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Weight loss thru...

I'm 56 years old. At 50 years old I went thru a stroke. It put me in bed and my Drs. said "get better"! I had a wheelchair and graduated to a cane. Now the cane is gone...eventually, thru 6 years, I'm back, or so it seems. With years and years of sitting and barely moving my weight balooned up, its 252lbs! Even more by the Drs. scale that says 264lbs! I got to get this weight down! I don't work, at anything, so I've got plenty of time. Here's what I need..I need the calories, in general, of the different kinds of food. I need a "goal" for the amount of calories I can eat in a day. Should I go to a gym and work out?
This weight problem is very important. I've walked my neiborhood till I'm blue in the face. I walked from a walk that is painful to a walk that is "not" painful. I can walk anywhere, I've done it, but now I've got loose the weight. I've talked to my Dr. and he said to "cut down" on what I eat...Mmh. That doesn't help!
I've set a goal in terms of weight. Here it is...I'm 5ft 11 inches tall. I should weight 195lbs.And be healthy! That's it!
Please help me.

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OOPPPSSSSS .. my mistake .. MALE alots you an additional 400 calories a day!  Lucky you!!!  
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First, welcome to MedHelp and the WL&D community.  Thank you for posting and asking some very pertinent and detailed questions.  We're thrilled you are here!  Your fortitude and persistence stay mobile and claim your health is inspirational.

Based on 56 years of age, height of 5'11", 252 pounds, female and a somewhat active lifestyle, the calories needed to MAINTAIN your weight is 2,000 calories a day.  For each pound you wish to lose, you have to save 3,500 calories or expend additional exercise to burn calories.  MedHelp has an exercise tracker that you may find very useful in this area.  MedHelp is currently working on a food tracker so, in the meantime, I use the package calorie information in combination with www.calorieking.com to look up the calories of the foods I eat.  Personally, I have to stay around 1,300 to 1,400 calories to continue to lose weight.  I could increase this if I would add more exercise into my daily regimen.

msniki412, one of MedHelp's WL&D community members, made a jounal entry that
provides some food ideas.  http://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/82777  I completely agree with her in eating 3 small meals and 3 snacks a day.  It keeps our metabolism working, keeps our blood sugar levels more consistent and aids in feeling full and satiated throughout the day.

In regard to the gym, if you like the structure and can afford it, go for it .. if you have your doctor's permission to do so.  Once released for exercise, you can also choose exercises at home.  Changing your exercise every day in a random pattern will keep your body functioning at it's highest metabolic rate.  You see, our bodies adapt quickly so walking day after day, while beneficial, is not as beneficial as changing up your routines.  Pilates, swimming, bicycle riding and yoga are all exercises that may be easier than others and help build your core.

Thanks again for joining us here and we hope you will be an active participant in the community.  Very best wishes ..
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Wow you've been through a lot but I'm glad you were able to come through that experience as well as you have!

If you want to know the calories for the foods you're eating, definitely head over to thedailyplate.com, nutritiondata.com or calorieking.com  They all have huge databases of ALL kinds of foods so you will definitely be able to find just the nutrition info for just about any food you need to. You may also want to invest in a digital kitchen scale. I use mine every day and would be so lost without it! It accurately measures all of my food so I always know exactly how much I'm eating (and is much more accurate than measuring cups although those are okay too!)  

It's hard and confusing sometimes when you're just getting started, but there are a lot of online resources that will make it easy to figure out. First, you can google "weight loss calculator" and you will find many links to different websites that will calculate calorie ranges based on your specific needs (height, age, weight, goal weight etc) The website that I use which has been SO helpful is S*P*A*R*K*P*E*O*P*L*E* It's a free website and takes all the guess work out of figuring out specific numbers and ranges because it automatically does it all the work for you! I also use their food journal every day to keep tally of my calories (but a regular pad of paper and pen would be just as effective. I just find it easier and more organized to do it online)

Exercising will be helpful in your weight loss and overall health, but given your history, I would talk to a doctor just to make sure what exercises will be safe and how much you should be pushing yourself. Plain old walking is great though so if you're currently doing that, then keep it up!  Best of luck to you!
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