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The maths doesn't add up Why aren't I losing weight??

I worked out recently that on an average day I consume 687 calories a day, on a blow out day I will consume around 800 calories. I exercise daily, either bike riding, abseiling, walking or hula hooping. I can't work out why I'm not losing the weight. I eat healthy, fruit and veges, a few carbs and dairy. With my daily level of exercise i burn between 1000 to 2000 calories depending on if I am being lazy or not. Usually 2000 though. I don't eat sugars at all because i'm allergic and i don't like the taste of fatty foods. so still at a loss as to why nothings happening...

I gained the weight after a car accident and a long period of inactivity due to the injuries. I'm an adult 5"3' 93kg so I need to lose at least 30 kg to get back to a healthy weight. Can anyone suggest the best way I could start to see a result, considering I exercise for an hr or 2 a day and more on weekends when I'm not at work.
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u arent eating enough! that kind of eating is doing serious damage.. its not even suggested that people eat less than 1200 and you are eating half of that .. that is not healthy at all!!!  you will not loose weight this way .. you will loose muscle though because your body will hold onto every single ounce of fat you have..  so even if you do loose 'weight' this way you will be flabby because you lost all of your muscle tone.. so please eat healthy which means 1200-1500 calories a day.. lots of fruits and veggies, dairy and meats.
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You might not be eating enough.  If your body think it is starving it will maintain the weight  Check out Weight Watchers and other scientifically based weight loss sites to see what you should be eating.  You are on a starvation diet right now
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