wasn't here this year... NO DRAMA!!  Yay.  

Anyway,  we had a good meal and a pleasant day.  What more could I ask for (other than a 40 lb weight loss??). lol

I think I mentioned last week that I needed to get an MRI on my foot to see what's causing a lump.  As it turns out, it seems like I now have 2 lumps, but that remains to be seen.  I was able to get hold of the imaging facility on Friday and get an appointment for Dec 5.   I was surprised it would take that long to get in, but I guess it's all a waiting game, these days.  

I was also referred to a hand doctor.  I was told that if I didn't hear from them in a couple of days that I should call them.  I didn't hear from them within the time frame, so as instructed I called them.  As it turns out, they did have the referral but I was told (rather snidely) that I needed to wait for them to call me...  "gee, we're on the phone now, can we just make an appointment?"  Nope - the receptionist was adamant that I could not get an appointment until THEY call me.   I said: "well, I guess that won't be this week, then?"  And she said:  "No, we start calling referrals in about a week and with the holiday, that's going to take longer."  She was quick to tell me that *I* did everything I was supposed to - I wondered if that meant I wouldn't be dropped back to the bottom of the list... lol   I'm thinking I'll be lucky to hear from them by Friday and also thinking that I'll be lucky to have an appointment by March/April.  

So life goes on!!  

Anyway, I'm still walking 2-3 miles most days and my weight stayed stable over Thanksgiving.  However - this morning, after I'd gone for my walk, I stepped on the scale and was up a pound.  I took a look at my feet and realized why - yeah, they were swollen quite a bit.  I'm assuming the swelling will go down in a day or so, but for now, I'll claim the 1.2 lb gain and try to work it off this coming week!!  Ugghhh!!!

So that's my story.  How are you doing?  I hope Thanksgiving wasn't too rough on anyone and hopefully, you did better than I did.  :-)

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~
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Thanksgiving was OK, but I did gain a pound and a half this week. My husband also had a buddy over to watch football on Saturday, and they grilled bratwurst and I made potato soup. The pre-game snack, bratwurst, soup, (and pie afterward) didn't help my weight! I'll need to check tomorrow or the next day to see if some of it was from salt, those brats were so salty that I didn't finish mine. It's a good thing the local shop is out of halvah -- not having access to my favorite treat will help in the quest to knock out this unwanted weight.

Found out that the people who stole stuff from our farmhouse have apparently changed my email address with the Social Security. I just wish they would stop. This stuff is so time-consuming and tedious to run down and head off, and of course what I might not catch is worrisome. The credit bureaus won't take information about my son because he isn't 18 (though he is on some bills jointly with my husband). I almost expect that when he does turn 18, he will have rotten credit due to people using his name and info to open accounts. Not to mention, he has a Social Security number too, and everyone in the family's info has been compromised. A cheering bunch of stuff to work on over the holiday!

I learned to make agedashi tofu tonight, which is lightly fried. We followed the recipe and dipped tofu chunks in potato starch before frying them, but my son said they tasted like French fries, so we simply fried the rest of the tofu pieces with no starch , but with sesame seeds in the oil. It was pretty good, and of course pretty healthy. I was glad to have the sesame seeds. If I've been craving halvah for the nutrients in sesame, here I was fulfilling the desire without sugar.

Will weigh again this week and report back. I'm hoping a lot of the pound and a half melts off. Have a great week!
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