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Why am I Gaining Weight?

Hello, I am a 21 year female, 5'4 and currently weighing 130.  At the moment, I am beyond frustrated.  Less than two years ago I was an average of 118.  After transferring to a different college in the middle of my sophomore year, I have continuously gained 4-6lbs.  Last summer I left school at 128, all summer I ran, dieted, and lifted weights.  I returned in the fall at 122-124 range.  Back in December I went through a major life change and due to depression, dropped about 9 lbs in a month.  I was back to 119.  However, between March and May, I managed to gain all and if not more of the weight back.  In the start of June I was at 132 (the most I have ever weighed).  All summer I have devoted to losing weight.  And, at first, I did.  I quickly went down to 125 within 7 weeks.  However, with summer ending, and my exercise routine (a half hour running every other morning, with a half hour of stretches/yoga/light cardio), combined with eliminating/drastically lowering my sugar and wheat intake, I have managed to get back up to 130.

I have taken to weighing myself twice a day now, once in the morning and once in the evening so that I am not tempted to eat at night.  I am so frustrated by this gain, and am in fear of school starting only to gain another 6-8lbs.

I fear developing an eating disorder.  I feel obsessive, out of control of my weight, and would like to drop this 10-12 lbs or at least maintain a weight 8 lbs less than this.  I'll get excited that I have dropped 4lbs, then feel horrible after I see it creep back on faster than it was lost.  I am tired of monitoring everything that goes in my month.  When I snake, I snake on almonds and carrot sticks.

Any advice would be welcome.  Thank you as well for being here to respond.
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With all due respect, you said you're "tired of monitoring everything that goes in my mouth."  Are you keeping a food journal?  Have you been documenting calories?  With your weight fluctuating up and down, between 118-132, there should be correlating caloric inclines and declines associated with it.  

If you've not journaled this information, I would highly suggest you do.  Write down everything you eat, for a few weeks, and keep track of the calories (from the package or from a site like http://www.calorieking.com) - paying special attention to the portion size - and your feelings.  As you look back on this information, you should be able to see an emotion that is associated with the periods of time where more calories are consumed.  This speaks to the emotional component mentioned by Niffer991.

The basis of weight is physics ... what you eat (calories consumed) ... minus the energy expended (calories burned by exercise) ... equals your weight loss or gain.  Journaling does get easier and it helped me lose 146 lbs.

If you'll let me know how you're doing or if you wish me to look at your journals, would be happy to help you figure out the next step.  You can elect to journal your food daily in your MedHelp journal if you'd like.  Here to support you ... and KNOW you can do this.  

Best wishes ..
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There is a book and workbook you can buy that will help deal with the emotional causes underneath the sart of an eating disorder. "The Woman's Way through the Twelve Steps" and the "The Woman's Way through the Twelve Steps Workbook" written by  Stephanie S. Covington, Ph.D. I have done this workbook and many others in the recovery of Alcoholism and it is amazing how many peoples addictions and/or weight/eating disorders are caused by our unknow emotions underneath.

I am not presuming to tell you what you have to do, as you may or may not use this. But I am only giving my own personal suggestion as I have been clean and sober for 2 yrs now and it worked for me. I have also a struggle with food and used to consider myself maybe having an eating disorder, but now I know its my emotions and so I deal with the real problem.

Good Luck to you
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