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Sunday Weigh in September 10, 2023

Good morning.  I hope everyone is having a good day so far.  Mine has been busy, already.  Our neighbor's (the ones from OR) refrigerator quit last week, so I had to get husband to go see if we could fix it.  We also had to remove all the food that has spoiled.  Anyway, last week we took it all apart and determined that the defrost timer was probably the problem, so we ordered a new one, which came in late yesterday, so we went to install it this morning.  When we left it was cooling and seemed to be working properly!  Yay us!!

It's been a pretty busy week, all around.  The calligraphy guild I belong to is gearing up to start our new season (we don't have meetings/classes during the summer), so we're busy getting everything sorted out for that.  I also started PT on Wednesday and had it again on Friday.  I'll go every day this coming week, then will go Tue/Thu until the end of October.  I'm glad the therapy center is only a couple miles from my house!!  

I'm also trying to get some work done in my shop, along with finding time to practice calligraphy, etc.  On Tuesday, I'm starting a new class - painting with acrylics.  That will be Tuesday for the next 4 weeks.   I spent quite a bit of time gathering supplies and getting prepared.  

My weight has been all over the map again, but not as bad as it was a couple of weeks ago.  Last week, I was down almost 4 lbs from that high after we traveled for a couple of days.  This week, I'm down another 2.4 lbs.  I'm happy with that.  It's starting to be a bit cooler here now, so hopefully, I'll be able to start getting out and walking in the evenings again.  My neighbor will be returning from OR on the 26th of this month (for the winter), so we'll start walking every day again.   I've been told I need to start doing stretches before I walk/exercise and supposedly that will help my cramps.  I'm trying to figure out the best stretches to accomplish that.  

I need to do more research about the cramps.  They get so painful and none of the things I've been told to try have helped.   I got a really bad one in my foot the other night and since I have to stand up when they hit, to get them to release, I tried getting out of bed - I tried to put weight on my foot and it wouldn't hold me so I ended up falling on the floor.  Just ended up with a couple of bruises, but it's not good to become a fall risk at my age!!   I'm hoping that stretching, walking, etc will help make my muscles stronger as well as help with some weight loss.  No doubt the excess weight I'm carrying is making it harder to maintain good balance, as well.

So - that's my story.  I hope y'all had a good week and were able to meet your goals.  I look forward to hearing about them.

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~
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Wow on fixing the fridge, Barb. How did you know it was failing? Did a whole bunch of food get ruined? I can still remember my dismay when our freezer broke and ruined a whole bunch of expensive meat.

The cramps sound awful. Do you think they're like a charleyhorse? (I get charleyhorse-type cramps in my feet sometimes, and they drive me crazy.) I have a pain in one leg this last 3 days that I suspect is from a pinched nerve, but on the chance it was a muscle cramp, I just ate a banana for the potassium. As though that will instantly solve it! lol

My weight is down .6 of a pound. It's related to eating less, and that comes from our family stress levels dropping -- things have calmed on the back-to-school front (my son met with his counselor three times to adjust his classes, thank heaven now all settled) and my sisters are getting it together after the loss of our mom, including a polite and practical Zoom call where we decided who would take the lead on putting together Mom's memorial service. It's kind of ironic; planning the services for our folks has been hard on both the planners and the others involved in doing the work, so as it turns out, none of us (my sisters and I) even want a memorial service for ourselves. Nobody wants to wish the hassle on their kids.

Last week I got two crowns put in at the dentist. It was a bit painful and always crosses my mind that I have a lot more fun places to put the money, but it's done, hooray.

My upcoming week includes the usual household chores and some gardening, since the weather has turned less hot. Hope your week is great!

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Hold the congrats on the fridge - I went back this evening and it wasn't cooling like we'd expected.  We'll go check it in the morning and see if we have to replace another part.   Yes, a bunch of food got ruined.  I only go in the house about once/week, so apparently the fridge malfunctioned shortly after I checked it, then by the time I checked it again, everything was massively rotten.   I don't think it was lots of $$$, just the idea that the neighbors thought they had food to eat when they get back - now they don't.  

I think most cramps are called "charleyhorse" - mine happen everywhere between the tips of my toes to my thighs, fingers, shoulders, etc.   They're horrendously painful and sometimes last for much longer than charleyhorse should last.  

Congrats on your loss of 0.6 lbs.  I'm sure the family stress levels are high.   I'm glad your son got his schedule worked out.  I'm glad your sisters getting it together and you were able to have a good Zoom call to set things up.  

After going through the issues with my Auntie, I, too, have decided to be cremated and will request no service.

Oh, sorry about the 2 crowns on your teeth.  I'm sure that was painful, and yes - we do have more fun places for our $$$$ to go, but we do what we have to.  

Enjoy your week, as much as you can.  It's a bit cooler here, as well, so I'll try to do some outside work between projects.  

Hi Barb and Annie
My weight is exactly the same as last week. However,  this is the lowest weight that I have been at in over 10 years. I still have 10 more pounds to lose to get to my goal that my doctor set.
I had to buy some new clothes because my old clothes were getting too baggy.
I've been doing an arm chest workout in the mornings along with my Physical therapy exercises for back pain. I try to walk as much as I can during the day- mostly shopping walking.
In the evening before bed I do 15 minutes on my mini cycle. It's a portable foot cycle. It has helped me lose weight around my legs.
Barb, have you tried Viactiv chews for your cramps?  They are chocolate flavored chews with calcium, Vitamin D and Vitamin K. I take a few when I have cramping muscles. It sounds like you have Restless Legs Syndrome. I had that for a while, my doctor said people can get rid of it by taking Iron supplements. I found out that my restless legs were from a psych med my doctor put me on. I stopped the medication and the cramps went away. Have you started any new meds that could be causing the cramps?
Hi Athena

It's okay to stay the same for a couple of weeks (or more).  IDK about you, but MY goal if often to just forget about losing and focus on not gaining.  Congratulations on being your lowest weight in a while.  Isn't it nice to reach that goal?   Also, congratulations on needing new clothes.  I'm jealous - you're buying smaller ones and I'm going to have to buy larger ones!!  

It sounds like you're going all out with the exercise, which is great.   I think I used to have one of those mini-cycles, but got rid of it because I never used it.   I have a treadmill that I never use either, but I'll go outside and walk for miles with my neighbor... Go figure!! lol

I have not tried Viactiv chews for my cramps, but I do take calcium, vitamin D and magnesium.  I do not take vitamin K.  Yes, I do have Restless Leg Syndrome... actually mine is more of a "Restless Limb Syndrome" because I get it in my arms as well.   That's not painful - just irritating, whereas the cramps get so bad I want to cry.    I've talked to every doctor I've seen for the past several years (ranging to my pcp to the neurologist, endo, podiatrist, etc.) about the cramps and they tell me the same thing - "take magnesium", but when magnesium doesn't work, they're stumped.   I get somewhat lax with my Calcium but it does seem to help more than magnesium.   I haven't started any new meds, but I do take a statin, which is notorious for causing pain.    I'm going to talk to my pcp when I see him next month because if I can't even stand up when the cramps hit, I'm at risk for serious injury.  

I hope you have a wonderful week.  
I'd question the statin. Would your doctor let you take a different one to see if it's the cause of the pain? Statins gave my husband horrible aches and pains.
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