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What's For Lunch?

What's everyone having/had for lunch today???  And please, let us know if you feel it was healthy or not.  

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I had tuna sandwich on 1/2 hoagie roll,
lays chips
16 oz water

Not sure of the calories,  I normally count, but I made my lunch in a hurry this morning.
my snack was an orange
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I was not really that hungry so I had a Yoplait yogurt and cottage cheese. A little while later I had an apple!

It was healthy but not very filling.
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I was down with some kind of stomach bug today.  Only managed a piece of buttered whole wheat toast for a late breakfast and some yogurt around lunch time.  Hoping my weightloss at least benefits from this.
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I had a bowl of whole wheat pasta with home-made roasted red pepper and garlic pasta sauce with some vegan "sausage" crumbles thrown in.  I also had 3 small clementines.

This is a big improvement.  I ate too much yesterday, more than I'd feel comfortable itemizing here!  

Trying to find that track I'm supposed to be on...
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Well im a late sleeper so this my breakfast time lol! And then i have supper at nite later on and if i get hungry in between i get some snacks!
Anyways I had:
2 pieces of toast on wheat- 90 cals total (i buy the sarah lee bread)
1 tbs butter and 1 tbs jelly- thats 50 cals total (the jam is sugar free and the butter is light but still hmm)
2 sausage links- 150 cals
1/2 cup of Juice-55 cals
Ok I added it thats 345 cals! not to bad! maybe the sausage was not so best but i only make 2 and cut the cals down some! The serving size is for 3.
Oh wait i had a yogurt b4 i worked out so thats 60 more cals. so 405 cals so far for the day! I really should get bk to counting cals but i have not got bk into yet!
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I had a naughty lunch -  but it was very enjoyable

Tinned roe -  cooked on a griddle so no fat -  220 calories
Half a tin baked beans - 227 calories
Oven chips - 325 calories

I had a slice of toast for breakfast

I am having a jacket potatoe with the other half tin of beans for dinner.
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Had roasted turkey and yukon gold mashed potatoes seasoned with sage, parsley and chicken broth (healthy way to prepare them and give them flavor) and green beans.  Was healthy .. and yummy!
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