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Sunday Weigh in November 5, 2023

Good afternoon.  How is everyone today?  Sorry I'm late posting - I got into some errands first thing this morning and next thing I knew it was lunch time.  The weather has been lovely so I figured it was a good time to start "winterizing" things.  

I didn't get much of anything done last week because we left on Monday to go a way for a few days.  We got back on Thursday evening.  Since we were away from home, I ate different and more than I usually do, plus I didn't exercise much since I didn't go for my daily walks.  

I'm sure you can tell, that's not good news for the weight department.  I did gain 2 pounds again, but I believe some of that is fluid, because it's bouncing around, which wouldn't be happening if it were fat.

So now that I'm back home and settled down again, I'm going to have to try get rid of the 2 pounds.

I did go to the hand specialist again on Friday.  She thinks some of the pain in my palm incision is caused from the arthritis in my thumb so she gave me another injection in my thumb.  I do have to continue PT for the scar tissue for another 3 weeks so we'll see how that works out.

Not much going on in my world - I totally dislike the time change and it's thrown me for a loop, as usual, so it will take a while to get used to getting dark so early.  I'll probably be ready for bed by 8:00 tonight.  

I hope you've had a good week and met your goals.  

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful week~~
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Barb, do the injections just ease pain from arthritis, or do they help make the arthritis go away? I don't know much about arthritis, but think I'm getting some in both hands at the base of my thumbs. My sister jokes that the word "arthritis" just means "getting older" in Latin, but I'm wondering how inevitable it really is.

I'm up about a half pound; have been in a one-pound range all week, up one day slightly and down the next. My mom's memorial service was yesterday, which was stressful but went very well, and I ate all the stuff laid out afterward. (There were cold cuts including various sliced meats like pastrami and pepperoni, all nice and salty.) I think gaining slightly after that is not a big deal. Overall my weight seems to be staying down.

Pilates continues. It's not thrilling but is moderately interesting, nearby, easy enough to keep up with, and low impact. Since I've got to do something for exercise "or else," I go to four classes a week. One thing about the improved definition of the muscles of my core (if I'm not just imagining it) is that the two inches extra on my stomach really stands out. I'll have to address that with diet. It's irritating that fat cells don't ever go away but just get smaller, unless someone does a tummy tuck or lipo. They'll always be  lurking there waiting to grow if I get careless with the sweets.

A funny aside about the memorial service -- the church live-streamed it, and presumably their cameras were not the greatest quality, because when I was standing at the podium talking, the way it was filmed made my bosom look like the prow of the Queen Mary. I am not matronly nor massive in the chest in real life. I'm glad that while they will keep the audio in their archives, they won't keep the video.

Have a great week!

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Hi Annie

The injections I get for my arthritis only make the pain go away.  There's no way to make the arthritis go away, though sometimes, they can scrape some of it out - not something I'd want done.   I don't know a lot about arthritis, but more than I'd like to know.  The one thing I know for certain is that the pain can be pretty excruciating.   So, if you think you're getting arthritis in your thumbs,  hold your hand out with your palm flat.  The rounded area at the base of the thumb that looks like a fat ball, should be nice and round and fairly solid.  If that area is relatively flat and/or squishy, that indicates you're losing muscle and there's a good chance it's arthritis starting.  My hand specialist is the one who does the injections in my hands but I'm not sure if a pcp could do them or not.  My pcp did the injections in my shoulders a couple of years ago, but that was frozen shoulder, not arthritis.   Unfortunately, anyone can get arthritis, so getting older doesn't necessarily come into play.   I'd suggest you talk to your doctor as there might be some PT or home exercises they could have you do that might help prevent losing ALL the muscle in your thumbs.  Mine was gone before I complained about the pain so it was too late to do anything - I'd suggest having it checked sooner rather than later.  Although they can't cure the arthritis, they might be able to keep it from getting a lot worse.

1/2 pound under the circumstances isn't a lot to gain.   It's normal to sample the goodies at a memorial service and I'm sure you'll drop that 1/2 pound back off again.   You might be able to  address the tummy issue with diet, but since it's pretty much impossible to "spot reduce", it might be kind of difficult.  You might see if there are other exercises that can tighten the muscles in your tummy to make it look more slender.   You could also try a stretch cami that might help pull the tummy in a bit??

All that said, I'm glad the Pilates seems to helping?

Oh, that's funny about the video for your mom's service.   I think it's a given that we look heavier, bustier, etc on camera than we do in person.   Even if they keep the video, you'll have a memory to smile at later on.  :-)

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