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Thoughts about diet pills?

Hi!  I'm 24 - mother of two small children and want to lose some weight pretty fast if I can.  I know I need to exercise and eat right, which I'm starting to do, but do diet pills help a lot?  I'm debating on taking some to help me lose the weight that I've gained and then I want to get into shape.  Who here has used any pills and do they work?  Pros and cons?  Please let me know, thanks :)
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Thanks :)  Yeah, after reading some more things I decided not to go that route.  Just gotta eat healthier and exercise more. :)  Hopefully I can do this sooner than later!! :)  Any ideas or plans that worked out best for you??
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I tried pills and hated them! I researched so many of them and ordered the ones I thought would suit me, (all natural, from a long-standing reputable company, tons of testimonials, scientifically proved ingredients)  but OMG, the side-effects were awful! I only lasted 3days before giving them up and going back to just diets and working out. The ones I tried promised "no jitters" and all the customer reviews said the same, but I got jitters big time, so much so (and on just half the recommended dosage) that my teeth were chattering in my head! I also felt freezing cold on my hands and feet, but boiling hot on my torso, so I was sweating and shivering at the same time. Add to that the nausea that was so bad it made me vomit every time I worked out, and it wasn't a fun 3days. I also didn't even lose any weight! I really wouldn't recommend drugs (that's what diet pills amount to) to anyone, especially a mom that has to look after 2 young kids. I know it's hard to accept when the pill sites are promising fast weight-loss with no cons, but really, sensible dieting and getting way more active is the only healthy way to shed the extra pounds. The weight didn't get there overnight, so it's only sensible to realize that it won't get burnt off that fast either. Best of luck on your weight-loss journey!
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