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Turkey Tag .. Building Friendship and Support for Weight Loss

Come join in the fun and let us know who you tagged with a turkey!  Let's build our friendships and support base as we work together to become healthier and achieve our weight loss goals!

Won't you consider inviting others to come join us in the challenge - http://www.medhelp.org/posts/show/688007 and/or the WL&D Community? - http://www.medhelp.org/forums/show/190 There truly is strength in numbers and everyone knows someone who either needs to lose weight or who can be supportive to someone who does.

At Thanksgiving, let's share the bounty of member knowledge, the security and support of this community and have a combined effort to succeed together.  The trackers and tools here at MedHelp can benefit so many if we care to share with others.

Best wishes for a wonderfully blessed Thanksgiving.
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I've been tagged by skailark............. (ty, skailark!)  I will find someone to turkey tag.
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Dont be afraid Jen this is a great place to get going!! Ranae is showing us some great recipes to use and skailark is showing us the exercises to do!! and you always have some support here and some1 to answer your questions!
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Thanks for the tag gokuangel - I'm afraid to join, ladies, because I might jinx my weight loss/dieting!!!  I'm trying to lose my pregnancy weight+more & am having a tough time of it.

I don't know of anyone to tag at the moment - will think of someone - thanks for thinking of me goku!! - jen
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I also tagged kelliebellie! she says shes a member here but hasnt been around in while so if she shows up please give her a big welcome and some support cus i know shes feeling a bit down right now!
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Ok i helped i got tagged (TY Skailark) so i tagged a few of my buddies from the fertility forum:
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I tagged all ma friends!
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I tagged four
Some of my thryroid friends to see if they would like it here on the community.
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